Why does new Simpsons shit on Homer so much?

Why does new Simpsons shit on Homer so much?

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Low hanging fruit

Does this scene address that Eyelash is an industry plan with bluenamed parents?

where are her massive tits?

>why people don't like lisa anymore?

Did they addressed "Lisa Goes Gaga" in this stupid short?

They're really out here making Lisa the most spoiled simpson and trying to play the neglected middle child at the same time.

I have no idea what that sentence means, and I don't think I want to know.

That sounds something more like bart would say. Bart would mean it but hed also be wrong.

Lisa saying it is weird.

they meant to say industry plant i assume so as to imply that she's like the monkees for example, a constructed persona built to sell records. like a character that the real billie eilish plays. "bluenamed" parents implies she's a nepotism baby because her parents name would be a hyperlink online and redirect to a page about them. hyperlinks are usually blue.

the user is schizophrenic, but also probably correct

This is on the same as 'Bart never did anything for me' when in the early seasons he put the blame on himself after Lisa stole the teachers answer books because she was depressed

It's always jews. 4channel has a million different words for jew, but zero for love.

>industry plant
A celebrity with substantial backing from a corporation or individuals that pretends to be independent or struggling.
>bluenamed parents
That just means her parents are celebrities famous enough to have their own Wikipedia articles.

Homer has done nothing but sacrifice for Lisa. Fucking ungrateful little shit. Remember the pony?

>Cartoon Billie
>No huge milky booba
The fuck?

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Why doesn't Lisa just leave her family already if she hates them so much. She already believes she's much smarter and has more integrity than them all combined, she can live on her own and keep them out of her life.

A better question, what good things has Lisa done for Bart where she saw no personal gain from?

I was actually surprised at how huge her bazongas were, too bad now she's just another whore

Because lazy writers project their own spite and loathing towards their parents onto the character because they can't accept a father than is genuinely well-meaning and supportive when that was one of Homer's defining traits.

Jessica Lovejoy

Shes ruined the lives of everyone in the family on pourpose and never get called out for it.
Bart had real potential to be a good person with a future and she fucks it up because she's a loser who NEEDS to think she special and has a big future.

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I still remember my first art show.

I was nervous about my stuff, so I sold everything bare minimum. I sold everything but again didn't make that much money.

My Dad at the time just retired, ask for some money for the casino. I have him all the cash I earned. I can honestly say he's never encouraged or discouraged my art.

The only thing that I ever agreed on from this show is that Naperville is not a suburb of Chicago

They've referenced that before after the particular episode taking a jab at that

>critical thinking = 0
industry plants are nothing new, you actual monkey-brained mouthbreather.

Not canon.

Simpsons, nowadays, run their design by their guest star, so I guess Billie was fine with how they represented her.

The single, solitary time I can recall Lisa ever doing something good for Bart where she had nothing to gain for herself was when she used her piggybank money to buy back his "soul" from Comic Book Guy

She helped hm with the mini-golf tournament.

Except homer is consistently good. His fuckups never got in the way of him showing he loved his family for very long and he has supported them in just about every constructive thing they've ever done. He has given up opportunities for his own happiness constantly whenever they would harm his family's happiness.
He's not Al Bundy, he's a good, if simple, father.

>Except homer is consistently good.
No, he isn't. Homer's way of behaving is precisely ignoring her daughter, dismissing what she says, and often telling her to stop playing her saxophone, interrupted with brief moment of caring and grand gesture.

Homer (and Bart) has always been shat one, that's what makes him a better/funnier/more interesting character than his wife and daughter

>watch simpsons
>lisa opens her cunted mouth
>turn off episode
Do they NEED to relegate a fucking child character to be their buffer for horrid, opinionated w*stern political opinions?
Same thing with Brian in Family Guy, except they also made Stewie a raging homosexual despite being a literal fucking baby.
I fucking hate the 2.2% of the American population that comes up with this shit.

Any recent episodes you can name in which Homer is shit on so much?

Hesiod was right about women.

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Boobs = bad
Where have you been the last couple years user? Boobs are forbidden in cartoons

It's so weird to think that Eilish is 'le music of the zoomers' (or was, in 2018) and they also had lady gaga and other memelennials 10 years ago and some gen xers 10 years before that. Just a weird show.

You should kill yourself then.

>4channel has a million different words for jew, but zero for love.

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Somehow you managed to be more of a dipshit than the person you responded to.

Uhh how come?

Because Bart is an artist who can enjoy what he's doing.

Lisa is an art critic. I guess the main difference is for Lisa the art has to mean something. Case in point with the sailboat.

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Reverse Oedipus complex


eat dick Yeardley

Zombie Simpsons writers have no talent and know nothing about The Simpsons. Why do they torture the Simpsons so?

>Homer ''don't support her''
>Bart ''stole'' her career
>Marge lied about liking jazz but supports her anyway
how does Jazz Lisa get shittier than Vegetarian Lisa?

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>Bart had real potential to be a good person with a future
Haven't they confirmed the canon ending that Bart become president of the Supreme Court?

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>president of the Supreme Court?
This is such a Homer statement.

Billie Eilish fappening pics when?

We do have a word for love, it's "based". It can also translate to mean "without Jews"

but it is

she's still a young girl and a bit naive about the world and less pragmatic than her brother

Show that climbed so far up its ass it went from possible classic television to preachy forgetful diarrhea.

True and the only constant of the series

>we have a word for when we cross boards infecting our aids, it's called we never get laid and have all the free time to shitpost

Don't forget about "keyed"!

Because it is a shitty father?
And this. He also blames everyone else for his misery, take bad decisions that other people has to deal with and is a shitty person in general.

Locked and cringe.

Holy fucking shit, what is this post, it has to be from someone who has watched the Simpsons from Season 13 onwards. Homer early on the definition of making mistakes in either sincere ignorance or misplaced faith, always making sure to fix his mistakes as soon as made them, showing love Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie.

Homer being a prick who gets into trouble out of pure selfishness is a thing that happened way down the road in the Simpsons run.

Millennials are the "I hate my parents" generation and they're the ones writing for the show now. It's that simple.

>Men have to be the perfect people, they aren't allowed to have flaws. They need to constantly be working on themselves and improving towards an impossible goal.

>Women can do whatever the fuck they want #yasssssqueen
God I hate modern TV writing.

I'm glad they settled for making Bart successful and not a burnout when he has the two most important things you need to make it in life, talent and big dick energy.

Does Homer still strangle Bart? If so, why do they try taking pot shots at Homer for anything besides that?