Oh, the misery
Everybody wants to be my enemy
Spare the sympathy
Everybody wants to be
My enemy

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Tell you you're the greatest
But once you turn they hate

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Uh, look
Okay, I'm hoping that somebody pray for me
I'm praying that somebody hope for me
I'm staying where nobody 'posed to be
P-P-Posted, being a wreck of emotions
Ready to go whenever, just let me know
The road is long, so put the pedal into the floor
The enemy on my trail, my energy unavailable
I'ma tell 'em hasta luego
I know they wanna plot on my trot to the top
I've been outta shape, thinkin' out the box, I'm an astronaut
I blasted off the planet rock to cause catastrophe
And it matters more because I had it not
Had I thought about wreaking havoc on an opposition
Kinda shocking they wanted static with precision, I'm automatic
Quarterback, I ain't talkin' sacking
Pack it, pack it up, I don't panic
Batter, batter up, who the baddest?
It don't matter 'cause we at ya throat

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The other thread isn't even at bump limit, dingus

My prediction for the battle
>Darcy "Well look who it is Sasha Waybright Amphibia Savior"

Sasha "heh"

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Endgame right here brothers

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Marcy was made for suffering, it's when she's at her cutest.

Andrias is going to die saving Marcy.

Plagiarizing and serializing Marcy’s webcomics for profit while she’s gone.

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This is the new thread now everyone

Is Marcy or Anne Matt's self insert?

Marcy is his self insert, Anne is how he wishes to be. I know cause it's exactly the same with me

Look Anne I made some modifications to my crossbow, now it's a real gun. I got a real gun Anna Banana!
>Why you holding up so close to my head.
I'm sick of you Anne, I gave you Sprig, I gave you everything, but all you do is complain. I'm going to kill you then kill myself. They'll never take me away from you.
>This isn't funny MarMar I'm actually kind of scared.
Your actually going to die Anne, your going to dieeee. But first, I have to give the music box to king Andreas.

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Anne is his self insert.

Who wins the Annebowl?
Meme answers only

Kek, based reference


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Someone that everyone can agree on. I nominate no one because I fucking hate the thought of Anne being happy.


MCs are inherently a bit of an author's self-insert

The Core
She puts on the helmet, forever

Endgame right here

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Why is no one talking about the new leak?

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I open up social media and see three back to back "What if yunan/olivia are their spies!!!!"

Well, considering anne and sasha have shown no signs of knowing what happened to marcy, I'd say not very likely.

>Meme answers only
A life of drug addiction

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does she also die of an overdose at age 37?

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Why the fuck is Escape to Amphibia in S
I don't have the time to aggressively question the rest of these choices

I like the whole show for what it is. The only episode i really had a problem with was temple frogs. The way how every plantar found their little group amongst the Thai people and culture was kinda cringe. It made me remember TOH in how its writing felt so artificial.


There's liking the show and then there's considering Escape to Amphibia as top-of-the-top, for some reason?

Not so fast

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Honest answer: Maggie

Meme Answer: Darcy or Terri

I admit it. I miss her.

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Threads were super fast at the start of the season but now they've slowed. What happened?

I started to hate the show.

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Last week didn't have a ton to discuss

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Show went down hill.

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We have nothing to discuss, the start of the season was people throwing rabble theories and whining for drama, now that the show has affirmed that that isn't the big focus they have little to talk about

Anne. Without any doubt.

His *true* self-insert.
>Mrs. Boonchuy.
His mother.
>Mr. Boonchuy.
The Thai father he wished he had.
His white trophy wife.

Amphibia is Matt's wish fulfilment fantasy.

When there is only annoying yurifgas and autistic doomposters there is no reason to stick around but in the weekends

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Too much wasted potential. People started to leave.

I'm going to miss them.

The Q&A certainly didn't help.

I gotta say, baby Sasha was the cutest fucking thing in the world. That high ponytail and bare forehead make her look so fucking adorable and precious. And those innocent eyes unburdened by any malicious thought.

Question is, what happened?

Marcy is what he used to be towards his two buddies when they were kids i.e. trying to get them to play games or watch anime he liked, Anne is how he thinks/wishes he would've acted if someone came with the same propositions to him, a sort of "this is how you were supposed to react" thing.

Same thing that happens to all women, too much attention

She got too confident.

More like too little attention from her parents.

Anne not sure why anyone would think otherwise.

Not just that, though. It's everything about Anne that he wished for.

>Full disclosure I had a trio of best friends when I was growing up and I was very much the Marcy, you know what I mean like Anne is is one of my friends and Sasha is another one of my friends but I was definitely the Marcy, where I'm trying to get my friends into stuff that like for whatever reason they're just not vibing with you know what I mean, it was very common for me to be like "oh you guys have to watch this anime" and I would sit them down and try to make them watch all 20 episodes of like Slayers or something, and I could just see their eyes glazing over, you know what I mean, but they we were so close that they took a stab or a swing for me. And so it was, it's it's incredibly gratifying to have a character like Marcy who I feel like I can- we can inject so much of ourselves in.

Matt lies left and right.

Marcy SCREAMS self-insert. It's obvious.

She witnessed a of of frogs die.
The gays got her.

Anne is the plain every man mc she's defiantly Matt's self insert, she's even Thai and his mom voices her mom.

Satan has spoken.

Time for bed.

SecondingMatt's said quite a few things that don't match with what is in the show itself .

And Anne doesn't???

Best girls.

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Tagged wrong?

New promo

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