"Its not your fault george, carl has aspergers syndrome. Sometimes he reacts this way to unfamiliar situations"

>"Its not your fault george, carl has aspergers syndrome. Sometimes he reacts this way to unfamiliar situations"

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cute aspie rabbit

Aspergers Syndrome isn't even classified as a condition anymore. It's now just an autism spectrum disorder.

This episode was made 2010 prease understandu

When Carl grew up, he became a diaper fetishist and got rich trading crypto before all the exchanges got regulated.

This is literally me. I can't handle anything in life and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be homeless or dead in the near-future.

I might get around to making a cult place where y'all can live for free provided you farm for me and hoard guns. Almost have enough for the acreage I want in Montana but land speculators keep fucking overcharging me. I will make physical Yea Forums and it will be amazing user. You have my word

The farming might, MIGHT be okay for the Autists especially if you avoid noisy heavy machinery.
But you are asking for a shitstorm with those guns.
Godspeed though, be the strange you want to see in the world.

I was formally diagnosed with aspergers young and never had "sensory issues" beyond a very strong aversion to certain sounds
the older I get the more certain I become autism doesn't exist and was a giant meme

Honestly being up front enough to label yourself as a cult is already a sign of basedness.

I know how to and love making suppressors but I think the more I acknowledge that on the internet the more work my FBI/ATF agent has to do. Also might trade it all for pet bear because my life has become a cartoon.

>Aspergers Syndrome isn't even classified as a condition anymore.
>Durr, let's bunch the less-bad people with the horrible little shits
Sure did wonders for autism awareness, aye?

Autismo here. When this happened to me I would just very still and quietly pretending not to exist. Worked out pretty well. Did have any embarrassing freak outs and no one messed with because they assumed I would shoot up the school. Jokes on them, I can't even handle the sound of gunfire.

autism is still a condition.
We're just not allowed to called it "mental illness"
the politically correct term is "a developmental disorder"
So once the retards become adults they have the choice of living under an actual bridge or shutting the fuck up and be an internet troll in private.

*Didn't have any embarrassing freak-outs.

Meh, I'm happy for the lowered expectations.

I don't think that caught on. Mental illness is a perfectly a fine terminology

There’s also the whole “neurodivergent” meme that’s being forced. For some reason it’s for both autists and ADHDfags and no one else.

All neurological disorders are a matter of opinion, and that opinion is "This person doesn't function in these extremely specific limitations placed upon them by society, therefore they are the problem". Something like Down's Syndrome or Trisomy 13 are genetic disorders, not neurological disorders.

Asperger's Syndrome/autism is a genetic disorder, are you dense? You're born with it and it never goes away. Learning to live with it=/=being cured.

Different user but I think the point he was getting at is that something being a disorder is a matter of opinion, such as Aspergers only being considered a disorder because society deemed the person unfit.

I really fucking hate how condescending that term sounds. Call me an aspie, autismo, fucking retarded and I'll brush it off, but call that and I will fucking lose it.

Not saying it can be cured but we don't know what causes autism because there's probably a lot of super unrelated causes that have similar effects all wrapped up together as "autism". Usually it has some kind of genetic factors because it's commonly heritable but we don't know what those are or why they cause symptoms.

I don't know, I'm kind of on the fence about it. I'm fine when people I know call me retarded but when someone in public does it's pretty hurtful.

Same here I also fucking hate it. It’s so pretentious and ‘soft uwu’ sounding.

But see. Adults can have mental illness. But not a "development disorder" because they're no longer developing.

That's how spectra disorders work. It was already categorized as part of autism spectrum, and they took away its traditional separate distinction because it wasn't evidentially justified.

Are the terms ‘high-functioning’ and ‘low-functioning’ still used or did those fall out of favor too?

I see high functioning still being used, but I've honestly never seen low functioning used.

Skip the guns go for spears or anything else that won't get the ATF on your ass. I know the allure of gunpowder is strong but those fucks will get you no matter what

People with Asperger's are WAY more intelligent than normal people. The problem is that they also have stronger emotions too, which makes them go haywire if they try to live a "normal" life.

Well you know you can still have Asperger's and be retarded at the same time. I don't want to ruin your theory but the two aren't mutually exclusive so the percentage of Retards with Asperger's is the same as the percentage of non-retards with Asperger's.

Gotta go for katanas. You'll get a ton of autists if you promise they'll get to learn the art of japanese swordsmanship..

The problem isn't really that we feel stronger emotions, it's more that we tend to hyper focus on things and too much input causes our thought processes to overload, and this can sometimes be explosive. So it's not about having "stronger emotions" is just that it's easier to push us to a breaking point.

