Marvel actively hates Spiderman and is trying to hurt him any way they can

>Marvel actively hates Spiderman and is trying to hurt him any way they can
>DC actively hates Superman and is trying to hurt him any way they can
Why? Do these morons not understand how their bread gets buttered? What will destroying these icons do for anybody?

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The goal is to replace them with legacies. I don't care who cries about a certain containment board, blame the writers for actively inciting that shit.

This theory makes no sense. If that were the case they would give them happy endings so the old fans would be happy and the characters could fuck off in the sunset.

I'm all for legacies and older characters hanging up the mask one way or another, the problem is that modern writers would be guaranteed to fuck that up horribly.

No one actively hates your favorite heroes. Stop being a child. It just so happened that some people writing them aren't very passionate about them and the people in charge just want their books to sell well and will pull any cheap shark-jumping stunt to make it work. It sucks but that's how it is. It's not a conspiracy, just a result of unfair unfortunate circumstances.

Holy fuck this post is naive. Superman and Spider-Man still sell so the companies aren't just gonna stop publishing them. And even if they didn't sell it's not about writing fitting/good stories it's about shitting on white male characters.

>No one actively hates your favorite superhero.
Thorne legitimately hates green lantern and a bunch of other writers openly admit to never reading characters they work on. So you're wrong.

>both characters are red, white and blue

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There is some dude who actively hates superman on this board. I doubt he’s a dc exec, but I mean he’s obsessed with superman. He’s in literally every Superman thread waiting.
I get what you mean, I’m just saying it’s wrong to say “nobody” hates your favorite heroes. This guy is obsessed with hating my favorite hero.


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Superman's color scheme is blue, yellow, and red.

>a bunch of other writers openly admit to never reading characters they work on. So you're wrong.
First of all, who? Second, reading 70+ years of self-contradictory character history is not exactly an easy task.
>inb4 durr just read the classics
That's lazy. Go all the way or go nowhere faggot.
user. I already told you. You're conflating corporate greed or poor writing with tinfoil hat propaganda. Especially when you most likely base it off of a few cherrypicked examples like Superman getting molested or Spider-Man being shat on. Do you sincerely believe every single page of their modern books is like that?

>conspiracy theory
>tinfoil hat
Why do you call it that? That seems like odd language to use to describe this

No, user. He's red, WHITE and blue.

Because you assign some sort of active malice to what is more easily explained by people just not giving a shit.

No, he's blue, yellow, and red. Why do i have to repeat myself?

So the colors of the Russian flag? Wtf Big Two is based now

There's that old saying, "never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." But at this point, I really just do not think stupidity adequately explains how DC treats Superman.

Actually Batman, is how DC gets their bread and butter.

>That's lazy
No it isn't. Read a couple of big stories that have lasting impacts on continuity or key character moments. Not hard at all. You're also a faggot because you defend not reading decades of continuity but then say they shouldn't even bother if they dont want to read the whole thing.
>Corporate greed or poor writing
No user. All the shit flinging in Twitter and stupid political commentary comes of as malice. They hate you and superheroes.

>No one actively hates your favorite heroes.
Didio and Nightwing…

White skin dummy

They also have black because of Clark’s hair and Spider-Man’s webs in his costume

He is NOW, because they’ve completely abandoned Superman. Why isn’t DC running any weekly animated Superman kids show? Since the DCAU ended, there have been four more Batman shows (Batman Beyond, The Batman, Batman The Brave and the Bold, Beware the Batman); but for Superman… nothing. Krypto the Superdog.
Why? What are they thinking?
Next year there’s supposedly gonna be a new Superman cartoon - it will be the first Superman solo cartoon of the 21st century. Yes, since January 1st, 2001, no Superman solo shows have been made.
You know, if they made some Superman content, they might make money off him!

No, he's blue, yellow, and red what's so hard to get?

DC has been sinking despite Batman being their premier character.

I’d argue their overreliance on Batman is what was killing them

They never had this problem when Teen Titans was their best seller, nor when Superman was their best seller

Didio was a retard who hated every good legacy hero. He hated Wally for no reason, too.

This picture. Take a good look at it. Because this is all there is. This is the only content from the first animated Superman solo tv show of the 21st century. Coming out next year and nothing else has been released but this single photo.

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What the fuck is this?

Your count is off, there have only been 3. Beyond ended before the DCAU did. Also, who cares about Cartoons? Boys passed the age of 7 don't buy toys anymore that's why action cartoons are dead in the first place.
Videogames killed the 7-12 toy market.
No money in them anymore why do you think Green lantern the animated series, Young justice, and Beware the batman were canceled?

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>who cares about Cartoons?
>Yea Forums - Comics & Cartoons
>Videogames killed the 7-12 toy market.
Okay, make a Superman videogame then
Oh, they won’t do that either? Why? Does DC hate Superman?

>Danny Double-chinned Dildo
What a manchild

You compare these last decades with the times where Superman was at his peak and you not the stark difference

Superman had multiple animated shows, from the 40’s to the 60’s to the 70’s and the 80’s, up till the 90’s, multiple live action shows alongside them and movies.

