He really looks good in that outfit.

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Is that a dildo?

No, laser lipstick.

Shezow is Canadian.

It's both, it was a joint production.

It has a great combination of things going on. The thigh high boot heels are pretty killer.

The pink leopard print is a nice touch too.

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Absolutely. The leopard print does a great job of giving the whole outfit a unique flair.

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It probably could be used as one.

I wouldn't be surprised if it has a hidden function for it.

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It would be more of a surprise if it didn't have that and probably other similar functions.

Why is he holding a dildo?

I choose to believe he is Australian. Its funnier to me.

Why wouldn't he be holding one?

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Guy is impeccably dressed

I want to fondle his bulge

>1 season Australian flash cartoon made in 2012 with a budget found under the couch pillow
>show makes it clear the main character is unhappy with having to crossdress
>still gets weird creepy pedofans

>show makes it clear the main character is unhappy with having to crossdress
He gets more comfortable with it.

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The issue is that he's holding it with the wrong part of his body.

Is that what happens if you crossdress long enough?

You seem confused. If he actually enjoyed it, no one would care about the show.

So....why have said male character be forced to crossdress?
That's part of what gets the creepy males and females off.
It's the little boy being forced to wear girls clothes and do that shit and the subtle slow brainwashing and gaslighting to make him not only enjoy it but think it's great and heroic.

It's intended purpose is clear as day and even though it had a ton of hate from the kangrooniggers and apparently no viewers it was kept on the air for longer then anyone outside of the perverts at that network wanted.

i just like his design

The way he reacts here is very cute.

what vidya is he playing?

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looks like monster hunter

i'm not gay


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Me, knowing that Liquidmark will probably be on the Thread...

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Soul Sacrifice?

Funny that you ask, because it just so happens to be the sponsor of this video: Raid! Shadow Legends!

Bless him

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>Implying that forced feminization isn't a fetish

That peeking ballbulge...

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Gravity rush

What is Guys Saber Style?

That's one tight coinpurse

Come up with a plot for an episode

Shezow is invited to a beauty pageant.

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>Guy brandishes the laser
>notices an unseen button and presses it
>Begins visibly vibrating
>Flustered, quickly turns it off

>SheZow doing a RSL sponsorship
lmao I want it


I love that this is all the show's legacy consists of.

Don't forget all the puns.

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probably just watching sissy hypno
from his looks that happens frequently

what the fuck else would there be to remember? it was premised on crossdressing (albeit comedically) from the start
Hell, just look at the earlier iterations where it was even more crude

>Later, goes into the she-lair by himself to do some experimenting.

It wasn't exactly an expensive production.

Not that Yea Forums is complaining.

>Hell, just look at the earlier iterations where it was even more crude
which one are you referring to?

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>Guy is best boy and best girl

Yes he is.

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i can live with that

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>If you get past the animation, writing, and voice acting, it's pretty good!


Who are you quoting?

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