"If God is real, why would he make you ugly and give you a fat ass...

>"If God is real, why would he make you ugly and give you a fat ass? What kind of God would give you a smoking hot mom like Lois but have you grow up looking like Peter?"

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>If God is real then why did he give you a fat ass
Ah.. the classic FatAss=Bad fallacy I see

I never understood why people say that meg's ugly when she is average.

>bad things happen therefore no god

So how does the episode end?

Not an all good omnipotent god.

>why would he give you a fat ass?
Well maybe he's an architect?

That's why.

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>I'm a terrible person, therefore no god

Actually bad things happen because we all have free will.

Don't make excuse for a dead beat.

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Brian’s spiel in the OP immediately sways her, and she gives up religion.

And that's a problem because?

“You’re ugly” disproving God is kind of silly.

user she gets abused by her family on daily basis.

I appreciate how gnostic belief has persisted in the shadow of Christianity for so long. It's so weird and fucked up but it can't die no matter how hard anyone tries, a real underdog.

Yeah, isn’t suffering part of life in the Bible?

>If God is real, why would he make you ugly and give you a fat ass?
Because he loves men like me.

Shouldn't have eaten the apple and gotten kicked out of paradise there.

Why are you trying to placate an abusive dead-beat god with religion that is inherit shitty and manipulative?

I don’t believe in god but this always pissed me off. Who the fuck is king hypocrite Brian to drag Meg back into her depressive, abusive fucking state. Atheists who swing at believers who are just minding their own business are just as deplorable as Bible thumpers. How our fellow man finds the strength to make it through the day is absolutely none of our concern, and long as they’re not hurting someone else.

God fault for the fucking fruit.

>drag Meg back into her depressive, abusive fucking state
Implying that religion was lifting her out of it.

Suffering being a part of life doesn't mean you get to hurt anyone you want for any reason. In fact leading your children from God by your deeds and words is one of the few things that Christ explicitly condemns, saying that a person doing that would have been better not being born.

Why do people get mad at a cartoon dog

It was.
We could see it.
This was more anti religious bullshit pimped to teens.

Call it denial or hypocrisy or whatever but it’s really not that different from anything else. We’re all hypocrites if you take the time to pick yourself apart. Can’t be solved, so it shouldn’t be shamed

Cause Christians being narcissist, shallow, and insecure just like God.
Not him but do you have proof?

>This was more anti-religious bullshit pimped to teens.
And why is it terrible?

Gnosict believe and Christianity are actually the same thing.

this is retarded as fuck because if lois was shorter and had brown hair and glasses she would look almost exactly like meg

>What kind of God
God of Evolution.

Omnipotent yes, good (according to our morals) maybe not

Orthodox Christianity, I mean.

Because people doing that are trying to replace that with hedonisim narcissim materialism and worship of utterly retarded and or objectively evil identity politics science or just bargain basement satanist ideas masquerading as something else.

It's true.
I know you'll get your panties all in a wad but thems the facts.

He's wrong because flat chest/fat ass is a better combination than fat chest/flat ass.

Have fun when the bible belt gets finally bomb.

Have fun when the hell on earth called the coasts are left to rot by the "fly over states".

Upon looking for the verses I realize that I was mixing some, Jesus doesn't say that it would be better had they not been born. He says it would be better if they died.
>He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.
>If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!

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For 700 years Christianity was a thinly veiled excuse to parade all the narcissism and materialism youre now so worried about. The only reason it still isn’t doing that is because secular thought took over after the enlightenment. Greedy people gravitate to whatever’s in control. All this slap fighting is over the symptoms. The disease is human nature.

Thank God that your dumbass religion is finally get destroyed along with conservatism, and capitalism in my country.

"I dunno Brian, why don't you go ask Jesus, you've met him a couple times?"

>hell on earth called the coasts
Implying that Science, Logic, and Reason will ever fail.

What fairyland country is that.

For as long as human kind has existed religions have been used to do that.
But organized spirituality has persisted.
Always has always will.

I prefer nice fake christianity over the far worse alternatives.

Wasn't he ignore for most of his life?

>implying the coasts are any of those things

Your places are where the boys are girls and girls are boys and a lot of the other insanity the rest of the country is dealing with originates from.

There is very little reason or logic there.
Only cowards using words to manipulate fools.

Pretty Sure both China and North Korea pulled it off. Also take a look at the US.

Please don't take the vax and don't have children.

What is this shit based on? Gnosticism? And where do I read more of it? I see it get memed on a lot. I must consume more.

>implying liberals or LGBTBBQ+ reproduce
Good luck outpacing the Utah Mormons and their seven wives + 30 children per family.

Nice try those places radioactive.

Two nations that never had christianity.
You do realize that you're basically outing yourself for your outright hatred of christianity and that those other places will not tolerate your religion on any level.

Yea it’s based on Gnosticism, it’s like a quick rundown of the lore.

It makes me very sad that everyone is so constantly fucking hateful. Everyone think they need to kill one another before the other side gets to it first. What’s all this retarded fighting going to accomplish. Who the fuck brought up crossdressers or the coasts? Vaccines? Who fucking cares? This is all in bad faith to throw shit at one another

user God didn't he get off his fat ass for the holocaust pretty sure his not getting off his fat ass for Coastal states.

Pretty sure they leave me the fuck alone if I beat the shit of a priest.

Most of his life wasn't spent spreading the word. His mission to spread the word is initiated when he is baptized by John and the Holy Spirit comes down and declares that Jesus is God's son. He spends the next year or so preaching and amassing his following, which by the end of his ministry consists of almost every town he visited, before he is crucified.

How is this thread still standing?


Why is it hard for people to respect each others beliefs whether they are theist or not? Why can't we get all get along?

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You will be jailed in both China and North Korea for assaulting an innocent person.

Cause we're created in God's image and God has been historically a spiteful bastard.

Jannies are asleep.

Christain innocent good one user.