Death Battle

How will the outcome of the next match affect this one?

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It won't
Thor lost fair and square

Depends on if Thor got any new feats since that battle. I’m not completely up to date so I’m not sure.

fpbp mouseketeers stay eternally seething

It will upgrade Thor well, well beyond Diana's capabilities in her last episode (She-Ra?) by virtue of being a newer episode


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Does Aquaman stand a chance against 008 aka The Dolphin?

Pick an opponent for him and it can't be Scott or Raiden since Travis vastly outclasses them.

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All black characters are for Uncle Ruckus

Pyunma would find Ruckus amusing before using the water in his body to blow him up like a balloon. Pyunma is a sadistic bastard


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Dante, Deadpool, Gintoki, Starlord, Haruhara Haruko

this series really jumped the shark after 2, huh?

Herald of Thunder has the Odin Force and the Power Cosmic. Which means he's stronger than the entire League combined...maybe full-power Spectre could take him?

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DB hates DBZ because its so much more popular than Marvel and DC.

Vegeta logically should win...but he won't, because of bias.


Perfect to fight Travis though.

He shouldn’t

They did make 18 go over Carol, but then again nobody reaaaally likes Carol

Dante: Might be fair but Dante still comes out on top

Gintoki: Travis beats his ass with pure ease

Deadpool: Wade doesn't have a chance in hell

Starlord: Might be fun and not really sure who
would win

Haruhara Haruko: Another fun choice and not sure who'd win

Why did the fight with Billy bring me such joy?

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Carol sure sticks out like a sore thumb compared to everybody else who has been in more than 1 episode

Ikki wins

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Jack Cayman(except Travis stomps him too). However, I've seen some people suggest Denji from Chainsaw Man and Seven from Scissor Seven. Also, how good of MU is Henry vs Satsuki?
I've actually thought about this one too.

Henry Vs. Satsuki would be fun but overall Henry still wins due to his BS upgrades

Denji is a tard and Travis kills him in a second (Travis ALWAYS kills moronic fighters in seconds) and Seven stands a better chance but overall loses

Coop vs Travis would be based

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From my vague memories of that show, I'm inclined to agree.

Dante, Nero, Bayonetta

Travis and Coop are sort of similar

>Batkek died to a sun
So much for "outversal". And considering they were throwing each other planets around to kill each other, this means that WW Dorada and Batkek must get fraudchecked.

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>he doesn't know about Sun-sama

It doesn't really, neither Thor or Vegeta could beat Superman and Wonder Woman is close enough. If you don't want it that bluntly, I'll just say that DC power levels don't matter to Marvel or Dragon Ball power levels if DC isn't actually in the match-up.

remains to be seen but they'll probably make thor strong enough to squish diana as of the last time we saw her

Did something happen to buff him in 3, because the Travis I remember is window level.


Mechs and Aliens.

he lost Power Cosmic about 20 issues ago, speedreader

Oh boy

The same scaling used for Vegeta can also be applied to Thor

>logically should win
You just know that anyone who uses this phrase in battleboarding is an insufferable fanboy fucktard. Learn to have fun.

>literally the entire premise is to use muh numbers and science to determine the true and honest winner

Vegeta should still lose

Too slow

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Suns in DC are outerversal. That's why it takes 10 billion of them to hurt CAS

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>Vegeta should still lose
Low Thor: Street tier
Mid Thor: City tier
High Thor (vs Gorr) Continent tier (picrel)

Low BoS Vegeta: Planet tier

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Planet level

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>barely standing up from a MERE planet busting attack
Based THOT, norse god of KEKning.

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>>barely standing up from a MERE planet busting attack
>Based THOT, norse god of KEKning.
Alive isn’t he?

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Planet wasn't dedtroyed in Thanos vs Thor you dumb liar, plus that wad Thanos not Thor.

Parsikon IV was destroyed

Lmao at Slowdinson even touching Vegeta

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No planet was destroyed in that comic, I've read it.

But by all means show me where it's destroyed.

We literally don’t see it after it’s been obliterated

Thor is, at most, boulder level. This is good because Vegeta is baby level. Thor wins

Surfer speeds

They will upscale Thor to multi universal or above and quintillion times faster than how he was vs wonder woman.

Also tick tock Jokerfags.

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Is there a single character more fraudulent than Superman?

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batman and flash

exagerated to hell and back to cope with marvel having better heroes.


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They continue fighting on the planet, read the comic

That was a different planet

It doesn’t help that you have the writers themselves supporting Batgod and le Authorforce- I mean Speedforce.