Post Japanese kino for our hikki brethren

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holy mother of cringe

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Do Japs really..?

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>bites ear
is this a power move?
will women respect me if I do this


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Europoors BTFO'D

dexfag cope

Why are Japs so based?

They are autistic as shit and hate the baka gaijin

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Heh Imagine if Europeans fought asians in the 12th century. They'd all literally be wiped out.

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Who was in the wrong here?

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Is that the back street girls live action? The fuck?

This show had some great moments but goddamn they don't know when to let a joke die.

Why do the Japanese keep making live action anime adaptations when most of them flop, with a few exceptions like Rurouni Kenshin and Gintama? I mean, I like quite a few of them (Mugen no Junin, BLEACH, Shingeki no Kyojin Parts 1&2) but I'm an odd case and if they even fail domestically then why bother continuing the trend?

Because its fun. Plus the Cromartie High movie was alright, not groundbreaking but fine

Stop watching shonen shit.

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Pretty sure Both Death Note movies were deemed successful.

Stop not wanting others to have some fun, nergigante ass nigga

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>shonen shit
Get some taste.

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just shut up and go back to the echo chamber with your pretentious shit


>he thinks Evangelion is what people who actually watch anime consider as a good anime
Have you only been watching anime for a year? Be honest.

Is it wrong to be in love with Nana Komatsu?

Based. Slice of life CHADS lemme hear ya

>Hahaha you sad your mom died and thats why you're a shutin? Let me open that wound even more

why does Japon not understand subtlety?


They do, they just also understand that sometimes it's pretty based to go really over the top. If you don't like it, you can stick to your kike-regulated Hollywood garbage

Nope. I dont even like most shonen. In fact I like the seinen genre more, but Im tired of bastards like you keep running around screaming
>shonen bad!
Its annoying and pretentious as fuck

Japanese are actually an alien colony that are trying to pass as humans but they can never get the nuances of human emotions right.

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>doesn't like shonen
>lists a bunch of shonen shit
>asks why adaptations of shonen shit are shit
Based retard.

>They do, they just also understand that sometimes it's pretty based to go really over the top. If you don't like it, you can stick to your kike-regulated Hollywood garbage

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ok kike

You just don't get it.

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Hell nah. Japanese tiny swords wouldnt even put a dent into that armor. A medieval armor like that can take 4/5 dicklets from japan with ease.

That wasnt even me, retard.

Only thing a dexfag is good for

dumb wojakposter

Subtlety is for cowards.

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What level of autism do I need to enjoy saturday morning nip sentai shows?

Start with W, OOO, Fourze and Drive
Kuuga, Agito, Blade and Kabuto are too kino to start with them



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>nip literature: nothing is said straight
>nip tv: everything is spelled out 500 times
maybe they think tv shows are for brainless plebs and old people

They do. Ever seen a Korean movie?

For me, it's Rin Aoki

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

>these pals enter your local bar and slaps your gf's ass
what do?

Enough self-awareness not to take yourself so seriously

Ask to become a squire

>Korean movie?
I'm not a fag so no.

what does Korea have to do with that statement?

>Prison School
Fuck I forgot about that. The ending still enrages me

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She cute

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Guys please... its just a comedy skit...please... dont...