Films in which the villain wins?

Films in which the villain wins?

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Trump is canonically the villain

Yea Forums has always been an Obama board

the 2012 elections, the movie

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Bernouts can’t even win a primary lmao

I was hoping for a Bloomberg upset because I thought that'd be funnier. But I'm coming around to Biden

>A fucking mormon
>the good guy

>I said a 2016 meme heehee do I fit in yet?
The race is too close to call and there are hundreds of more delegates to get, zoomie. The fact that Biden is just a hair ahead of Bernie doesn't bode well for any candidate. We may even see a contested convention.

Absolutely /reddit/

is there a more milquetoast politician? he's worse than Hillary


Holy shit the delusion. It’s happening again, lol

A contested contention is the preferred way for bernie to lose

How is your folder of God Emperor of mankind?

How many 'chickens' did they sacrifice to swing this kind of recovery?

It's not? Biden isn't ahead by much and the next group of states begins voting on the 10th.

No Country for Old Men, Seven, and Gone Girl come to mind

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I'm just explaining that it's clearly too early to call atm.

Imagine being a leftists in 2020
they just proved to you everything people you call racists said about them since 2012

Seething Bernvictim

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Bernie can still win, keep donating!

Every Candidate other than Warren was rewarded with a pizza party in order to drop out/endorse

>don't believe in any candidate at all just donate to billionaires and memers please!

Who are you quoting

kek, this takes me back. the 'Obama/Biden bromance' memes were one of the most clear cut Dem shilling attempts before the 2016 election.
Not even Mini Mike and his 'meme squad' were this pathetically obvious.

Reminder: this is a Sanders board. If you don't like it go back to /pol/

Imagine thinking the DNC will allow things to be thrown into a contested convention for a candidate the establishment hates.
Biden will beat Trump because he’s safe; nobody has any reason to roll the dice with Bernie.
You would think Bernie supporters would have learned after last time, their level of cope is unreal

Trump is an Arthurian hero

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Yeah no, this is a riden with biden board you zoomer.

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>Biden will beat Trump
Now who's coping

>Giving Jerusalem to Israel so they can build the 3rd temple and Jesus comes back and we all get raptured
Donald Trump is literally SEELE from evangelion

Holy shit it's over for Bernie isn't it?

>you need to "roll the dice" with Bernie
The DNC and by extension, you...don't actually understand how popular Bernie is with the middle class voters. Even in states where Biden wins, Bernie gets a fuckton of votes, and Biden is still barely winning.

Why do mods let underage stormfags get away with making off topic politics threads?

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there's always 2024 r-right guys?

This broship was so fucking gay and cringe and I'm not even a mutt

>this but unironically

>don't actually understand how popular Bernie is with the middle class voters
And they'll all still vote for Biden at the election, however Biden brings a shitload of people who would never vote for Sanders.

>Jews run the country
>The one Jew is constantly blocked and cheated out of running
Explain this

The election process is televised and thus relevant Yea Forums discussion.

How many Jews involved in that camera trick

Without giving me /pol/nigger answers and Reddit memes, why don't you want him to win? Why are you faggots so against actual anti-establishment candidates?

Because they've been here longer than you!

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>longtime US ally that shares a common language has an election 3 months ago.
>an elderly commie in that country takes his centre-left party over to a hard-left position.
>promises free gibs to the woke college kids propping him up.
>his cultist followers constantly spam reddit/twitter and any opposition to dear leader is banned or shouted down.
>gets fucking butchered in the election and leads his party to its worst result since 1935, as longtime moderates desert them for the opposition.
The DNC clearly studied this like a hawk, but the fact that the Bernouts didn't is even funnier.

Hate in Hillary all you want but she was well spoken and competent. Biden's just about checked out

Jews don't want to be in the limelight, being president is a goy thing.

We'll see.

>The billionaiiiiiires..... may there be.... a Tartarus..... for themmm,....

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At least he's not a jew/woman/nigger

You can literally see the ball going through

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I mainly hate the idea of him shoveling government money into the rip-off artists that are American Universities.
It’s not a solution if colleges are still allowed to swindle people

this, I'm sniffin for joe

>hard left
This literally doesn't exist in the US.

He didn't lose on socialism, he lost because he betrayed his original position on Brexit (he was pro-Brexit) and believed in Nuclear Disarmament and open borders. An actual socialist who wanted closed borders on immigration would probably win by a landslide in England.

