really? if happy flexed his arm he'd break her fucking spine

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>Written by Jon Favreau
>Directed by Jon Favreau
>Produced by Jon Favreau

Produced by Kevin Feige
Written by Justin Theroux

Wow, it's 2020 you bigot, women are strong, GET OVER IT.

If I was in happy’s position I would just hang out for a while too

120lb frail jewess vs 330lb chad Favreau

haha imagine that were you haha, imagine the smell haha
In all seriousness
>implying involuntary

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God I wish that were me

Her muscles are made of oily black metagenetic tissue as part of her weird medical condition.

her grip is wrong...

They should have written it in that Black Widow and even Bucky got a Great Value super soldier serum. They both do super human shit in the movies.

What grip lol?

they literally had her change the grip so as to let the viewers get a better view of her knockers

her breasts aren't even that big

Profoundly based

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While based the autist in me knows they can't be records without a weigh in, calibrated plates and proper judges.

Sorry user I am here to impart words of wisdom upon this you and this thread. This is not going to have any discussion of proper straight armbar technique, this thread will not have anything to do with good grappling or even examples of grappling found in movies. All that will be found here will be the male equivalent of screeching old fat cat ladies about men and femdom posters.

Haha imagine if she farted right that haha that would be so bad for him right haha!

Whenever I see people being put into holds like this I wonder if anyone has just been able to like stand up with this ridiculous person clinging to their shoulders and smack them against a wall.
I guess that's why weight classes exist.

user I'm guessing you don't know much about leverages or weightlifting. There is an exercise called a lateral raise, which could be seen as a similar position.as an armbar, the most I've ever seen anybody do with a lateral raise was a 40lbs mangled half rep.
>But what about a curl
Unless you can curl more than another person can row, that's unlikely as well.

>implying you could get out

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Well drag them across the floor then? I dunno I'd like to see it happen.

Please. I can lift a woman with my dick. I wouldn't need to stand up, just lift my right arm and squash her like a grape. Based testosterone man.

How would you drag them if you can't get your arm off the ground. There's a reason you don't see the shit happen even in WWE silliness since it's not really feasible outside of maybe anime or maybe if you got someone like halfthor and a tiny sub 100lbs chick which would be neat. Not that you can't break out of it just a different way.
>replies based to his own post
Post arms.

>creating an entire scene just so you can get a barefoot ScarJo to leglock you
based Favreau

God damn women eternally buttfucked should of stayed ribs.

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Sauce please