Scarface (1983) scene where Tony shoots Manny in front of Gina

Spoon-feed me, guys. What is the tl;dr term where some Mexican or Asian guy kills his in-law or sister for shaming his family or something?

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Repressed incestual desires

Look ya got two spics, theres lots of money involved what do ya thinks gonna happen

I hate the late 70s early 80s aesthetics of this film. i mean look at that frizzy hair. yikes

Honor killing

Manny was being very disrespectful.

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Remember to watch the original by Hawks, he outright turns full joker at the end.

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>i mean look at that frizzy hair. yikes
I bet you like your pussy clean shaved too ya fucking fag.

He wanted to fuck his sister the whole time. It was jealousy, not some act of honor, and he realized that when she told him they got married.

It's partly what makes this movie so great you absolute pleb

In the beginning of the movie manny is shown to be a sleezeball. He imagined manny doing sleezy shit to her and using her I guess

>term where some Mexican or Asian guy kills his in-law or sister for shaming his family or something?
It's called being a nonwhite savage

>Fuck me Kylo

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Imagine you had a chad friend who easily pulled pussy left and right. Now imagine you were an ugly brown manlet who had to grind hard just so you could get a whiff of some coked out whore's pussy. Then imagine said chad friend banged your sister behind your back. Yeah I would be fucking mad too.

Tony kills Manny because Manny is an idiot who manages to enjoy everything about the lifestyle Tony created, while Tony himself has come to hate that lifestyle. At the same time, Tony thinks that Manny has corrupted Gina with that same lifestyle, when in reality Gina was never better in the first place, and Tony was the one who introduced her to the lifestyle that "ruined" her. Everything is about Tony's self-loathing, not incestual desires. That Gina thinks Tony wants to fuck her is just another sign of how fucking shallow Gina herself is.

Manny is really cool in the movie, really steals the movie from Al Pacino.

His sister was no virgin homebody and neither was Tony. He was just mad at the idea that his "brother" got to fuck her and he never would.

Also, Tony needs Gina to be "pure" because she's the only one who accepted him without being part of his lifestyle. His mother spurned him because she saw him for what he is, and all his "friends" are as involved in drugs as Tony is. When he thinks Manny is ruining Gina, he kills Manny.

>t. cuck who masturbates to his sister's moanings while chad fucks her in the other room

Get over that sistercomplex while you can. She's eventually going to get married and have kids while you're still here.

I don't even have a sister but I can't fathom a man being ok with her sister and/or daughter being known as the town's cumdumpster.

It's something -cide I'm guessing

We're talking about a movie and you're projecting your insecurities onto it. Go watch Scarface.

Honor killing?

Your little cuck brain can't even come up with an argument.

The 70s didn't get to spicland until like 5 years later

Manny insulted him a little bit


How do you even think of your sister like this? What is wrong with you?

This. Gina was sucking off street-level thugs for coke in nightclub toilets before Manny ever made a pass at her. She was some airhead beautician with a druglord brother - she was never going to marry a doctor or a lawyer.

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>Cuck: a weak or servile man
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Nothing wrong with a vagina you know only her dad ,uncle or, maybe even grandpa has hit.

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