Get a forge going and you can have blacksmith autists

Get enough of the right autists in the right places and your society will be running smoother than a Swiss watch. Just don't get your hopes up for any population growth.

I have a plan for that... What if I play up the SCP Foundation link and go for having the place on the hell-mouth and filled with succubuses which are just woman I brainwash to fuck the autistic at night? It's just an obstacle to overcome while I say the succubuses take the form of the woman they're most attracted to in the compound so they gravitate toward them?

Posting this classic

>People with Asperger's are WAY more intelligent than normal people.

Nah. As someone with Aspergers, I can most definitely tell you that I'm not. There's some select stuff that I know a lot about but on average, I'm not smarter than most people. There's no reason to romanticise a mental condition. For me it mostly means I've been in therapy for most of my life and can't hold down a job.

And how autism is now a lazy catchall for any disorder
Most millenials probably have autism

So traumatize women to rape autistic people? Guess we're gonna be fast and loose with ethics here.

Based retard
I wish mental illness fetishists would jump off a bridge
>teehee im so bipolar user
>oopsie poopsie my autism sawwy uwu
>suicidal people are just trapped angels trying to get back to god
>lol i felt bad today, gawd im so depressed might look at some ropes on amazon later

> make an idle mobile game where you run a society of autists
>every autist has a unique skill and putting them in the right location increases production
>call it Tard Wrangler

Imagine the necessary micromanaging, the moment one thing breaks down and causes one to flip out it will just domino effect to the entire society collapsing.

>pay real money to get a tard wrangler noc that stops a game over 1 time

Lobotomy should have never been dismissed more like the procedure have been banned but the study of lobotomy through neurosurgical lens should be study.

>the less-bad people
aspie here, literally no.

The problem with Autism diagnose is ironically for a support group that doesn't like fit diagnoses in box, their traits for it is so vague that they pretty much majority people in some form or another are in this spectrum.

Why can't a guy who's just obsessive and hyperfocus on his hobbies and things he like, just be that. You can be "neurotypical" and still feel awkward and uncomfortable talking to people or don't like looking in their eyes.

No need to describe your life story, user.

>their traits for it is so vague that they pretty much majority people in some form or another are in this spectrum.
Using a soace between your talking points? Into the autism pile you go

>Why can't a guy who's just obsessive and hyperfocus on his hobbies and things he like, just be that.
Because autists are socially inept when not talking about their special interests and even then when they do infodump about their interest its just a one-sided conversation unless the person they're talking to is equally autistic, which is not something neurotypicals do. Neurotypical people have their obsessions/hobbies but (usually) don't make it their entire personality and can still socialize properly with people who may not share many things in common.

I do feel like in smarter then my fellow millennials but i also have anger issues and have ocd and am self aware enough to know that im not in a well state of mind sometimes even with my autism

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>People with Asperger's are WAY more intelligent than normal people.
You need to stop watching The Good Doctor, now.

Autists are 'smarter' because they dont engage with shit like small talk or being a twitterphile
>tfw so detarded you're actually smart enough to avoid the social traps that fuck over normal people

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>that pic
I don’t even like my own autistic qualities, why would I be happy in a community full of them? I only post on here to pass the time shitposting.

I don't think "part of a community" is specifically referring to a community of people with autism.

>being a tryhard means you're autistic

Oh in that case I can understand, although my specific autism makes it so that I don’t like socializing much either.

More stories about accepting Autism need the autist to be shown taking responsibility for their differences. I'd also like to see something like One Kid's Place being depicted.

>we tend to hyper focus on things and too much input causes our thought processes to overload
I know next to nothing about autism or aspergers, but that I have moments like that every once in a while.

women don't suffer from autism

Aspergers is a slur, you'd think they would've noticed that it's LITERALLY a term for "Hitler-approved autism". No rational person wants that label.

Mental illnesses are completely different from disorders.

Agreed, I'd rather be called a spastic than "neurodivergent". We don't care about that shit, call a spade a spade and actually give us the help we've been demanding and legally entitled to since the inception of disability rights laws.

>People with Asperger's are WAY more intelligent than normal people
And Jews have more money, whoops, that's a stereotype. Don't hold us to made-up standards, our suicide and depression rate is high enough as it is.

Women can be autistic but you're right, they sure dont suffer from it like autistic males

All stereotypes are based in truth

Out of curiosity, is the word ‘retard’ as bad as ‘spastic’ in the UK? I only ask because as an American I’ve heard calling someone a spastic/spaz in the UK is considered pretty bad, but I’m not sure.