Kitty Katswell

Kitty Katswell

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more like shitty shatswell!

Fucking cats


I like her hair.

Her mom was better

Prove it.

which one?

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Made for diapers

>single character from a mediocre at best show every latches onto because she's cute
What are other examples of this

Jenny wakeman, Creepy Susan, Star butterfly, Phantasma from that one scooby doo film

She does look like she's shitting her pants lmao

Was Butch Hartman trying to turn a generation of impressionable children into furries, and did he turn to religion later in his life to repent for his degeneracy?

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He had been a Born Again Christian for some time at this point.


Watch the show

>"And this is why you shouldn't give cats milk..."
She just had to mega-brap, tho

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dbaru is the one person who can properly say that he's kitty's husband

he's made the effort

She looks like she was made for shota cocks

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Kitty "Child bearing hips" Katswell

Can a human and kitty find love together?

titty smashwell!


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Doesn't hit the same without mung

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Shee looks much better in the sotryboards.
I really dislike how her eyes became just circles in the latter half of the series, instead of ellipses

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>Creepy Susan

it's actually a pretty good fucking show

i remember seeing one episode one time and it seemed like it was for literal babies

the show is only worth it because it has a lot of female slapstick

Honestly some of them are pretty juvenile especially that diaper episode which is pretty cringe, i just watch for the waifu though

how come Hartman doesn't make sexy characters anymore?

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>that diaper episode
It was a disguise.
A cute one, too.
Born-again Saturn worship.


I can hear it...

>Born-again Saturn worship.
dammit! I hate when people start facing their own mortality and make a change of heart in order to fix their Karma. I will keep listening to hardcore metal and drawing naked girls with big tits until my last breath!

titty tatswell

Actual screenshot or edit, I don't think I want to know the context

I wish.

Yaldabaoth is not the path to morality.

>that thing on your neck...
>is that your ear?

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Thank you based Butch

It is destined

Looks like one of those bumpers between shows. I bet there's a couple more characters with similar proportions from other shows


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Many such cases

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there was a time when the only thing i knew about kitty katswell was a comic of her showering and getting ready to leave her house only to have to take a huge shit

>I like her voice and personality
>I like the constant ryona
>I'm not a furry
It's not fair.

Well, no time like the present

How they got away with it ?

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This doesn't even come across as lewd, it just vaguely triggers me

>I will keep listening to hardcore metal and drawing naked girls with big tits until my last breath!
And this generates bad Karama because?

>How they got away with it ?

We don't have consistent mods, that's how this furry thread is getting away with it. The mods are shitty hypocrite furries because they selectively delete other furry trash threads that is similar to this thread.

I paywall all my drawings

What's implied to be Saturn worship in this context?

Uh, that seems like a bad business model.

not really, you see, people pay me instead of getting things for free, the business makes money instead of not making money, that's a good business model

That actually sounds reasonable, now that you explain it like that.

Blessed thread, taking requests, anything goes.

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