Female Comic Book Creators

Who are your favorite female comic book writers and/or artists? I have been reading Monstress by Marjorie Liu and really enjoying it and as for artists it'd have to be Amanda Conner

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Shary Flenniken of TROTS AND BONNIE.

Then Ramona Fradon, Marie Severin,

Ann Nocenti was really good back in the late '80s. Legitimately weird chick, though.

for me its Joelle Jones

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Didn't she end up as a film critic? She's been a speaker at the Woodstock Film Festival a few times,

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Yeah, she's a film critic and journalist now who only occasionally veers into comics. She's a pretty fierce marijuana advocate as well.

Hah, living the dream, Getting high, going to movies and getting paid to say what you thought of them,

Femoids can't make good comics.

>thinly veiled excuse to post chicks in the comic book industry you think are hot
I can't tell if you're based or cringe, OP.

BUZZZER, Sorry, wrong answer, Read TROTS AND BONNIE or Fradon's Aquaman or Metamorpho, or anything by Marie Severin (her funny art was the best) Get some history in your reading

Plenty of homely women we can post, too.

>Great art, absolutely shity story
What a waste

Hagio Moto
Hayashida Q
Haruko Ichikawa
Yamashita Tomoko

manga > comics

Sozomaika's covers are great

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Geronimo Stilton creator.

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>Geronimo Stilton
never heard of it . tell me more

Somebody here a while ago too said that she's a libertarian that veers into borderline-sovreign citizen tier shit but also at the same time a practising Catholic? I dunno man, like the other user says, she comes off as a bit of a weirdo.

Marie Severin cover.

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damn she's cute

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Wow. Sounds like she would be interesting but dangerous to know! I'd like a video of her arguing with a traffic cop why he has no authority over her,

We just posting the ones we wanna fuck?

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the buff lady who did this

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Which one's which?

Catholic background for sure (like 99% of Italians), but she doesn't sound like she kept it up.

Here's an interesting interview with a Priest where she talks about it a bit.



no. I'm genuinely asking which women in comics whose writing or art you enjoy. For example I'm a big Mike Allred fan and his wife Laura Allred colors most of his art. I love thier style and its great to see a husband and wife comic team

At least they're not 12 like most of the objects of lust on this board.

Amanda Conner
Colleen Doran

Why are you here?

DAYUM female comic book artists look like THAT?!

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Thanks! I've seen her name on fliers for that film festival, and Woodstock's ten miles from my house. But the films sound like long long Czech snoozefests about two old men playing checkers the whole time, so I haven't gone.

Tracy Butler, creator of Lackadaisy

people on here hate Gail Simone but I think she's ok

Hack fraud tracing art

i enjoyed her secret six

Evan Stanley

dem ceps
dose lats

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Future feminist Underground artist Trina Robbins WAY back in 1959

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I think there is a category of creators who made something people liked, like I don't mind her Secret Six, but then used up any good will they had a long time ago to keep churning out work. But these people often illicit a strong reaction. Like I've heard people say they enjoyed Johns JSA but then people really hate Johns too.

are there even any pictures of Sana Takeda ?

dat gizzard,


She’s so fucking cute.

Ann Nocenti, Weezy Simonson, Jen Bartel, Joelle Jones, Emma Rios, Tula Lotay, Elsa Charretier, Ema Lupacchino

That’s just off my head I’m sure I’m forgetting people. And this is mostly people working now


I might have this labelled wrong, let me check.

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>the virgin asian
>the chad asian-american

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I was legit amazed to learn she designed Vampirella's costume. She also did a great retro Wonder Woman limited series, though she probably sees it as selling out.

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June Tarpe Millls, 1940s writer.artist of MISS FURY

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Cannot believe I forgot Babs Tarr

I almost like her art but not quite. It's so stylized and lightweight, nothing seems to have any substance. But her page design and sense of storytelling is fine,. She did an underground about a catwoman Panthea who had a human mother and an actual lion for a father. (Seriously)

who did mother panic? i kinda enjoyed it

>mother panic
Jody Houser

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Lynn Varley, Frank Miller's ex-wife was also the colourist on a lot of his classic work. She's a monster on stuff like Ronin and Elektra Lives Again - though the less said about her use of digital colouring on The Dark Knight Strikes Back, the better.

isn't she mad sexy

Colleen Doran has grown immeasurably but I dismissed her art for years because everything seemed to float weightlessly. And because she drew men as women with wispy mustaches. But her current work on that Norse Myths book is really excellent

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A mouse newspaper editor publisher who goes on random crazy adventures with his sister, nephew and cousin.
It was originally a childrens book series on a different reading level m, but it has been adapted into graphic novels and cartoons.

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will we ever find out what Gurihiru looks like ?

>Emma Rios

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The late great Marie Severin! Colorist at EC for some of the best comics ever printed, colorist and artist at Silver Age Marvel. Her pencils, inked by her brother John Severin, are classic.

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Tove Jansson
Dorohedoro is shite.
>Lynn Varley
Her as well.

Ema Lupacchino

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>Dorohedoro is shite.
fuck you m8

We do

I swear, if they look like twin Gwenpooles...!

wow I am disappoint

I remember Marjorie Liu enjoyed a small stint of fame and recognition around here when she was writing that Daken series around the Dark Avengers story arc.

That was 13 years ago.

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>Legitimately weird chick, though.

I have a crush on her so yes

I was fond of Underground artist Michele Brand's goofy fun, She was married to Bernie Wrightson, no idea what the story was there,

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Minna Sundberg and Ashley Cope are two of the best webcomic creators out there.

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