Let's talk about Cobra. My last thread got deleted...

Let's talk about Cobra. My last thread got deleted, maybe because I mentioned politics and the jannies thought it would devolve into a /pol/ thread. I just want to know what Cobra's beliefs are. Why would men willingly risk their lives for this organization?

Avoid talking about irl politics so as to not trigger jannies.

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Wasn’t it a cult based on a car dealership?

Cobra Commander was a used car salesman and also made money from pyramid schemes which he used to attract followers.

Cult based on an MLM business that was run by a former Car Dealer That is, Cobra Commander who's business went under when his veteran brother killed a bunch of people in a horrifying drunk driving accident.
While they will alternately appeal to Left Wing and Right Wing crowds, their tendency to Profiteer of running drugs in BRIC, selling weapons and running MLMs makes me think they're largely right wing.
Hama described their formal ideology as a twisted version of the American Dream.

I think my post got deleted for making a joke.

Anyway Cobra seems to revolve around upstaging areas, so I'd assume they're a group of anti-Establishment terrorists with no real agenda but actual anarchy.

>He then moved operations to Springfield, an average small American town which had suffered economic collapse. Through his criminal skills he revived Springfield's' fortunes, and used cash and charisma to win converts to his cause. Eventually he seized control of the entire town and used it as a base to grow his organization into the paramilitary group "Cobra."

He is a hero to impoverished small-town Americans. He must have been a good leader to bring an entire town to his cause.

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>My last thread got deleted
Take the hint and fuck off.

>I'd assume they're a group of anti-Establishment terrorists with no real agenda but actual anarchy.
Destro, Baroness and Storm Shadow don't really strike me as Anti-Establishment, though the Bikers cobra hires out do. Can't recall their name, just that the blond one is fucking Evil.

>Why would men willingly risk their lives for this organization?

They don't in the cartoon. Remember when Cobra went broke? They all got the fuck out of there and filed for unemployment.

But why? I'm not trying to discuss real world politics. I'm trying to determine the motivation and beliefs of a fictional group of villains.

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I assume this is wholly separate from the CobraLa shit? It’s still a weird as fuck leap from our,I’d scheme car dealership to using laser guns and flying fortresses to take over the world.

In the comics Cobra is authoritarian corporatism. Note that there is a difference between corporatism and corporatocracy.

Baroness' history is explicitly in left-wing European radicalism a la the Red Brigades or Red Army Faction. Also running drugs and guns was, and is, pretty common among armed leftist groups. Cobra is intentionally contradictory on a lot points, and has a wide range of background for its major figures. Destro is old money aristocracy, Cobra Commander is middle-class demagoguery, Xamot and Tomax are corporate raiders, Zartan and the Dreadnoks are anarchist bikers, etc.

In Anarcho-circles you learn something really fast - alot of really fascist mother-fuckers go to Anarchist areas not because they want to destroy all authority but because they aren't the authority. The term "Tankies" is real in communists circles, hell everyone wants to rule the world but the best creed to get people who've been battered to follow you is "nobody should rule" meanwhile you slowly make it so "nobody" is a further and further dream. Meanwhile you're here for the interim. To help the transition. Tale as old as time.

>Destro, Baroness and Storm Shadow don't really strike me as Anti-Establishment,
The Baroness was created by comics writer Larry Hama two years before her action figure came out. She's a left-wing anti-American radical because she believes an American soldier killed her big brother in Vietnam.
Hama showed Cobra fighting different strands of Marxist militants in LatAm and elsewhere, so she's a confused pinko rather than any sort of orthodox Red.
Comics Destro just wants to make money and for some reason the UK never arrests him on terrorism charges.
Storm Shadow isn't Anti-Establishment at all, and was the first to leave Cobra (he joined it to solve a murder mystery his clan blamed him for).

So what are the employee benefits of Cobra? Asking for a friend of course.

>Ywn be a Cobra goon copping a feel of a bound and unconscious Cover Girl when she's inevitably captured and held hostage.

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>Work in COBRA HR
>Cobra Commander bursts in and rants about diversity and inclusion, then screams “retreat” as he leaves the room
What’s your ad campaign to bring in more minorities and LGBT+ to COBRA?

>Cobra Commander bursts in and rants about diversity and inclusion, then screams “retreat” as he leaves the room

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>Who cares?
>Who were you yesterday? The Military cares. Your Job cares. COBRA doesn't care.
>What do you look like?
>Your girlfriend cares. The cute girl across the bar cares. COBRA doesn't care.
>What do you have? The government cares. Your family cares. The IRS cares. COBRA doesn't care.
>We wear masks for a reason leave yesterday behind for tomorrow because in COBRA nobody cares. What you like, what you are, nobody cares.
>COBRA the place where it's cool because nobody cares

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>You will never have a gorgeous hench wench that is absurdly loyal to you.

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>promise of riches
Are they pirates too?

Is he not boarding a boat while firing a gun?

Oh thats water? I thought it was sand.

He's got you there user. Like the only way he's not a pirate is his lack of an eyepatch and we can't see the otherside of his face.

Bruv you might be colorblind? Or coulourblind?

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Why is the knife on the bed?! Thats dangerous!

>That's dangerous
Look into her eyes, user, there's no safety to be found here.

You think THAT is dangerous? I don't see a condom anywhere.

But the whole reason the lgbtq looks the way they do is because they want people to care.

Do calf-high socks make any sense with the high boots she wears? Wouldn't her upper legs chafe?

miss me with that fake shit, post the real baroness.

Why didn't the live action gi Joe movies work ?

>steven sommers past his prime
that should tell you

Because they wanted to make Transmorphers but guys who are less interesting than their cartoon counterparts doesn't work when you're not a giant robot.

user's kind of pitching it like it's an Anonymous image board.
Yea Forums are we the baddies?

The points on a tight leather boot you need to worry about are the ones that need to move differently than the leg or foot inside. That's where chafing happens. Before I broke in my Demonias, my Achilles tendons got fucking shredded every time I wore them. With the right socks and more wear I can have them on all day no problem.

I send Major Bludd and Dr. Mindbender on a recruitment drive to every single gay bar in 500 miles. Hope you like twinks with daddy issues and guys hellbent for leather because that's how I'm meeting my recruitment quota for the month.

You wear leather boots? *looks left* *looks right* Are you in Cobra?

Officially, I'm a civilian contractor sub contracted through MARS Industries. I mean the weapons company, not chocolate.

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The person saying that,Firefly is an mercenary working for Cobra sometimes and that's why he isn't screaming COBRA! Every time unlike Baroness who was true believer.

God, I love Asian girls, tomboys and goth girls.

>that episode where Cobra went broke and everyone filed for unemployment
>that episode where Cobra brought back the gold standard
>that episode where Cobra blew their funding devoloping a computer virus and hosted a telethon to raise funds
>that episode where the Joes got scared by a window wiper with a funny accent and blew up a Cobra rec center for no reason

Got a link to the artist page, tried to do google search but didn't find him?

Making Mid-West America Great Again

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Because they weren't directed by Paul Verhoeven.

>My last thread got deleted, maybe because I mentioned politics and the jannies thought it would devolve into a /pol/ thread.
Nah. Jannies are specifically told to treat /pol/ faggot threads nicely. Same with Yea Forums and Yea Forums shit in Yea Forums.

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I literally cannot imagine Cobra Commander engaging in any sort of sexual activity

I didn't grow up with GI Joe really but desu this shit is convincing me get into read it.

Being asexual wouldn't really be a bad trait in a leader? Means he'd be immune to schemings and temptations from (((thots))).

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That was the story where they goaded GI JOE bombing that underwater base and nukes are considered ?