OMG he loooks so rejuvinaated!!!

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Whoever wins, the best country in the world will win twice over.

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>Jews are merely pretending to look like they don't run anything! It's part of the 10th dimensional chess

My Little Pony is aired on television and thus relevant Yea Forums discussion
Nope, they came here 2016 at the earliest along with all their buddies from T_D

There is a designated board for politics, so use that instead of shitting up this one

Bernie is anti-gun and wants to give welfare to illegals and effectively open the borders. This is against my interests as a gun owning tax paying white man. The nordic model doesn't work on the multicultural soup that is the American population.

The Berniebros are doing all sorts of mental gymnastics and have decided that Corbyn isn't a fair comparison anymore after cosying up to him all of last year. Like Bernie isn't even more disadvantaged than Corbyn was because of the US voters inherent distrust of anyone calling themselves a socialist.
This is mostly momentum cope. Many focus groups have shown that the former Labour heartlands didn't care much for his other policies either.

>he's a college dropout
Oh, there it is.

It doesn't work for Nordcucks either, they rely on 3rd world immigrants to sustain their fairy tale aka democratic socialism.

Yes? Why would they want everyone to think that jews are running the country?

The villain who did nothing wrong.

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He's not actually anti-gun and he's not for "muh open borders" though, and I asked for no /pol/nigger NPC answers, fag.

lmao ok kiddo

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Just think of the pure kino that will be an election debate between Trump and Biden. Both are going to constantly ramble off topic and get into weird name calling matches.

>Nope, they came here 2016 at the earliest along with all their buddies from T_D
>There is a designated board for politics, so use that instead of shitting up this one
But ginger has been here since before 2011

remember this primary season every time a chapotranny says low class whites vote against their own self interest lol

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>call Bloomber Mini Mike
>complains about shilling
I'm so god damn tired of politics. Everyone is nothing but a retard repeating prefabricated catchphrases. It's like a world populated by children.

>it's not a boogeyman, there isn't proof because the Jews are so good at hiding it!
You're mentally ill.

>loves little girls
>incoherent 90% of the time
>has dementia and schizophrenia
Yeahp, Binden is the Yea Forums's candidate

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why are americans so racist?

No, I'm a graduate with Student Loans.
I just don’t think the 3000% increase in the cost of school is justifiable and should be fixed long before any American college gets a dime of government money

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bruh you can't close the borders if you are a socialist since socialism is inherently universalist (Stalin notwithstanding)

This. The most baffling thing to me about Bernie supporters is they unilaterally seek to completely undermine their ability to collectively bargain by flooding the workforce with cheap immigrant labor, obliterating any benefits a complete socialistic overhaul of the economy could possibly provide them.

Yes he is, every dem candidate said they were. And they’ve all spent years villifying any attempt to reduce immigration

I have no fucking idea what you're on about and how this applies to Bernie

First cunnyseur president incoming!

Cunnybros where we at?

>Jews are running the country
>but they occupy no significant roles in the US government and the one Jewish candidate is getting sabotaged in favor of a white man
Sub 50 IQ

It's almost like you fell for CNN memes that all his supporters are pro-socialist?

>He's not actually anti-gun
Literally a bold faced lie, do you think I can't just look up his policies in like ten seconds? Disingenuous cunt.

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I don't get it.

Reminder: Yea Forums is a contrarian site and whoever/whichever party is in power is to be mocked relentlessly. I don't want any (You)'s from Bernouts, Democucks, Republitards or T_D refugees.

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No candidate has ever said they were for no borders you disingenous faggot. At least understand what your opposition even says.

It applies to his retarded education plan, retard

You don't have to have public office to run a country

Literally none of that is "anti-gun" you fucking schizoid.

who the FUCK is voting for this senile creep? He got absolutely demolished in the debates and was getting like 9% in the first 4 primaries until suddenly everyone dropped out, endorsed him and the mainstream media went on a victory lap for him right before super tuesday. There's only 1 party in America and it belongs to the rich. The only substantive differences between biden and trump are id pol and that's just red meat distractions for the morons. Fuck the DNC. Fuck the RNC

Government is nothing but a goy-facing veneer over the fact corporate interest runs the country.

>hes not anti-gun
Why would you lie about something that is so easy to fact check?

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>you don't have to hold positions of power to be in power
Jews must be magical to you. Otherworldly even.

Surely Bill 'Lolita Express' Clinton takes that title? Biden's just more open about it.

contrarianism isn't real

Pete bros and Amy bros.

