Is this show worth watching in 2020?

Is this show worth watching in 2020?

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Yes, its worth watching in current year

I'm watching it right now

>Is the best show ever made worth watching?

Yes, at least the first 5 seasons. Season 6 is when it gets weird and considering each season has 25 episodes you could stop after the first movie or sink in more time to a show that only gets more off the rails with each season after that. They obviously had no fucking idea what they're doing with the plot and MOTW episodes became too campy.

The problem is that Duchuvney's natural acting makes the female's amateur acting stickout like a sore thumb. She's probably the single biggest reason why I can't get into the show sadly.

Original run + first movie is kino.

>MOTW episodes became too campy
Try season 8

>female's amateur acting stickout like a sore thumb
Gillian Anderson is a fantastic actress though, and probably better than Duchovny??

its worth watching every year

Yes but:
It peaks at season 1
Duchovny only wanted to do 5 seasons so there's a noticeable drop in quality of his acting afterwards.
the finale is awful, and if you didn't agree with my second point, you will this time when you see duchovny's best harrison ford impression of being half-asleep during it.
The ride is still great though, and there's some genuinely chilling horror that still stands up.

>that episode where Monk is literally afraid of his own shadow

>Written by Vince Gilligan

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>that episode about the inbred family
the only episode i have to skip because it makes me feel gross just watching it.
the monk one was good though.

No she's terrible. Just terrible. As soon as the talent left and she was elevated to the main attraction, the show crashed and burned. If I were to watch the show, I'd probably be impressed at how David disguised Gilligan's shitty acting for so long.

>No she's terrible. Just terrible.

Scully is fine. Not great, but not bad as you say.

Just skip the myth episodes

5th season has the cigarette smoking man story which is my personal favorite but it drops heavily. second xfiles movie is the only movie ive ever fallen asleep to in a movie theater.

dont watch the new seasons until you've watched everything else. they are so laughably out of tone and style of the series its pretty interesting to watch. they are straight 2/10s as far as story goes but man how could you miss the mark so badly on a series you created. it's so bad paranormal reasons shouldn't be ruled out.

I love how people ask questions like these as if television hasn't become a thousand times worse since this was on air

Pick any random show from the 90s and it's probably better than 99% of what we get now

Its realy refreshing watching a show from a time where people acted still normal and without all the leftist degeneracy put into. Also without millions of shitskins into it. In season 3 they started muh evil nazis shit a bit but overall its better.