A zoomer friend of mine said zoomer girls would be less likely to cat-call boys like this because zoomers are...

A zoomer friend of mine said zoomer girls would be less likely to cat-call boys like this because zoomers are progressive. And millennials are repressed and not in touch with emotions?

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>and neither do boys
Well SOMEONE's not in touch with emotions.

Considering this movie takes place in 2002, these girls aren’t Zommers

Exactly, my zoomer friend thought of this movie as a time capsule

Last paragraph kind of has a point. Feminists love toxic masculine behavior as long as it’s women doing it.

Well... no one speaks for everyone. I was a jaded asshole from the ages of 12 to 17 and I wouldn't want anyone trying to get my attention for any reason that wasn't strictly necessary

Yeah it was cringe but I had a lot of issues.

Anyone got those feminist blogs where they decry sexism in one article and rate the "best bulges" of male athletes in the Olympics in another?

Zoomers are just gay millenials.

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No but I bet they turn you on.

>and neither do boys
Fucking dumb slut ruining shit for me

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>zoomers are progressive.
Not really. Depends on the parents.

no one is this autistic while playing a game, boy or girl

That's just Zoomers flattering themselves. They're no better than the generations before them. Each generation thinks they know everything and can change the world. At first.

Recorded from life on Twitch. Not Pokimane, though.

Cat calling is so talked about that it's unlikely someone under 30 years old will be found doing it. It's considered the same as sexually assaulting a woman, so people definitely don't want to do it.

I can't wait for the day when online discourse turns on millenials en masse. "Fucking millenials ruined our lives, can't wait for them all to die!"

God this is why I hate women in gaming. Just leave me alone you retards I'm not gonna fuck you.

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I'd tell her that zoomer girls tend to be gay so of course they wouldn't cat call “boys”

That already happend kinda. Theres like two articles about how "boomers and zoomers agree they hate millennials!". I don't know why people care about this generation bullshit normalfags are retarded no matter the gen.

Especially if they're fags

I saw a girl get cat called in highschool. The boys who did it were laughing at her reaction. Only time I ever saw that happen. Have any of you ever seen cat calling in school when growing up?
>t. 2001 zoomer

They day already happened most zoomers hate millenials and most boomers hate millenial. Thanks to covid more Boomers use the internet so yeah that's a lot of Hate. GenX dosen't count because they're nihilists they care about nothing lebowski.

Not in school, but a girl in high school had a story of a guy tailing her with his car and trying to speak to her. Not sure if that's cat calling or just plain creepy.
Mostly if they're fags.

I think the zoomer discourse about Millennials is that they like Harry potter/are womenchildren/manchildren etc etc

>I don't know why people care about this generation bullshit
Aside from the actual baby boom, nobody even agrees when generations begin or end. It's basically astrology for marketers and journalists.

Ironic since everything zoomers like is just a gayer version of millenial culture.

Hmm nah honestly never actually saw something that was quite like OP ... but it still felt like a real moment. (And I am a autistic so it bothers me)

I've had some weird girl ask to feel my muscles tho... dunno what I would have thought if it was a girl I thought was pretty. That was 5th grade

>t. 1994 Millennial

They just are ashamed their older siblings aren't rich yet

>born in 1996
>exist in a strange limbo between millenial and zoomer
>disliked by both generations
Feels weird

If you remember 9/11 happening, you're millennial

I'd say 1997 is the year of the proto-zoomer.
>t. has two siblings, one born in '97 and one in '95

This. It is like when you watch a movie from the 70s-80s and everyone is having sex with everyone. It is extremely unrealistic nowadays, but that is because promiscuity was the trend before AIDS and televangelists. And now post 2010s it is just extremely rare due to the rise of nufeminism and internet porn. A good 30% of zoomer males and 10% of females will probably die virgins. Probably 75% of the Western ones probably wont have kids.

I don't know how generations work, I just hate everyone older or younger than me.


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13% of Zoomers are "bisexual" But most of them will never get into a relationship with another person of the same sex.

Gen X mentality there.

What if you were asleep?

then you're a fucking BABY

>most boomers hate millenial
Most boomers use millennial to describe anybody from gen x through gen z.

why can't women actually be like this

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this was set in the early 2000's, retard

The generations are more alike than any of them want to admit. They go through the same cycle.

That's all you need, then, And they hate you, too.

Yes, because that's how math works, not because of whatever retarded conspiracy of lies you think people dreamed up to fit your narrative. Bisexuals overwhelmingly have heterosexual relationships because that's where the overwhelming majority of potential partners are and there's no ideological disapproval to worry about.

I remember my mom crying that afternoon, but don't remember leaving school or anything else that day.
>t. 95

Yeah exactly which is why my zoomer friend thought it was typical millennial behavior

All I remember is some other teacher came into the room and said something about planes hitting towers and not sure if accident or not.

Also remember the constant media coverage

Ok more accurately the zoomer friend said:

>"I mean I don't think catcalling is a good thing to do but I do think it's what a young teen in 2002 might do"

>"Idk I think there's definitely different conversations being had with kids about how to express feelings"

Which is maybe true... there is a different way of what zoomers are taught, probably

Ive seen them do it constantly.

zoomers would never talk about their classmates this way. however the things they say they'd do to fictional characters and/or movie stars would make a 50s construction worker tell them to dial it back

Because they have options.

>zoomers would never talk about their classmates this way
that's just wrong, user.

There are plenty of girls like this, they're just not cute.

The would really depend on what subculture (race) they're apart of. Youre probably not going to see it in Vermont but you'll probably see it in Philly or New York or whatever the cheat parts of southern California are

You literally just agreed with what he said yet still felt the need to essentially call him retarded. Why?

I don't think I'd cat call a guy. Though my taste in men is either glasses nerd or Asian business man so not much to call there other than saying nice glasses.

I got cat called a few times as a teen, and honestly I took the compliments. Mine were just whistles or honks though not something like tv shows of "nice ass" or shit like that. I honestly think the women complain about it are either very pretty women who get it all the time and are tired of it, and ones who would never get called so they want it banned.
Being in the middle, as long as it's tasteful I don't care, but tell me to smile and that's a different story. That one bugs the shit out of me and has since I was 8.

Panini was legit creepy

This movie takes place in the early 2000s.

women catcalling is unrealistic in the first place
the vast majority of women are super passive

You're barely literate