I wonder what Pete and Amy asked for in the new administration.

Bernie got the popular vote in the first 4 primaries but then Biden won one deep red state and the entire country collectively called it for him. Honestly surreal to witness

Which guns except super soakers are not designed to kill people?

>/pol/nig zoomies are literally so spun out that they think background checks for weapons is "anti-Second Amendment"

Black Americans get free healthcare and college tuition because they are poor

Bill was ashamed. I wanted my cunnysseur president to be out and proud!

None of his policies you cited are going to overturn the second amendment and take your guns away you fucking nutter.

The implication is that blacks already get everything for free already. Why would they vote for someone promising to make it free for everybody else and put their free ride at risk.

I really don't understand why american civilians need assault rifles other than for doing massive shootings.

Biden is the status quo candidate and that is unironically a good thing. Fuck nazis and fuck communists.

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> These things designed to prevent certain people from having guns aren't anti-gun

It's enough if you control the media. If you tell people what to think, controlling the government is easy peasy.

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>Stalin notwithstanding
It's the other way around. Trotsky notwithstanding, socialism is a Soc-In-One-Country system, as evidenced by the two major Stalinist powers vs Zero Trotsky powers

t. Thinks socialism started with Marx

I don't think you even know what his education plan is.

The status quo is letting the rich get richer, blowing literal trillions on fake wars, and fucking over the natural world.
How is this a good thing?

It all is? I don’t even care about Gun Control but how are restrictions on owning and obtaining firearms not anti-gun?

Why does Bernie not get the black vote again?

I mean it's pretty obvious he's racist as hell ("hehe lemme just move to white ethnostate Vermont") but it's not like the blacks know that.

It's to maintain independence from any and all threats, both foreign and domestic. Up to and including our own government.

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I don't know who you think you're kidding with this shit his policies are literally right there on his website and explicitly anti-gun you leftist gaslighting fuck.

Because rocking the boat will always make things worse

You mean like criminals, illegals and the mentally ill? Yes. It's funny how you're probably an absolutist faggot until illegals owning guns comes up.

Its been clear since the primary started the DNC is just picking someone to lose to trump. Sanders is unelectable and biden cant string a fucking sentence together to save his life.

Of course you can't, you're stupid.

Imagine being new and falling for disinfo.

I don’t often say this but COPE

I'm actually neither, but I don't really understand why you think buzzwords devalue an argument anyway.
How exactly is making it more difficult to purchase guns, and banning other kinds of guns altogether not anti-gun?
Explain your logic to me. What is it, if not anti-gun? Is it pro-gun?

Maybe for a year at most, but our strongest trait as humans is resilience, read the Kolyma Stories. The world on the other end will be better off.


>implying criminals and the mentally unsound aren't already barred from owning guns

>suggesting literally any sort of safety measure on a firearm is TYRANNY AND TRYING TO TAKE MY GUNS AHHH!
you faggots are always insane when it comes to this.

This bothers me more than anything about the left.
I don’t care about guns. If you want me to altruistically give how easily I can obtain one for the public good that’s one thing.
But don’t try and trick me into thinking policies intended to limit ownership aren’t anti-gun

Trump is more of a MacBeth type figure

dont fucking compare anything to the M14 again. the M14 is a piece of shit

>Imagine being new and falling for disinfo.

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The only reason why I'm reading for Joe is that he'll make lolis legal and lower the age of consent to 14.

The Second Amendment still exists, legal owning of a firearm isn't going to be restricted any decade soon. You're a fucking reactionary and it's tiresome. There is nothing unconstitutional about a background check and closing loopholes that allow more criminals to purchase firearms. What, should we just have literally no laws at all about how guns are sold?



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I am not american, I don't have the context to understand the need of high caliber weapons for personal defense when you have 1st world law inforcement and military. Specially when America hasn't been invaded once since their independence war.

Because mods don't care about the shithole boards anymore. I remember seeing a janny Discord screencap once about how Yea Forums, Yea Forums, and /pol/ were "unsalvageable."

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Blockhead joe is riding on Obama's coattails.

Say "no" to joe!

Until I can launch a McMissile from my McFrigate on a preemptive self defense strike on the ATF the american people are not free.

Blacks are high IQ. They get free shit. If OTHER people get free shit, they get less shit.

Maybe you're low IQ and have been memed by conservatives into thinking you aren't allowed to propose any laws about how guns are sold?