She’s in

She’s in.

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So Captain Carter & an AU Captain Marvel are confirmed for the Illuminati. What leaks were they part of that can now be seen as real?


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Full cameo list that was posted last week
>Patrick Stewart as Professor X.
>Hayley Atwell as Captain Carter.
>Lashana Lynch as Captain Marvel.
>Anson Mout as Black Bolt.
>John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic.
>Charlize Theron as Clea.
>Bruce Campbell as Balder the Brave got cut.

No one fucking wants her.
Nor do they want dyke buttbaby in brown face
Nor for it to be about 99% wanda

You can tell the same "genius" behind that infamous scene in the last avengers movies and the awful disney plus debacles had a hand in this IP decimating fuck up.

>Bruce Campbell as Balder the Brave got cut.
god dammit

Why the hell would they cut Bruce Campbell of all people?!

The person who made the original thread said they gave him a different part.

Maybe he's the Doctor Strange of Raimi's universe? Forget how that'd work with the announcer in the first Spider-man.

I know it's unlikely but I'd just like to see like a little Evil Dead cameo, Bruce just showing up as Ash and Dr. Strange just needing to borrow the Necronomicon real quick for a spell or something.

How deeply underwhelming. They really blew their load with the last one, huh? People are gonna be pissed. Funny that they dug their own grave.

No Tom cruise superior ironman
No Micheal b jordan black panther
No Hela sexy ass
No Ego powered star lord


What were people actually expecting? They already knew about Professor X, and they're getting Mister Fantastic. The Tom Cruise stuff was always unbelievable.

Something good!
The only thing good in that clusterfuck of nonsense is clea charlize therone's sexy crazy ass!
I'd have preferred the younger professor x because patrick stewart is now on my eternal shitlist.
They could have just thrown an easy million and a huge chunk of scene time to intro them to the lucrative MCU at basically any star.

How about Loki? Won't he make a cameo?

>Black Bolt
Damn I hope this is true. It's probably the only way they will make it back into comic appearances before Shogun steps down

It's the show Black Bolt. You know the Inhumans show everyone either didn't watch or hated? He's gonna just wear the coat without even a crown.

In Spider-Man 4 he was gonna have a small cameo as Mysterio

If that cameo is real I hope the fans start pretending they liked that show, just like they did with the TASM movies because of Andrew Garfield being in No Way Home. Him being included almost makes me think that leak is fake, why would they bring him back of all people?

He's cheap & has no speaking role plus they can get internet clout on twitter for "accuracy" to the comic Illuminati lineup.

>wouldn't it be good if we had Black Bolt
>wait we do?


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Somebody at Marvel really loves Peggy Carter.

They should give him the head fork at least
>If that cameo is real I hope the fans start pretending they liked that show
If this happens it'll be so fucking funny to see people retroactively praising it and saying it's underrated

If the rumors are true than the Black Bolt and Reed cameos were only added in the reshoots. Probably because they realized it would be dumb to hype up an illuminati appearance while have it be 90% OCs.

I mean, can you blame them?

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No headfork allowed. This is the MCU. Only accurate costumes when it's time to make fun of them.

Correct. This person seems to have some inside knowledge.

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If they added him in reshoots, I wonder if they put him the cowl just to make fun of The Batman.

How would that be making fun of The Batman? They don't look the same and the Batman cowl looked great.

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Batman invented wearing cowls of course

Because masks are silly of course. Don't you hollywood producer anons?

As shit as that show was, Bolts actor was great, though STD is also fucking him over in the same way where he is the only good thing in it.

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But what has that got to do with Batman?

>making fun of the fork in his first appearance
At least they didn't go for the name. The most positive rumor I've herd is he and Carter are the only ones that survive Wanda killing the illuminati.

>no head tuning fork
Fuck off.

So they kill Professor X and Mister Fantastic? That doesn't sound right. I guess Professor X won't be coming back so they could kill him, seems a little mean though, but isn't there an F4 movie coming up? Maybe they'll just say this Reed was a variant and that movie will have a different one.

Apparently he will have it in the movie

>it's in the movie
Finally, at least th-
>but as a joke
... fuck it, whatever, Black Bolt is in, I don't care at this point, movies will always dog on silly shit in comics, it's not worth getting that angry over.

>classic heroes get mocked
holy based MCU undermining itself *does a backflip* EPIC!

Why is there so many Peggy haters on twitter? I'm looking forward to seeing her.

It's probably just twitter-using women who are jealous of Hayley Atwell, for reasons

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>open thumbnail
>sleep paralysis demon face
That's not a flattering photo, at all.

Jeez user, her face doesn't even look that bad there. Sure she's got a weird smile but it's hardly a nightmare

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Bruce has been doing the press rounds for Evil Dead The Game the past couple weeks and someone asked him about possibly playing Mysterio. Bruce said Raimi never asked if he'd do it, and that the storyboard the story stemmed from was just a hired concept artist having fun.

true dat

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Getting dominated by captain carter

She's most definitely not an ugly woman, but it's unflattering because her eyes are locked into yours and she's got this weird rictus smile. That's nightmarish shit if you wake up to it.
This one is better because only her top teeth are showing and she's not burning a hole in your face with her eyes.

Why wouldn't they get Gruffudd for Mister Fantastic?

They probably want to generate hype for the new F4 movie that Jon Watts is reportedly directing

>No based cruise iron man
>No Namor
>An illuminati team with any sort of captain america
>fucking black bolt whos a neat character but will be treated as literall who (deservedly) by the audience
>nothing happens in the movie at all.
>shuma gorath relegated to a random ass monster
feels good knowing i miss nothing by skipping this movie the first week and getting some sam raimi horror kino for when the cinemas at my city are fucking empty.

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Probably because normies doesn't know Balder, I'm sad because now we will never see him... I'm also happy because at least it will not be a comic relief character in a Waititi movie.

Maybe I'm misremembering if this was a rumor or a theory, but it seems like Krasinski Reed is just a variant appearing in this movie and is killed off while the main MCU Reed will be played by someone else. I might be in the minority but if this is the case then i'm glad this ascended fan cast won't be permanent.

Maybe they cut him because now he's a cameo in Love and Thunder.

You think the guy that did the original game loves this or hates this?

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Oh man
What of they get Bruce Campbell as Black Bolt?

>no Tom Cruise Ironman
I will just torrent it, thanks Disney!

I also love British tits

He probably doesn't get a single dime from it.

This movie is going to be an IP destroying dumpster fire.
I just know it.

>Bruce Campbell as Balder the Brave got cut.
If there was even a shred of me left that wanted to see tis movie, tis blown away like dust in the wind.

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I really want the new cultural phenomenon to just happen already. Imagine telling your children you watched capeshit earning billions for more than 2 decades, they'll think we were useless consumer idiots