Unknown animated films

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A family-run shop that sells everything you need to take your own life finds it hard to focus on business after a new baby -- one who makes everyone around him happy -- is born into the family.

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Is it subbed?

Is this a Euro thread?

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Hardly unknown, just ignored by burgers because it is actually mature without swearing and sex.

it's subtitled on archive.org
any not widely known film is fine, it's just that most are Euro. Also, I have to check this I love the ''doll'' style.
it's known for animation fans for sure. i am just looking for some recs.

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mary and max
mad god
long way north
tear along the dotted line (technically a series but its a mini series)
ernest and celestine
padak swimming to sea
the rabbi's cat

>just looking for some recs
Okay.... how about this barely known one:

There is a DVD with official english subs, but it's hard to find.

Have you seen Triplets of Bellville

holy shit what the fuck is that, it actually looks really interesting animation-wise. This thing, on the other hand, horrifying beyond belief.

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I want to kill it.

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The Bulgarian Treasure Planet

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It is sad how it was only shown for 1 day in NY. Good thing I lived close enough to the theater to get there by train.

why do they all look on acid

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I didn't know about it

among cartoon fans it seems like anything that is not produced by disney or dreamworks is under the radar

christ, how underage?

Korean Wonder Woman

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I'm old enough to be self aware about what I am

I think I remember when the candlewax girl on the right was FOTM

Is there a mega for this? Looks cool but I can't find any torrents that aren't dead

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does anyone remember the name of a Christian anime movie, it was in English but the animation studio was japanese.

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you should check more Bakshi then, his stuff is great.

Yes, it's Richard Williams, but it's largely forgotten now.

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French animated movie that came out a few months back.

>mary and max
*perpetuum mobile intensifies*

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Christ, this makes Angela Anaconda look good by comparison

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Aw sweet! Manmade horrors beyond my comprehension!

This and the Illusionist are probably my favorite films of all time.

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Might as well post Igor b4 404. It's somewhere between 7 amd 8 oBjEcTIvELy, and you will most likely like it.

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>some Serbian comic artist makes his own Balkan GiTS & Akira combined into one movie
>it turns out great

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Heard about it b4 here, thnx for reminding.

i will now scramble your youtube algorithm with the most power move by a single artist making a cartoon where he fuck his wife, sing, kick asses and he commission manara to do it:

This film literally had multiple Oscar nominations. It's not in the same universe as 'unknown'

Definitely not unknown. It takes place in my country so everyone was talking about it at the time of release. One bizarre "controversy" was whether it was okay because the director is French, not Scottish. So maybe it's forgotten now, but definitely not at the time. It was a depressing film but it was really cool to see Edinburgh in an animated movie, depicted so accurately too. Makes me wish there was more of that.

Achmed Saves America

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Anyone know where I can get a Mega of this? Or maybe on Archive.org?

Saw this recently, and I'm surprised it doesn't have a cult following on Yea Forums. It has:
- cool cyberpunk world
- great action scenes
- y2k aesthetic
- booba
- autism as a plot element

It's the kind of think I'd expect Yea Forums to flip out over.

Yeah, that's pretty sad. I've been obsessed with it back in 2011 and posted it on Yea Forums sometimes. I guess its weird experimental animation could scare some people off. Though I love this insane mix of traditional/flash/cell shading thing they did.
Btw there's a sequel in works, it's in the same universe but with different characters
Though it seems to be stuck in development hell for the past 5 years or so.

If you never watched this you are a massive pleb

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love this one

>they don’t know about Têtes à claques/Knuckleheads

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Hey, I watched that on a flight. Very wholesome even if it is a bit sad the girl genuinely couldn't tell the magician didn't have real magical powers until the end

I dunno if depressing is the right word. The magician still does what he likes, granted not for much money but he's doing what he loves and doesn't seem to be in danger of starving or anything. The girl grows up, dresses nicely and finds a nice boy.

It's melancholy and easily read as the director thinking about the end of traditional animation in the sense that Holy Motors might be read as the director thinking about how alienating live action movies have become to work with, but I did come away from The Illusionist on a happy note that everyone was going in an optimistic direction even if their dreams couldn't be sustained.

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One person made this with zero budget. It's practically God of war but with some heartbroken dude instead. It's some really deep shit I don't understand but man is it entertaining. Also this scene is amazing: files.catbox.moe/k6ilm3.mp4

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Hey, quick question: What the fuck?