MCU: Molestation Cinematic Universe thread

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Surprised you didn't begin with the webm.

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ehhhhh I think the subject could have stood to breath a minute
you ought to have at least linked the vid

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i'm more of an SCU kinda guy

Are young girls really this easy to molest? For as on-edge, catty, and WOMEN STRONK as girls tend to be, I'm surprised she didn't freak out and scream and claw at his face.

So which My Life is Worth Living ep is your guys’ favorite?

I think mine is the one where the girl tries to kill herself via overdose.

Reminder Noah and Raquelle fuck

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>tfw you’ll never be molested

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Post address and maybe some anonymous benefactor could help you with that.

>Are young girls really this easy to molest?
>give one a basketball so her hands are pre-occupied
>grope her ass
>she can't do shit or else she'll drop the ball
It really is that fucking easy.

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you realize when you get molested its not gonna be a hot older woman, its gonna be a fat middle aged bitch with cigarette breath

This reminds me of that short film about the black son rapes his dad lmao

its like the first-punch effect
when it happens it takes you a little bit to get over the shock and realize whats happening

It seems to be the common narrative that it’s normal to freeze up. It’s gotta be scary to try to fight back against somebody that is so physically bigger and stronger, and it’s even more complicated when they are an authority figure that you are used to complying with.

senor burn victim for me

That kid was the edgiest, but I guess he also kinda had a right to be.

I felt fucking robbed that his nub was always carefully hidden or positioned just off screen.

Your plan is almost perfect: you should also put superglue on the basketball so she can't let go of it.

Why do they keep making the molesters attractive people in these videos?

that film was fucked

If I superglue the ball wouldn't my hands get stuck first? Then I won't be able to molest as effectively, buddy.

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theyre cartoon characters user. you fill in the blanks
also uncle steve wasnt that hot

They're just keeping it real.

Bug eyed Kent Mansley coach is not hot.

>just the tip

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Does anyone remember the other psa series with furry bird people and bad puns?

remind to everyone to watch My Life is Worth Living, its basically a continuation done by the same people

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Did he bleach her or something? I don't feel like watching this lel

And this is anti-molestation?

When I was a teen a friends sister whispered “can I see your dick?” to me while we were all outside goofing around. I was like “whut?”

Another time I was on the subway when it was crowded and a blonde chick in a dress suit ground her ass all up in my crotch and I was trying to pretend that nothing happened. When something freaky and unexpected like that happens out of the blue, it takes time to process.

if you dont wanna watch that one, they have other episodes too. Here is the whole series, each episode is like 20 mins so theres alot more character development

Pretty much.
>intern for some paid police program
>everyone is college-aged
>supervisor looks like Roz from Monsters Inc
>would always call the guys alone into her office
>lets the guys get away with anything, don't even have to clock in some days
>rubs my shoulders and chest when she wanted to talk to me in her office once
>literally a week later she gets fired because the girls got pissed that she was giving us better treatment

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I wanna see the one in OP's

saved by female entitlement

If that is some kinda slang for a white man raping an underage black girl, then yes. Her stepfather bleached her.

Anti, pro- It’s whatever you want it to be.

ah, based here

Sweet thanks

>he hasn't developed his feet to be prehensile

Why is it I used to feel and act this way around my parents’ romantic interests even though I never got bad touched?

I'm convinced these are made by someone with a molestation fetish that is getting paid to create his own fap material.

Yea Forums has a pedophilia problem.

Molest with my feet while my hands are glued to the ball....YOU'RE A GENIUS

Is "just the tip" something real, or is a meme? Because I can't imagine anyone being that naïve.

More like Yea Forums has a pedophilia solution!

>mfw your star student you helped unlock their potential tells you to stop touching them

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Nah, I'm pretty sure it's been figured out

I think it sounds kinda hot.

To show children that not every abuser is obvious. Often, it's the people you never expect. the child herself?

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Welcome to Yea Forums!

Yea Forums is 2 blocks down, my guy.

Damn abusive children, trying to get innocent adult men in trouble

They have at least two eps about peer on peer abuse, yes. They didn’t have the balls to make an aggressor female outside of the groomer ep, though.

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Well, if the shorts (I never watch any, btw, so tell me if this is true) show the main character as the one abusing, then yeah. But even so, if the child is attempting things with the adult, the adult can stop it.

Dunno if it’s my fave, but I kinda want a gif or webm of the alcoholic kid beefing it at the soccer game. Maybe a cringe compilation of his drunk party exploits too. I dunno how to make that sorta thing myself, though.

what the fuck did you just show me ?

No wait. It was three. I always forget about Willow and that fuckawful house party she didn’t even want to go to.

Welcome to the MCU.