I don't get it

I don't get it.

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I get it.

Amazing how the SJW left is completely transparent about wanting to censor anyone that isnt some far left activist cunt

It gets me.

"Elon Musk" means "Xenomorph." In, like, dog years.

Twitter now allows illegal aliens to post. This is bad, and we need to build a digital wall to keep them out.

Reminder; Anyone who hates Xenomorphs are xenophobes.



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Predators are angry that Aliens are allowed back on Twitter

getting banned isn't censorship. if it pisses you off that much just make a backup account.

Just make your own twitterLMAO GOTTEM

if you are ever involved in a mass murder event scream out "XENOMORPH DOG YEARS!" so i know it's you. i like you, i'll let you live.

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Alien Queen is a Disney Princess don't let anyone tell you different.

I think that user means a new account on Twitter.

Elliot is beautiful.

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Maybe just don't send a mob to the capital to kill people and break things.


I don't know what strawman you're trying to fight rn but I wish you the best of luck

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Imagine not wanting to send a mob to the capitol to kill people and break things.

Yeah, mobs are only acceptable if they're killing people and breaking things in the middle of city streets.

I prefer something that hews closer to the original

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The left can't meme

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The summer or the winter version?

Dangerously based

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>implying twitter wasn’t already a toxic wastedump

I'm actually quite surprised the left haven't called for open war against the right. They've already spun the societal narrative that anyone who identifies as right-wing is either insane, evil, or both, so why haven't they taken that next step yet

>i like getting fucked in the ass by companies
I miss when the left hated the rich elite. What the fuck happened to fuck the 1%?

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Those politicians deserved to have died, so does trump for not initiating martial law and taking the throne by force and then systematically exterminating every single SJW feminists off the face of the earth

I fucking despise the human race and americans in particular. I hate living in this timeline and in this country

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>haha you're not getting 'censored' sweaty, it's only censorship if the governmednt does it, being silenced by the oligarchy of megacorporations that own the primary means of communication in the modern world is completely different!!!

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A crummy bottle of water? Why isn't he going out to catch twitter verification?

>>i like getting fucked in the ass by companies
we're talking about a twitter ban here it literally does not matter in the grand scheme of things. You could make a new account in 2-3 minutes.
>What the fuck happened to fuck the 1%?
What you mean like Elon?

Can we all just admit that Elon Musk is clearly Chinese?

>only person that dies was an unarmed women killed by the police

haha no sweety, police killing unarmed civilians is good when it's someone we don't like uwu

Nah, he's a proud African American.

>What the fuck happened to fuck the 1%?
They like the 1% if the 1% references memes.

I think this was just an excuse for the artist to have fun drawing a xenomorph

what do you think he was banned for?

Sending unsolicited head pics.

the predators didn't like his mean tweets

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The xenomorph is a remorseless monster that’s no good to anyone but itself. I’m guessing the joke is that it seems like the worst people in online spaces always get second chances.

>The term "shitlocks" has been deemed hate speech and derogatory

i hate how this is the narrative because they didnt fucking kill anyone and the fbi plants were the one breaking the shit, which was like 2 windows and a door. It was an unarmed group of boomers that RESPECTED THE VELVET ROPES AS THEY TOURED. At least if there was mass killing of congressmen the civil war coulda started and we wouldnt be in this will they wont they hell.

You are a full combo of the degeneration of the society; your UWUs are a demonstration of your meaningless life.

>You could make a new account
In the context of people who want to be verified/are well known not really no.
Not to mention it obviously became more important to people using its influence rather than rando shitposters. Like I'm sure there was even a case in which they said politicians couldn't block others because it's a freedom of speech violation.
Twitter & social media very clearly wants all the perks of being a utility with no of the downsides.

Rightwingers are always talking about how they're getting ready to take up arms against the left. It seems like the right is the one who wants to go to war with the left, not the other way around.


very clever, user.

What are you gonna do about the 18-25 year old citizens squatting in my home town's condemned theater who are strung out on chinese fentanyl?

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Checked. I actually wish there was more honesty and the left/right just declared war on each other.
And no I’m not a CIA glowie.

>In the context of people who want to be verified/are well known not really no.
and here I thought everyone could agree that blue checkmarks don't deserve any sympathy.

>It seems like the right is the one who wants to go to war with the left, not the other way around.
Tbf the anti-2nd amendment ones will unironically say that gun owners who don’t give up their firearms should die trying via the government/police force.

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the greatest blow glowies ever did to the internet was accuse people of being glowies.

I mean there are literally tons of lefties with revolution in their name and the whole mass protests full of that rhetoric. I mean fuck the handul of idoits protesting Rittenhouse getting off were saying armed revolution was the only way to justice.
Each side has these exact type of fags saying the other side is coming for them.

If you're in that camp are you still on the side of ban happy faggots shooting down shitposters for funposting though?

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>Race swapping Esmeralda
sweaty, this is pretty problematic

Yup. They used mind tricks to sow distrust, and it’s not the first time they’ve tried mind-fucking civilians either

I'm still amazed that the first attack on the capital was somehow memoryholed. But Republicans bad, I guess.

Made me chuckle


Doubtful but go for it.

this says alot about are society

I guess it's an attempt not to be quite as bad as their opponents on the other side, which is why you don't see people chanting, "LOCK HIM UP," about Trump. Pushing for investigations and court filings is, ironically, not the same thing.

But it doesn't really matter in the end. The whole "culture war" shit is just a distraction to people 99% of the country from realizing that their true enemies are the 1% who won't be happy until they own 100%. The closest we ever got to striping a lot of the money out of politics was crushed by Citizens United. People are so upset about the free kind of speech they aren't paying attention to the speech with the money backing it up. Turns out money = speech and the ones with the most money have the loudest voice and get what they want. People are most worried about free speech on fucking twitter when all the platforms, papers, and television networks are owned by billionaires and corporations.

I really don't understand the vitriol over Musk, even before he bought Twitter. He's just another rich jackass who talks on social media too much, but people talk about him like he's some sort of diabolical villain or a monkey with a machine gun.

This isn't /pol/ fuck off, boomer.

>are you still on the side of ban happy faggots shooting down shitposters for funposting though?
no one should get banned unless they disagree with me specifically. this is the most fair system I can think of.

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