South Park: Is Kyle comfy?

Which Kyle do you prefer, old or new?

Sure the old one was less annoying and provided us great gags like pic rel, but him and Stans personalities weren't as distinguishable.
New Kyle certainly has a more unique personality, but i think most everyone can agree his moralfagging is annoying, or at least is often over-the-top.
Was providing us with an extremely moral member of the group (at least compared to the rest) a good idea, or do you think they should have kept the kids all a bit more uhh rambunctious, and had kept adult characters or just other side character kids to be the moral guides?
Personally I think it was nice to have a foil for Cartman, but i think they actually took both of their personalities too far. Just as Cartmans evil has seemingly toned down a bit in the recent season(s), I hope they bring back some Kyle quirks like Kick The Baby with a bit more childishness from him rather than him being a clone of his bitch mom

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Nu-Kyle is basically the male version of Lisa Simpsons

Yeah idc if he becomes a whiney bitch, hell I'm fine with it. I just wish they kept some of his old jokes going like "I learned something today" and "kick the baby"

>him and Stans personalities weren't as distinguishable.
I think this works better because you can explore conflicts in greater detail if the two characters who disagree about something usually are in agreement and think similarly otherwise.
Characters with wider differences represent broad groups worth of politics but you also need the "we agree 95%, now here's my 5%" characters

Kyle's at his best when he's a hotheaded, violent, mouthy kid. You can be (largely) moral but early Kyle was 100% high-energy, this distinguished him from Stan pretty well.
Cartman's at his best when he's a lazy asshole that has a lot of socially unacceptable views he proudly states, but almost instantly gets his comeuppance through threat of violence and never gets to act on his views or mastermind elaborate vengeance plots.
Stan's at his best when he's a clear mixture of the above two, with his own traits to make him unique. When he has his moral, everyday faults, but enough of a conscience and conviction to stand up for whatever he believes is right.
Kenny's at his best when, uh... um. pervert

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Fair. Like I said, it is nice that he's more distinguishable. But i do love the kick the baby joke, which doesn't seem like something mr lisa simpson- i mean Kyle would really do at this point. Tough decision if i had to choose one way or another.
That's a good point actually. It certainly is a lot more notable and memorable when Kyle and Stan disagree on something, compared to Kyle and Cartman bickering on every little thing every fucking episode for example.

How come the blonde shotas are all best boys

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it sure does seem to be the case doesnt it

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any kahl is good kahl

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I raise you this
Good night fren. patpatpat

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>You guys gonna make out, Kenny?

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uoooh soft diabetic tummy want to pinch..

I think I could tolerate the moral Kyle a bit more if it weren't for the fact that his ENTIRE personality seems to revolve around Cartman. Seriously, his only role in the show from s10 onwards seems to be to point out when Cartman is being offensive all the fucking time.
Every episode seems to go like this:
>Cartman: You guys *insert either a really immoral plan he's about to carry out or an extremely offensive statement."
>Kyle: Cartman you fat fuck *points out why Cartman sucks in this scene as though that wasn't obvious to us*
>Cartman: Well fuck you Kyle you dumb Jew.
Even if he hated Cartman in the older seasons, at least his personality wasn't just centred around him.

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>his ENTIRE personality seems to revolve around Cartman.
Yes, Kyle is obsessed with Cartman

And Cartman is obsessed with Kyle

I wonder why this could be? Hmmm

too bad they all turned out to be ugly adults

speak for yourself
I would suck Uncle Kenny until his foreskin came clean off

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Most people are ugly as adults. Cuteness is a childhood defense mechanism to make adults instinctively want to care for the child. Other non-cute traits are more important for survival after reaching maturity from an evolutionary standpoint. The same applies to pretty much any mammal species.

screw you guys, I'm going to bed

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oh my god, they killed cartman!

uoooooh wet sloppy desperate diabetic kisses

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Kyle has always been the worst person in the main 4. He was violent towards his brother, spearheaded the bullying of Cartman that led him to start lashing out at others and wrote a school paper wishing poor people were sent to concentration camps with full sincerity.
I despise Kyle.

but he cute

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No he's not. He's one of the ugliest kids. He wanted to burn the whole school to the ground.

It's revealed in the episode that the list where the girls ranked the boys' looks was forged and kyle wasn't actually the ugliest.

Few people manage to look at 50 user

*look good

nah mate the artstyle just ugli
theyre not conventionally unattractive as people
theyre fuckin clapped as characters

Apparently people ship craig and kenny. Why?

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I dunno. Maybe the self insert as one of them and like the other. Maybe they like both characters so decided to put them together even if it didn't make sense. Isn't that how it usually is with random ships like this?

