The Bad Guys

the bad guys thread, lets settle this once and for all.

what do you want to see from a sequel?

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Any animal that does not help humans and the ecosystem should be killed into extinction.

>what do you want to see from a sequel?
Here's my idea. They have to do heists for good, stealing dangerous things from bad guys using their various skills. There's a big conspiracy they slowly unravel around them. We get some character backstories. Meet the movie's take on the ILH characters, maybe make them thugs working for the new big bad guy and former associates of Diane's. Maybe have the villain try tempting the gang to go back to a life of crime. Something like that.

no. why don't you get off OUR board you seething troon?

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The correct option isn't on ehter poll

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I'm so glad I ordered the art book in time. People are only just now learning about it and are trying to find a secondhand copy.

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Where can i read all the books?

i gotchu bro

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I watched this expecting to hate it but the style and animations and I'm not a furry but I want a fox wife so bad now

The books are all readily available on Amazon, but you can also watch read out loud versions for free on YouTube (you can also pause it and scrub through the images).

A while back there was a Mega of all 14 books so far, but it disappeared. Someone preserved the first three books on Dropbox though.

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

Many thanks

Diane really is an incredible character.
The trailers really downplayed the impact she has on the overall story, so you don't go in expecting much, but then she steals the show. It's also really amazing to watch her going from the gang's biggest enemy to their sole ally, to the point where she's willing to come clean about her past and turn herself in so they don't get arrested for a crime they didn't commit.

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My favorite part was her hideout when she was cross legged and they were geeking out

fag bros.....

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That giggle and moan she says before she says "It's good to be home" made me feel things.

Does the city map lay out over any real world locations, or is it entirely fictional?

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pretty sure it was based on downtown LA from a quick part I saw

I just want a god damn mega of the movie

No megas until June. Get off your ass and go to a theater like the rest of us did.

it was a fun ass time at the movies user. i saw it back to back with the northman. a big screen does the animation quality justice.

My screen had a weird wet shine-ish look to it. Like someone sprayed some type of cleaner on the projector lens but didnt wipe it off. I almost complained but eh it was still watchable

Was it from Nucleus?

So kinda like…the Despicable me movies?

I liked this teacher's one. Honestly better than some professional audiobooks I've listened too.

good enough, thank you

Yup. So far that’s the only place that’s sold it, still no word of an official retail release.

an artbook that's fuckin gone before the movie even releases

Heard they're gonna have a series.

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never trust the VA's

Huh. Their site said it was available first with them which implies it might be a wider release. But I'm not sure what the trend is for Dreamworks these days.

Is requesting it from them worth anything?

where is the art of marmalade with mr wolf? I was told that fujoshis liked main character x villain

Marmalade is unfuckable.

marmalade is made for eating

this is like asking knowyourmeme about character popularity user

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You sound angry, user. Are you angry?

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I must say the trailers just have bad audio mixing, the film proper didn't have that weird quality.

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>4chin polls

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Dude Misty Luggins, thoughts?

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This thread needs more gay

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Glad they went with girl, having her as a guy would've been a little too close to Zenigata. Plus somehow I don't think her being a guy would've been as funny.

Theaters fucking suck.

>total votes: 21
>total votes: 18
Which one of you homos spread it to your fag circles?

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I wish they kept broad shoulders Wolf

You failed life sciences, didn't you?


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Having her be a woman with a little ponytail makes me gives me the impression that she was an uptight, school moniter horsegirl as a kid. Which adds to the comedy when combined with her physique.

>mad when your bff fucks a woman
kind of gay

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We where robbed.

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>Snake getting cucked by his best friend.

That's kinda hot.

Aight i caught up on the books. I dont know what the fuck future movies would be about. Theyre through and through wacky scholastic books. Aliens with butts for hands, super intelligent velociraptor joins the team, Mr Snake is a sith lord and they all get "its a superhero parody episode and the gang all get wacky powers" powers.

Some of these sketches give me spike vibes if I'll be honest.

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The choices are obvious.
Mr. Shark
Mr. Shark

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She's so fucking pretty.

My best guess is instead of doing straight adaptions of the plotlines, they'll make a new story for the second movie that pulls inspiration of some of the characters and key moments from books 5-8. There was a livestream event that said early on they were going to reveal Marmalade to be an alien just like in the books, but realized it wouldn't work in the kind of movie TBG was shaping up to be, and they dropped it.

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Like 99% of animals play a crucial role in the ecosystems.

Hey, so I'm working on a pin-up of Miss tarantula, but I've looked everywhere and can't find a reference for her tribal tattoo. If any user can help me out with this I'd be much appreciated, and would be happy to post my WIP on /trash/ or something.

He gets cucked by Ellen (Diane)

Going up to book 10 would give them enough material for 3 movies. The interdimensional stuff might be too far though.

On the other hand maybe the multiverse movie zeitgeist will have taken off that a parody will be fresher than a superhero parody at this point.

Cats are factually useless trash that should be killed into extinction. Cats are the only felines that excessively kill for fun. Cats also love to torture instead of killing quickly. Cats spread their own unique brand of cat diseases that hurt humans, other felines, and all of nature. Cats are entirely shit and should be seen globally as vermin that must be hunted until extinct.

I just checked the art book and unfortunately, there's no reference for it there. I'll skim some clips and get back to you if I find something.

Okay, here are the best shots of it I could manage from what's available so far.

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