>m-mu-m-mu-M-MU-MU-MUH ABUSE
Kek shut the fuck up, SJWs.

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The people who keep posting the abuse meme aren't SJWs they're homophobes trying to make lesbianism look bad

>MuH Abuse
>Implying it's SJW who say that

user, how new are you?

Only SJWs complain about the depiction of "abusive relationships" when it's not that serious and not even there.

OP is confused. Let's have pie.

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user, we knew this was just basic violent lesbianism. We all for the most part were absolutely shocked this shit was pushed as good and heavily in a cartoon aimed at innocent confused girls who were turning into teens.

The people who were bitching about abuse were the lesbians and gays who were all for this series and what it was helping to push.

Is it the same OP each week?

A lot of girls were identifying with Adora and relating their own experiences of leaving an abusive enviroment/mother figure/friend/lover to her's. So after season 5 they turned on the show hard.

The show actually tapped on something relatable for a lot of women. Leaving an abusive situation to become a warrior princess is a power fantasy.

And most of the people I know who watched the show for Catradora only care about The Owl House these days.

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hey look, another (or maybe the same) dumbass that doesn't think for a second and realize that heteros have mental illness because sexual preference isn't a factor

Is this english?

Adora deserved a better girlfriend

Well, that's not for you or anyone other than Adora to decide.
How's your love quest going?

>Adora deserved a better girlfriend
What non-abusive relationship would make the most sense if she wasn't into men?

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I don't know anything about this shitty cartoons for dykes and trannies but how is the cat bitch abusive? What did she do, exactly?

Tried to kill the blonde several times, even nearly destroyed reality itself just because she wanted to spite her.

>Well, that's not for you or anyone other than Adora to decide.
That IS for me to decide if I write fanfiction about Adora. Checkmate ;)

The hivemind is Catra abused Adora even though they weren't in love att.
Catra hurt Adora and Adora hurt Catra, but they decided to end their fighting and along the way realize how much the really do love each other.
I think it's called character development?
You know, like how stories work?

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Nice white washing of how Catra tried multiple times to kill Adora's friends, maim her and nearly killing the world.

Don’t forget it’s not just abusive lesbians, it’s abusive pseudo-incestuous lesbians since they are step-sisters.

That's kinda how war works?
Catra obviously harvard ill will towards Adora for abandoning her at first and took opportunities to break her, but moving forward and learning to love and forgive is how we grow.

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>fujos love abusive relationaships
>shera is basically a yaoi but with everyone having a girl voice
Its not even sjws or homophobes its just fujos and their warped worldviews.
To anyone else an abuser and victim pairing looks fucked up, but not to the fujo. Its 'hot' and its 'not stockholme syndrom, the victim just happens to be the bottom too and they really do love eachother'

>Ending the world
>Thats how war works

Cuck stop

it's as english as you are retarded

No it is not. It reads as if you cut three diffrent responses and posted it

What's with the images 'tard?
Anyways, Catara kept dragging Adora down even when they weren't enemies. She's a major bitch and acting like everything she did was okay because of *circumstances* is dumb as fuck. Having all the bad shit she did be forgiven so quickly is so unsatisfying.

Hordak's plan was to do what Prime wanted at first.
Kill all magic.
Oh look an entire planet made of magic.
I don't see how this is confusing.

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then you don't have reading comprehension

Catra stops existing after she pulls the lever. What appears in Catra's skin in the rest of the show is actually a Catra from a fanfiction that was imported into canon, a completely different character.

>forgave too quickly
Maybe that was the point.
Adora never hated Catra. Glimmar bonded with Catra and Bow... was there.
It doesn't really matter because Catra regretted everything she did and apologized just before she thought she was about to die.

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this relationship stinks

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The bitch who backstabed everyone who gave her a chance only to end up with her crush at end was an incredibly ballsy move. I love it.

As in someone from the old show or new one?

>Hey, I know you almost killed us a bunch of times and you almost destroyed the universe, but you said you're sorry so it's cool.
It's okay to act like a dick and abuse people around you because you had a terrible childhood, right?

No you just need to improve your fucking english

Either a troll or cuck

I would have been fine if Adora stayed single. I don't think that would change her sexuality or anything.

My favorite relationship (even though I see it as platonic) was with Mara. A lot of her character arc involved searching and discovering the truth about her. Plus the few interactions we got from them were nice, I would have liked to see more of that.

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Why dont any of them have boobs???

Stop bitching about it and parent your niece, Skeletor.

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>As in someone from the old show or new one?
I think the new one.

I swear to fuck I actually saw people on twitter say catradora was abusive because they were enemies before.
or was it here?

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My favorite bit of info about this universe is the 'skeletor planet'

>was abusive
Is abusive
>adora dont kill yourself because im clingy and cant live without you
>adoras chronic hero syndrome and stockholme syndrom kick in

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you mean? just man wearing girl stuff?

im a ass guy

>adora dont kill yourself because im clingy and cant live without you
she was doing fine by herself in the crimson waste
>adoras chronic hero syndrome and stockholme syndrom kick in
what stockholme syndrome? she left the horde even when Catra didn't want to.

>I think the new one.

If I wanted to indulge myself, I would pair her with the flower himbo because it brings happiness to my eyes.

He grew up with badass stories of She-Ra and Adora inspired him to fight back against the the horde. He seems like a chill guy and has big muscles. Adora consistently seems to like big muscles too. That's kind of it. Pretty superficial chad and stacy pairing.

The show went out of it's way to not give Adora any other feasible love interests aside from Catra. Maybe either Glimmer or Bow if they didn't end up with eachother.

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gays get abused by other gays
that's how they breed, by traumatising children into becoming gay


Eh, alright fair. As for me I’m not really focused on that right now. I prefer to work on my career. True love always starts as friendship so I’m just gonna let it find me since I believe that actively going on a love quest will ultimately spoil the experience
Love comes when you stop and smell the roses, and discover someone smelling them with you

Imagine the seethe

Scorpia bonding with Adora would make Catra try to destroy reality even harder.

Then why arent you gay? You post on Yea Forums and get abused by faggots on the regular

theres girls here tho

Not really. While trauma can be one factor, I think it’s all about taste. Personally I don’t see being gay/straight as any different from having a preference for blondes or redheads

From personal experience as someone who just aimed to focus on career-building: It can happen when you least expect it.

I met someone special I would otherwise never have crossed paths with just from being at the right place at the wrong time. Or was it the wrong place at the right time? Eitherway, it was pure out-of-nowhere happenstance.

So best thing is to work on career, things and hobbies you love, and having quality friends, and not focusing on romance because it is as unpredictable as it gets.

she tried to destroy the world because mom didnt loved her

Sounds familiar

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Catradora is so bad that both SJWs and homophobes both agree it’s abusive, underdeveloped, rushed and stupid. It’s the one ship that unites opposing sides.

And to nobody’s surprise, Cass is also hated by the way they treated her arc.
Hey, at least she wanted to conquer the world, not destroy the universe.

Her arc in S3 was awful to be honest and brought down the show. Her being angry at Rapunzel for crippling her and killing her career was a good enough motivator for her angst. Making her the movie villain's real secret daughter all along was really contrived.

>Hey, at least she wanted to conquer the world, not destroy the universe.

Agreed. She was not as bad as Catra, but goodness did they make Cass more idiotic and ooc in S3. Catra at least was consistently smart for the most part.

Catra deserves redemption beacuse she is attractive. Change my mind.