There was a straight up drought of Superman animated shows from when Superman from the 90’s ended to next year.

Animation is one of the mediums that can take advantage of everything Superman’s comic franchise has and can elevate aspects, yet they continually fuck the dog

You are correct regarding Beyond, it is a part of the DCAU. Don’t worry, to make up for it, there will be two more Batman cartoons coming out next year, when the first Superman cartoon of the 21st century comes out too.
Oh, and also Harley Quinn: The Animated Series, forgot that one. So there have been four, just Beyond isn’t one of them.

>Also, who cares about Cartoons?

user, I don’t wanna alarm you but you’re posting this in fucking Yea Forums

Peter Parker reminds me of this guy I knew in school who pretended to be open minded and accepting of others but only hung out with his other white friends. Only talks to you when he wants something or wants to mingle in your group cuz he's after the asian girl. Talks too much to distract you from finding out he's actually a selfish asshole.

A game where you have superman's powers? Can be done. A game where you play as Superman in the style of the Arkham games would be boring to all hell.

>we couldn’t possibly make a game about a powerful guy fighting other powerful guys
Weird how that only applies to Supes.

So every superman game should be a boss rush?

My Adventures With Superman had better be the best cartoon I have ever seen in my life. It better have hand-drawn 60 fps animation, and every frame better look like an Alex Ross painting. Otherwise I can’t fathom the wait.

Holy fuck use your imagination. Put him in outer space where he fights Darkseid! Make a puzzle game - Toymaker trapped him in a lair with Kryptonite traps and he has to escape! Make a fucking dating sim with Lois and Lana and Wonder Woman. Holy fuck do something!
Why have they done NOTHING with this character for two decades besides a fucking CW show and putting Zack Snyder in charge of him? No good comics, zero cartoons, zero games, NOTHING! If they made. …. SOMETHING with Superman, he might make them some money! Some Superman content… might be nice!
But they won’t do that because DC is run by people who actively hate Superman.

No Superman should be completely invincible, the city with have a healthbar instead and the goal is to stop the bad guy quickly before the city is destroyed and prevent the city's destruction during fights as well

That was superman returns Tie-in game and everybody hated that feature.

you mispelled batman

Or it could be a quest-driven game. Just be Superman and go help out people around Metropolis, fly around, gather clues and stuff, fight a boss like Metallo or Bizarro or Luther in a mech suit
Wow!!!! I’m such a genius for coming up with that!!!! That’s such a crazy off the wall idea!!!!
DC mismanages Superman due to malice, not stupidity. They actively hate Superman.

Wait so it's a Boss rush?

>Batman actively hates Spiderman and is trying to hurt him any way they can
What are you referring to? Was there some crossover I missed?

So how is Superman supposed to fail?

Are boss rushes quest games?
Is Red Dead Redemption a boss rush?
Is Fallout a boss rush?
Did anything I describe sound remotely like a boss rush?

By not accomplishing his goals or being beaten, what kind of question is that? Have you ever played a video game before?

And fuck, you know what, sure! I’ll take a boss rush! 1 boss rush game would be nicer than 0 games
It’s a shame DC actively hates Superman :/

Not accomplishing his goals when he has superspeed? Getting beaten when he's invulnerable? I can tell you a good video game needs stakes

>need to solve puzzle
>move really fast
>still can’t solve it
Damn, goal not accomplished
>have weakness
>used against you
Damn, beaten

Again those games are open-world what do you do once you've done all the quests. I can't play as superman and go around destroying buildings or anything fun I'll fly around and do nothing. Explore a metropolis a city with only one landmark? Maybe two if you count Star labs.

>escort mission: the game of protecting the target: the game
You think you want this, but you don't.

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>Finds puzzle
>Super intelligence means he solves it no problem
> if time is running out he usually just Punches it
Damn, Goal accomplished
>Has weakness
>Kryptonite is rare and only a few people have it
Damn, unbeatable

>Super intelligence means he solves it no problem
>Kryptonite is rare and only a few people have it
I want to take a hit from your crack pipe user

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For someone telling others to be creative you could have just said all the thugs are intergang with Darkside laser guns and saved yourself a lot of time.

Okay. I keep seeing this body type in American cinema and I need to know: what is your obsession with turning blacks into twinks. With all the faggy lightweight black men and buck breaking getting a sequal, it looks like entertainment's trying to shift blacks into nancy boys.

Yeah there we go boom that’s perfect. You solved the issue right there. If DC didn’t actively hate Superman, they’d probably hire you

Anyone can take a hit from the crackpipe of truth, you just have to stop living in denial of Superman's story elements

Superintelligence does not mean he can just solve everything no problem, it means he reads fast and retains knowledge, so he can go through medical school in a matter of minutes
And Kryptonite is abundant and plentiful. Any mook worth his salt has a little chunk of kryptonite. That’s not even his only weakness anyway