I figured something like that at first but the tag has a surpsiing amount of (actually decent) content.
Maybe its one of those things like bunny where they interacted like once and some girl decided to autistically obsess over it. And then it spread from that.
No hate to bunny or.. "crenny" fags kek, i just dont get it

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well yeah, south park has a very silly artstyle so it's no wonder it doesn't have too many attractive characters aside from those few that are meant to be hot like Ms. Ellen
The only legit reason I can think of is because both are very popular characters in the fandom. It's a shit tier pairing anyway and its shippers are weirdly condescending despite this being a crack ship.

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> shippers are weirdly condescending
Go figure. Well i hadnt even heard of it till i saw that tweet. Some of the art is good though, like i said.

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Eh craig just like blonde twinks, thats my theory

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Do Craig and Kenny have an episode together? I remember a Craig and Tweek episode (Tweek vs Craig) and a Butters and Kenny episode (Going Native) but I can't remember a Craig and Kenny one off the top of my head.

Ahh i googled it. Apparently in Super Fun Time Kenny chose Craig as a partner. Background and holding is enough to make a ship sail i guess.

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Where do you guys get your ideas from? I want to commision some stuff for Stan, but I'm drawing a blank at what he might need.

Crennyfags are eternally butthurt because Creek and Bunny are way more popular ships plus Creek basically being the only ship in SP that's as close to canon as possible.

>what he might need
a decent father figure?

>that's as close to canon as possible.
Bro, it's literally canon.

Ask a Crennyfag and they'd argue that.

For what its worth I agree with you that its Canon

See the thing is I don't care what crennyfags think because their opinion is worthless. Also can we stop talking about it.

Now that I'm awake, I better check on the previous thread to see if that drawfag has finished my Liane and Cartman request. Oh I'm so excited I wonder what's it gonna be lik-
>pic related
Hey drawfag. Fuck you. No seriously dude fuck you.

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Holy fucking entitled, batman
Lianefags are truly bottom of the barrel

cookie monster

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>what he might need
better fans lmao

Based trips
Ike's so fucking cool

no user, the artstyle has gotten worse
it used to be nice n simplistic and complimented every part of itself. characters like say, ned or chef or the mayor... may not be conventionally attractive, but their chara design is charming and lovely
now they feel the need to make them all big headed and overly detailed and it actively ruins the look of the show

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[walks into twead]

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He was always the moral fag.. I miss their extremely edgy humor though. I guess they "grew up".

God, i know you or someone else has drawn it already but nathan really does look like the embodiment of that smug knife cat meme

several people AND me have, for that exact reason

just one more reason who i love him so much

This is giving me diabetes

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Why do people in the YouTube comments section under South Park clips piss me off so much? I know that YT commentors in general are annoying as fuck, but for some reason, South Park YT commentors piss me off even more than usual. There's just something about them that makes me seethe like hell.

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because you're upset the show's fanbase isn't as cool as you

>I know that YT commentors in general are annoying as fuck
clearly you dont, so let me reiterate: YT commentors are annoying as fuck

its a stage for 12 y/os and irrelevant people to try and one up eachother in unfunny comedy and clout seeking, theyre no longer used for discussion or feedback, theyre more like the peasent seating at every play

you ignore em

>most of the comments is seething at Cartman
I wonder

is there like a youtube-comments drinking game? and if not, can we make one?
i nominate shots such as

>"[moment from the video]"
>"me when mom makes me do chore"

>"[moment from the video]"
>"me: oh, uhm... O_O"


>"all the dislikes are from [some antagonist character relevant to the video topic]"

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ignore negativity

post beans

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Why exactly are they pissing you off?

>the male version of Lisa Simpsons
app one of the reasons Lisa is like that is thru direct interference by her own v/a (turns out female v/as, esp focal ones, are some of the most notoriously difficult people in the industry to work with, too, for some reason. this is hardly the case with any other role, not writers, not storyboarders, not animators.... something about voice acting just brings out the cunt in some people)
i wonder if Kyle is the way he is for similar reasons, despite being voices by Matt, he clearly takes much more after Trey than his bf... is this Trey adopting Kyle and turning him into a moralfag solely to mirror his own opinions, or is he doing so to, by extension, flatter Matt?

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>Butters is so excited he pulls Kenny into a kiss out of passion

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Kyle became the moralfag instead of Stan because Kyle is Jewish and Cartman is anti semetic. There is nothing really about Stan that Cartman hates, unlike with Kyle and Kenny who he hates and rips on for being Jewish and poor. Kenny can't be the moralfag because you can't hear him complain about things well enough, so it naturally went to Kyle. Originally Cartman seemed to hate Kenny the most out of his friends in the first few seasons, but it switched to Kyle because they were able to have a stronger back and forth. Now they are diametrically opposed, Cartman being anti moral meant that Kyle had to be pro moral.

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Which episode is this from?


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