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Admit it. They’re cute.

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I all lost all capability of thinking something is cute after browsing tumblr and twitter for three months. So No.

Only in the sense that it's a non-toxic lesbian relationship

>Antagonists in the beginning

I mean it's not the reddest flag but like why did she have to be a badguy at first?

In their defense they tried to make it as non-toxic as possible but it still feels a little off - like you can wear down a bad guy with your can-do attitude which is the stupidest advice in any relationship.

>They're cute
Seriously, is there any legitimate reason why grown adults would fangirl this hard over this ship involving two prepubescent cartoon girls other than wanting to fuck them?

They are cute

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>We're 85% done with this series and the only thing its defenders can talk about is how the underage girls fingering each other is cute
This is easily top 3 worst cartoons of the past 5 years

Yeah. I'd fuck 'um.

It was completely retarded to make Amity a villain. She should have taken Willow's place and be Luz's edgier friend while Luz's good nature helps Amity soften.

this gives me anxiety

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Thank God we only have one more month of this garbage.

ah, yes cute couples edition

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>Ignores completely the last two weeks' threads
Why is being in Yea Forums that important again? this place doesn't watch shit and just come here to repeat what some Youtube reject said. I'd rather get out of this garbage board quickly.

good copium Luz

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They did screwed it with her first encounter with Willow, should've been less passive aggressive and more neutral (alas, if Understanding Willow showcased she didn't betray her because she wanted, and still was uncomfortable deep down with that). Her picking on Luz and King in Convention would'be feel more like her still resenting the annoyance of her previous encounter (y' know, being under pressue and that a goofer tries to fake a score you worked hard for) than just acting like an angsty bitch. She softening up to Luz would've feel more natural either (if her classism wasn't meant to be something she cared much deep down, just the effect of the pressure over her).

judging by how the last thread ended, along with the topic for this, I can tell this is gonna be a “fun” start to the thread

>Hi user! I'm Luz.
>Luz who?
>Luz 'batata' Noceda Clawthorne Blight Wittebane Rodriguez Weston Chandler de Guadalupe

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Luz's petite prime butt

I don't want to fuck them I want them to fuck each other. Softly and sweetly

Just read through last thread. Lunterbro, glad to see you holding down the fort. I wasn’t here when Dana said Luz was bi, did the lumity trannies have a fucking meltdown?

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If Belos is not trying to go home and there's no way for the witches/demons to go to the human realm (and they're not interested in going there, either), why does he want to kill them all? How is killing all the witches going to save humanity?

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he's the doomslayer
except the 'horrors' he fights against are actually nice people

>That pic
Holy fucking shit

I have absolutely no idea what it mean. All these codewords and acronyms tumblr/twitterfags use.

They're as cute as a car crash full of puppies.

Luz was known to be bi since S1, what you mean? And les representation wanters were satisfied because Amity is les
I don't really see the problem, they specify that they're are all actually girls so it's not a weird "oh yes we're all women here but actually a couple of them have penises"

Not them but they're basically saying "we all have vaginas so don't worry we won't rape you".

2 seconds to google, don't act dumb out of petulance that's dumb and gay

My ignorance is genuine and no I wont.

sure, dana.

Telling Amity a cute girl like her could use a good boyfriend

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Would I be stirring the pot if I asked for drawing prompts but said no Lunter or even Luz and Hunter interacting?

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fucking stuck up cunts. they will never actually know how i feel. they will always see me as a potential rapist and them as the victim. i feel sick

your drawings your rules

Lumity isn’t even the best Disney ship that features a character that voiced by Mae Whitman

She was never a true bad guy.

Belos giving Steve a shoulder pat and Collector seething

King losing his mind and attacking Hooty.

Someone else will pick up your slack

Haha! You have a dick.

Pic related with Willow and Hunter

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Here's your collector, Owlxrs

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Luz making oug with this one background character from Hunting Palisman. Bonus if she’s whispering in Luz’s ear and because it’s amplified by bard magic it’s making her squirm.

Wait does it count if it involves something from an episode with Hunter in it?

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Hunter kissing any of the male characters in the show
On the lips

I want to rape Luz

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She would have an intense orgasm feo. If even though she'd oppose being mounted and bred so abruptly and in an alley way.

>Bonus if she’s whispering in Luz’s ear and because it’s amplified by bard magic it’s making her squirm.
You know what, we should make this into the thread topic:

Which covens fuck best?

this thread is shit so far, i’ll check in in the morning

>Which covens fuck best?
Which coven has Darius? Exactly
Next question please

I hate you

They're already on the shitlist with kids on twitter for calling Collector fanart "dreamy"

Reminder that Luz will cope and seethe when Chavo steals Amity from her

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>fellas, is it gay to have an entire mindscape tree dedicated to your friend???

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explain. The VA thought the fanart was cute? why is dreamy bad?


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OP put the wrong name in the subject field, don't get your hopes up

Who would you recommend?

This but better. Hunter wearing new clothes like a cool coat, with an abomatron with some beat up armor and/or a har to identify him as unique, maybe like a beanie, with a Porta-Hooty backpack.

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I'd rather knock her up and then stay with her

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Something about "all this fanart is so dreamy, something something" and something about body pillows? Like, it looks like it could be on body pillows? Can't remember, they deleted it

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i liked green better. she looks even more like a self insert with the purple hair that lacks all defining lines.

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I didn't know American Dragon actually had shippers. What other ships even are there besides Jake and Rose? Spudd and the Black chick were way too mundane for me to care.

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wait, what's wrong with thinking raine is dreamy? they're an adult