Hey Yea Forums thinking about watching pic related is it Kino?

Hey Yea Forums thinking about watching pic related is it Kino?

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wait for the restoration, it's coming out soon

By criterion?

literally Soviet propaganda but it's a good war movie. it's not like any war movie is historically accurate

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It's pretty much entirely historically accurate though. More so than any war movie I can think of.

why do americans keep pretending they know anything about history?

>made under the direct supervision and approved by the USSR
oh yeah it's historically accurate alright

How can it be "propaganda" when Klimov the director literally had to fight for 8 years straight in order to release it because the soviet government didn't want it to be released under any circumstance?
This is mainly because the majority of the "germans" in the film are ukrainian collaborators (like it actually happened), as evident by that entire under the bridge scene.

It's an anti-war film, there is not even one hint of why would anyone join the soviet army/partisans also, nothing but bad things happen as soon as he joins them, even before he encounters any enemy at all.
Atleast watch the film before spewing absolute ignorant bullshit about it.

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its shit

Yes, it's pretty good.

it was made in 1977 and not released until 1985 with Gorbachev as the General Secretary

Literally too smart for Yea Forums. Not even 15 posts in and you get brainlets like .

so the new DCP Restoration is coming to a local art house. this might be a dumb question, but is it worth checking out? Outside of the poster i know nothing about the film

I accept your defeat.

Janus Films, you literally posted their new poster.

absolutely without question, a true experience that should be watched in a theater

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its shit

i'm not OP.


Is that before you visit the breadline or after the cheka searches your apartment?

Easily the best war movie ever made. It surpasses kino.

>not watching in the phone

literally the best war film of all time along with Das Boot and Apocalypse Now
focuses more on the civilian perspective

This, better than any garbage murrifat war flick

Let me guess, you're American.

I accepted it the first time

the film is about Khatyn Belarus, no apartments there

Im totally sold user thanks definitely will check it out after watching this

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Fuck, this looks so good, is there any release date for the blu ray/digital version?

literally fell asleep 20 minutes into Das Boot. knocks me right out

Oh, so after your village was torched by Lazar Kaganovich for hoarding grain.

>lilya 4-ever followed by come and see
is your goal for today to be beyond emotionally spent and depressed?

tits or gtfo

he did that before Dirlewanger came, mostly in Ukraine
yes slavs were buttraped from literally all sides

Basically yes,im unemployed atm so why the fuck not

While we're on the topic of depressing fiction representing a time period, what do you think about A Serbian Film? I really feel it portrays Serbia's violent and disgusting history via allegory.

Pretty good flick, dunno what the fuck is wrong with Serbians though. They seem pretty barbaric.

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Is the restored version the one on Criterion Channel? That's the one I watched.

Depressing movie thread? Do anons know something similar

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/pol/ can’t stand Soviets being shown as victims of the war. The film is completely realistic and tamer than what the Nazis actually did in the East

Where can I find this in 1080p? It's not on rutracker or rarbg.

Watch Kusturica's movies if you want 90s Balkans


it's not even depicting regular Nazis, hell it's not even depicting regular SS officers but depicting literally the worst possible bunch of lads in WW2 the Dirlewanger Brigade

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jesus christ give it a rest
They genocided a bunch of innocent Croats and Bosniaks.

thank you so much user

Well, soviets weren't much better than nazis. In my country a group of soviet soldiers nailed literal children to tables

well yeah, they rape and kill a female German officer in this film too


yeah man Dirlewanger was just a nice chap actually am i rite haha

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Is this the movie with Beat Takeshi? The one with that iconic scene where he an heros?

>tranny spams his stupid mantra

Like clockwork

That is it user also another kino of this magnificent man

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>thinking it's gonna be kino
>it's just soviet Schindler's List

there are no jews here you dumb fuck
and there are no sappy spielberg jew schlock moments in it

I haven't seen it, what did I think of it?


Why are you so hostile? Not everyone has to like your favorite movie.

>there are no jews here you dumb fuck
why are you talking about the movie if you didn't watch it?

Thanks for the rec man, I'll check it out

>Why are you so hostile?
Stop spewing dumb shit about the film if you haven't seen it.
>Not everyone has to like your favorite movie.
Sure, but it's in no way like that Spielberg schlock