Let's say you didn't watch the intro, who's the superhero?

Let's say you didn't watch the intro, who's the superhero?

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Oh man. The run of the mill cop? The girl cop? The unassuming pussy cat? Or the bipedal dog wearing clothes who speaks.
Hard to say. Hard. To. Say.
(It's the female cop you fucking asshole)

I want Rose Mary's tremendous tushy on my face

Rose Mary, clearly


What's her powers then Yea Forums?

Immune to bullets, not that she can't be hurt by them but she never gets hit.
Can write a ticket in less than 1 second.
Somehow has the entire police force under her control, is completely unaware.
Can cook 1 minute rice in 59 seconds.

Some good powers there

is it Rose Mary? the telephone operator? Sarge? or Henry. the mild mannered janitor....

>who's the superhero?
Those fucking thighs are the superhero.

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This is now a Rosemary's legs thread.

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>Superheroine with super strong legs and a super short skirt
Sounds like a good combo to me


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>that profile shot with her ass
Goddamn, she must have a rough time walking around and being careful not to knock shit off somebody's desk when she swings that thing around

I thought this was a palcomix style porn parody at first.

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There’s a reason I wish to be her seat

Nah, Palcomix usually has pretty meh backgrounds, pretty sure they just draw around photos for some retarded reason

>"Hello, hello! Police headquarters! This is Rosemary, the cute dispatch with the tightest snatch!"

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TFW Rosemary will never sit her "big fat booty" on your face

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Flavor of the month?

Yea, from a couple years back, Rosemary surged in popularity, and still is to some degree with some anons here.

You are not an actual literal dog, so you are not her type.

The dog I'd assume

You can't expect me to believe the lovely lady on the right doesn't lose the hat and glasses and switch into her real uniform.

>wanting to take off her glasses

It's like Clark Kent, you dingus.

What if that is her hero uniform, and part of the disguise is putting glasses on?

Don't care, faggot

Nice little gallery of images for her

Thanks user


>girl cop
Clearly you never watched the show. She was the switchboard operator, not a cop.

In all fairness, most people on Yea Forums these days wouldn't know what that is

Don't they still run Hong Kong Phooey on Boomerang?

No clue

No Boomerang is now just cartoon network's Nicktoons.

What a terrible feel

That ass is clearly built for big dog noses

Wowee you sure know how to fucking read. Kill yourself you pedantic faggot. Literally EVERYONE was having a good time until you came up and acted like a douche.
Shut the fuck up faggot.

the cat

That's a fun twist and I'm here for it.
>she actually has longer hair and ties it up under the hat
>the lenses are tinted to disguise her eyes
>she normally wears short sleeves
>she normally wears pants or dresses to conceal her legs
>she rarely wears heels

It has to be the sexy lady in the uniform, right?

There's a fucking badge on her hat, she's obviously a cop. Just not the type that goes out on patrols or catches criminals directly.

Yea, you sure showed him!

How does Sarge wipe his ass?

I have seen the intro too many times be able to weigh in on the matter.

With a bidet

With Penry's tongue

Back in like 2010 I was up at like 5AM watching Hong Kong Phooey reruns on Boomerang thinking Rose mary could get it. I was happy to find a Rose Mary thread later that day on Yea Forums.

But how does he reach the handle of the faucet?

Now we know why he's called Hong Kong Phooey

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It's a jap model.

they didn't have intelligent toilets in the 70s

The dog and I have never seen this show.

Super hearing, near-sightedness and explosive farts.

Hot glue?

Ugh!!!!! I hated the cultural appropriation

Fuck this dog

Why does he look so based in his disguise?

I hate culture too