These will be the waifus of the new generation

>These will be the waifus of the new generation

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Bottom right is a nice fatty. Everyone else should be heavier as well

Fine by me.


Asian characters tend to be far less obnoxious and lacking in personality than obligatory negro characters so I’m fine with this change of pace.

And yet Liberals will say white genocide doesn't exist.

So many different types of Asians, each with their culture and look! How do people keep track of all of this?

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>asian fever

And yes pajeets are Asian

All I see is one European, and the rest are North Americans.

Only upper left and upper center are watched by children

Gen alpha is only gonna care about the frenchie ladybug. Most kids just play fortnite.

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>Taiwanese American
Why would you specify what part of China she's from?

It’s a different country you CCPrick


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even if you don't like it, in less than 20 years it will be china

Funny how the white was the one we all assume is a lady-boy and not the thai girl. Truly racism is dead.

how do i find a chinese gf bros, i live in cali

China Town might be a good place to start.

>thinking Gen Alpha won’t be the Gen that fully embraces furries

Almost entirely white and asian demo.


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In the canceled can where she belongs.

This generation will have yellow fever.
When it happens, that is the time I will strike.

Taiwan is mostly Filipino immigrants. Have fun

Luz would be a way more interesting/fun person than Anne or most others on the pic

Good news, The Philippines (Fusong) is also a Chinese colony.

Yellow fever has happened in every generation user

you mean the ROC?

The only one who looks semi decent physically is Mary Sue Marinette and her show is shit because of her, her personality is annoying stupid shit combined with being a stalker who no one calls out on being a stalker.

Anyway I feel sorry for the new generation of masturbators. In general westerners don't like to create attractive females because sadly idiot westerners believe in women's rights, but after Adventure Time female characters truly got even MORE hideous. Any bloke who says that noodle arm stick figure doodles like from Adventure Time are hot does not deserve their cock and balls. And don't bother saying Infinity Shit and Amphibia Trash and Owl Shit. God awful cartoons with ugly featureless females.

t. Fat Retarded Weeb

Westerners know porn artists will just do whatever they want, Hollywood knows porn will be an inevitably so why do all the work yourself? that's called capitalism babee

There will be excessive yellow fever.

she is pretty great

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Nah kids don’t really watch any of those, if anything their waifus will come from vidja or anime

Back in my day, the waifus used to have their coats of colored pastel colours, manes and walked on all fours

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I mean, there's a new generation getting released right now, you can go and jerk it to the new horses if you want to.

Chinese waifu, you say?

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She doesn't fit OP's asian b8 pic.

Sounds good I love Asian girls

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Where's the streak?

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For your consideration.

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I would much rather see Asians than blacks

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Glad we're past this fad.

My girl MaiSu being forgotten.

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+20 Social Credits

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Based pale Irish men laying pipe and producing hapa waifus.

OneyNG will date an asain chick and dab on that girl he dated for a while

Marcy is Taiwanese? When did they say that?

none of these are molly

>These will be the waifus of the new generation
No, trannies thankfully won't procreate


Asian female protagonists:
>Molly McGee
>Turning Red
>Three Bare Bears
>Juniper Lee

Asian male protagonists:
>American Faggot:Jake Long
>Fag Hero 6
>Infinity ManTrain

Why is the Asian American female view privileged more than the male one? Is Josh Luna right?

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What about him?

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Not in the show, obviously. Can anger the China-lords.

ugly girls are the new beautiful girls

Cant do that without risking a World War

Everyone in his show is a gook, doesn't count

>Is Joshua Luna right
No Luna is a pathetic ricecel who fucked up his chances of making it in the comic book industry and who constantly whines about Asian chicks not wanting to suck his dick

Left is ugly and low iq

no they wont kys

Love this bitch and her sexy feet

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Yeah, that's what I figured.

The Canadian race must be culled