Pretty based

Pretty based.

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Is he making another insult about inflation while not understanding it?

Right ear

No he's just out of ideas and is waiting for the next internet controversy to make a comic on

Yeah but can nfts do THIS?!

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didn't he made millions from nfts, why does he still doing comics even

>waiting for the next internet controversy to make a comic on
Isn't it Disney's full of child groomers?

This is the most half-baked defense of NFTs I've ever heard. Does he actually think paper money is backed by nothing?
Also, monkey's ear.

What about the right ear?

love how "grooming" now means "taking away money from their gop lobbyists"

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it's sus

>right click

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Erm... Printing money is illegal desu.



He's pointing out that art is over-valued as fuck

I thought the screen was going to go black and then "Groomer" would appear in white letters, with the lamp light being one of the O's. A little disappointed that's not how it played out.

Put down the fucking fork, lardass.
Everyone else, report the OP for spamming and ban evading.

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>yes, Keep the pressure on Disney for hiring Groomers. Ignore the fact that 3 of our states senators and congressmen are being investigated for being pedophiles

Don't you mean....She?

I love your commitment to activism on Yea Forums

paper money is backed by gold, what are NFTs backed by

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>paper money is backed by gold


USD hasn't been gold backed for a while. It is however backed by the US govt

What's the difference between child grooming and pedophilia?

new toss?

the government at least has some semblance of power, NFTs hold roughly the same worth as chuck e. cheese tickets


Why does anyone thing Stonetoss talking about NFTs is anything but cynical and self-interested? Stonetoss has MADE NFTs and they have made him a lot of money. He doesn't care if they're sustainable, good for the environment, competently made, anything like that. He just cares that they have made him a lot of cash, and may continue to do so.

>it's just a coincidence bro it has nothing to do with the bribes I mean donations stopping
washington was right, party politics breaks peoples brains

Buddy I have terrible news about the Rpeublican Party for you

>paper money is backed by gold
You are cattle.


>Stonetoss has MADE NFTs and they have made him a lot of money.
Did it? Most self-proclaimed NFT millionaires look like they still live in their parent's basement

The thing is that he already has all his money from selling flurks. He isn't currently selling more flurks. So yeah, he probably like them because they made him a millionaire, but it's not like he's currently trying to sell you anything.

>mfw I don't even read the comic anymore I just immediately start looking for the amogus
Fucking shoot me.

Not yet.

flint flicker

Why is this always the groomer response?
>"This company has a problem with groomers."
This is not how normal people respond.

>Who is Dennis Hastert

god, i really want to fuck those stick figures

Mad that the new buzzword ain't catchi g on, aren't ya user. You can't field dudes like Roy Moore and then scream groomer at everybody not towing the fat facebookloving conservative line.

I've met Stonetoss. She's Black.

it's not unrelated to point out that the people shouting groomer the loudest are protecting pedophiles within their own party.

No, Stonetoss is Schmorky's comeback project

>Mad that the new buzzword ain't catchi g on

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the blockchain

Hecking disneyino took a tumble in their stock prices so C-tier marvelino movies might be in jeopardy, it's literally just the consoomer cult lashing out

yeah it's completely unrelated to the donations that stopped right before the accusations started

Well that, and he's currently shilling somebody's NFT line, and roughly 100% of banners on his site are NFT ads. He had his own line of NFTs, in case someone wanted to spend 80k on a image of a Stonetoss humanoid. Makes me wonder if he made enough cash to be able to financially support himself for the rest of his life and just still makes comics to appeal to his niche and piss others off, or if the margins were so thin that he still needs to do what he does.

Do you even know what's causing inflation or are you one of those retards that thinks it's Putin's fault?

>Pedophilia = wanting to have sex with a kid
>Child grooming: a very specific act of attempting to coerce a child into having sex

I love your commitment to activism on Yea Forums

Watch and learn, mate.

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ok groomer

this place is a pozzed shithole

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Something about the federal reserve and corporate bail outs, and/or shoddy budgeting? That's what I think of off the top of my head, though if there are other reasons I'd be down to learn

Yea Forums is full of unironic pedophiles. If they don't attempt to bring others to their level than they have to admit they have a problem.

>Yea Forums is full of unironic pedophiles
>think of the pixels
Ok Anita

I do not love your commitment to grooming children

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>every other board has stonetoss threads
>the only board that deletes them is the board for comics
Yea Forums really is just a reddit colony

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tranny comic

>"stonetoss thread"
>nobody is posting stonetoss

Seriously do any Republicans remember Moore or Hastert or Trump or

>Yea Forums really is just a reddit colony

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>words words words

>every other board shits on Lainey
>Yea Forums simps for her roastbeef

NFTs are still a thing? I thought scammers lost interest in those when the "early adopter" retards ran out of money.

I still don't give a shit what cunts on twitter are doing

ok groomer

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kill yourself tourist

Aw, look who's upset at having to remember history. Its okay user, we can get through this together. Just breathe in a bag. Preferably a plastic one.

Why is this always the groomer response?
>"This company has a problem with groomers."
This is not how normal people respond.

Yea Forums
>no, we're not pedophiles
also Yea Forums

they've run out of bigger idiots, and are desperately trying to recruit more


Also applies to everyone parroting the DeSantis spox lines

Damn she has two LGBTQIA2S+ kids?

What're the odds of that?

That's because this isn't grooming. At worst it's indoctrination. Grooming is a specific act but keep destroying the word so it's meaningless.

>unironically posting Babylon Bee
Plaease tell me you're not this retarded, user

Nah, I say let them keep going. It just gives the Left an opportunity to keep remind them about Dennis Hastert, Roy Moore, et al

>every other board has stonetoss threads
No they don't, mongo
Unless you're talking about Yea Forums, the board that has 3 concurrent blacked threads at any given time; or Yea Forums. Neither of these set standards of moderation

They got their twitter account suspended for making fun of that tranny in Biden's cabinet
Musk just took them back
Pretty based

I know you can't differentiate fiction from reality because of your parents being siblings but that doesn't mean everyone else is the same

Who are you quoting?

if your "leftists" freak out when one billionaire buys a website from another billionaire because they think they were the good billionaires then they're not leftists

user, it's a literal satire site

Ok groomer



Yea Forums
>no, we're not pedophiles
also Yea Forums

Any time I see news about NFTs its about how someone stole millions of dollars worth of NFT with a Right click. Doesnt seem like an optimal system.

Yeah I still don't give a shit what cunts on Twitter are doing

Its not pedophilia if its 2d

Tell me, are you in favor of censoring anime and videogames as well?

And yet they will shoot down anyone saying what Russia is doing in Ukraine since March, the US has done worldwide for decades.

The fact that you can have you NFTs stolen if you interact with an NFT with malicious code that someone gave you randomly is just fucking hilarious

If you try to right click and delete some shitty NFT a random asshole sent you, you can have your entire NFT wallet emptied

It's beautiful

Yea Forums
>no, we're not pedophiles
also Yea Forums

The groomer said, nobly tipping his fedora at another pedo thread

the right can't meme

Everyone is calling everyone a groomer I've lost track of who's arguing what at this point.

Good thread everybody, take ten points and a granola bar