It's over before it even began for x-cels

it's over before it even began for x-cels

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Ditch laser guns for real guns
Morph gay
Shadow cat double down N bomb
Morph absorbs more babies into himself
Jean Grey purposely made Bobby gay as a joke


Why didnt anyone follow through and kill anita sarkessian before any of their feminist SJW activist shit gained any traction

It's been done before.

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Buckle your butts, it's gonna get way gayer

>comic book about stigmatized people
>people acting like this wasnt part of the original show
>writers feel like it needs to modernize the show when the original's theme are STILL relevant today
>fake fans making a huge deal about somebody being gay in an X-men comic

>gay washing is okay when Marvel does it

Unless my memory is wrong, I don't think Shadowcat appeared at all in the 90s cartoon. Jubilee seemed to replace her.

This time his claws are rainbow

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Jean and Banshee are suddenly black. Storm will have shit tier hair and an afro. Cyclops will be blind. Forge is wheelchair bound instead of having a prosthetic leg. Cable is missing a prosthetic arm.

the "modern issues" are going to be presented so badly and ham fisted though, like always

fuck off with your retarded "culture war" /pol/tard

Was anyone excited for this?
I mean, how many reboots have been any good?

why didn't they just make a modern x-men cartoon? afraid it will fail without nostalgia attached?

Spider-Man Homecoming, Dune, Twin Peaks, The Thing, The Departed, The Mummy, James Bond something, Oceans 11, Batman Begins, Mad Max, True Grit, 3:10 To Yumaha, Dredd, Shin Godzilla, The Suicide Squad etc. Most importantly X-Men: First Class and Deadpool

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How would you make an X-Men anything without nostalgia?

You first, groomer.

That doesn't make any sense, doesn't it take place in 1997? It would be a different time than the 2010s.

yeah, I guess you could do it with all new characters but what would be the point, may as well be a different property

i love how nerds minding heir own business not wanting white men bad in their cartoons is now a "culture war"

Does this mean we’ll get an autist character in it too?

>ITT: Geriatric anons angry that TV reminds them they're old

Why is it over before it's begun?

>image of clickbait article with literally no source
Kill yourself, you outragefaggotry addicted cuntnugget. Everyone else, report him for trolling.

>Why didnt anyone follow through and kill anita sarkessian before any of their feminist SJW activist shit gained any traction


You mean any example of any non-white person being better than a white male is considered white man evil in your eyes?

Why don't they just make everyone gay? Why stop at just one? Why not turn just turn them black too?

>comic book about stigmatized people
See, that is a timeless concept.
Saying you want to "modernize it" means that it's going to make a bunch of shit hamfisted references to current events that are already out of date by the time it eventually comes out.

I love how these absolute fucking losers think that the evil powerful white males that in the cartoons are them.

Like those fucking dorks are even comparable to the villains. Like the truly evil men that happen to share their skin tone think of them as anything more then low class losers and snowniggers who should be in the field along side the black brown and yellow niggers picking their cotton so they can be granted more debt.

Lurk moar

This sentiment is why i enjoy seeing videos of roasties getting raped and beheaded

>Black, gay, communist, zionists trying to genocide all of the icky humans before the humans genocide them.
I like it! It takes the subliminal and makes it explicit!

Men are women
Women are men
Trump is Satan
Kamala is God
Whites are racist
Blacks are victims
George Floyd is a hero
Thomas Jefferson is a villain
Children must learn about sex
Christians must be put in gulags

We call that SUPER LIMINAL

I hang out on this board not on the political board.

It takes one headline for you to go full schizo?

So the mutant metaphor can't be a metaphor any more?

yes, this is the only news headline that has ever existed

What if you put two people who never met each other in a pitch dark room , there's a divider between them so they can't actually touch. The other person says he's black. The other person says he's back and that the other sounds white.

Who's the racist?

OK, will do when they fuck off with their identity politics bullshit.

>Thomas Jefferson is a villain
We cannot criticize a man who rape people he owned and never acknowledge any children from them because he was a founding father?

>Who's the racist?

Deadpool reboot??


Never happened



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>series is called X-Men '94
>series is going to shit all over the 90s just like Captain Marvel did
Don't know why I'm surprised.

Wouldn't it make more sense to make a new version of the X-Men team instead of retaking the nineties cast and continuity, then?

The 90s Xmen are as iconic as the Justice League user.

I mean the Rogue and Gambit relationship was so damned influential that there were dozens of copycat Gambit type leading males running around for a while.

Modern X-men?
Nah nigga.

What? A desperate nostalgia grab might not be good? OH NOoooooooooooOOoooo

Being timeless is one thing
Being timely is another, and usually worse. Especially these days where most "creatives" focus on being timely and socially relevant over making the story good


>Spider-Man Homecoming
Ironboy, really?
Does that count as a reboot? It's trying to be closer to the books, so it would be the first faithful adaption?
>Twin Peaks
Wasn't that a continuation made by the same people?
So I guess what I'm asking is what counts as a reboot vs remake vs continuation vs different adaptation
Like, if someone wanted to make a movie based on The Hobbit and actually stuck to the books instead of doing whatever the fuck the trilogy was trying to do, I'd consider that the real adaptation, not a reboot of the trilogy movies.

>muh ironboy
not an argument especially for Homecoming where the whole point is that he proved himself beyond being Tony's fanboy

Don't worry, X-chads stopped giving D*sney money over a decade ago. Anyone still consooming Mousevel products is not an X-Men fan.

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>Does that count as a reboot? It's trying to be closer to the books, so it would be the first faithful adaption?
It's failing miserably on every front.
They even changed the worms to that...bullshit because they were worried that it would make people think about intact penises being okay/harm the child genital mutilation industry.

It really isn't though.

Disney made it easy to cut them off after they sabotaged the last two X-men films.

Because they've killed themselves?

>X-men 97
>All about 2022 topics

>Because they've killed themselves?
D*sney? Yes, they have.