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We lost.

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They should reshoot her scenes and cast a black woman instead.

Damn America Chavez has like almost as much screentime as Strange in his movie. I don't care about the shit she did to Depp really. She looks good as Mera.

She looked great as Mera but she wasn't particularly memorable as a character.
I've heard Mamoa didn't like her which I don't know if that's true or if it's just a rumor - if so that also explains why her time got cut down.

They cast Dolphin to take her place. With an Asian woman

does she just poop in the ocean??? does her suit have some kind of poop hole flap?

Bro, she shat in the man's bed. Stop simping for her

Good. Glad you lost. She's an abuser.
>inb4 men can't be abused
Go fuck yourself. It can happen to anyone.

10 minutes too many

She uses the moghgskuths of drowning sailors

Who is this "we"? Dolphin is vastly superior than Mera.

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I meant to say mouths

So she shat the bed. So what? Everybody does that.

another miscast, who really cares?

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No they don't.

>They should reshoot her scenes and cast a black woman instead.
Scooby wife, If I were the director, I would choose her

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>seem to have no trouble finding men who look like their comic book characters, or at least have a proper hero physique who are capable of acting
>can't find women who tick off both boxes lately

What did they mean by this?

Aquaman's new partner will be Orm

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Here's your new Mera bro

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>wife of Aquaman
>barely in the movie
from the movie’s perspective this seems really bad, or does Mera barely have any relevance at all in Aquaman stories?

Mera was always somewhat abusive and manipulative of Aquaman until sometime around New52 started where they attempted to retcon that away.

>Jason Momoa followed Johnny Depp on Instagram
Its unironically over for her.

>Mera abusive and manipulative of Aquaman
holy shit they casted perfectly

who would you recast them with ?

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>Damn America Chavez has like almost as much screentime as Strange in his movie
But that's awful

Welp, there's no reason for me to watch this then.

Walter Hamada testified that they had "chemistry issues" but that could've just been their attempt to remove her from the movie without breaking contract or something.

>if so that also explains why her time got cut down.
the bad press from her Depp shit is why she has so little screen time. This shit has been public knowledge way before the court case taking place right now. Things take forever to actually go to trial the story of their divorce has been news for years

what did flash guy do

10 minutes can be quite a lot if spliced correctly

Keeps getting in drunken bar fights

>be ezra
>punch a girl, toss a chair to another
>gets his own fucking movie
>be will smith
>slap some nigga
>get cancelled and his netflix project terminated
ezra miller is a sacred cow, there's no way they would recast him

>gets his own fucking movie
he got the movie years before punching and throwing anything .

>They cast Dolphin to take her place. With an Asian woman

No, they haven't, The only Asian woman in the cast is Black Manta's henchwoman.

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Literally screamed at two people he was staying with outside their house that he was going to kill them

Dude's got brain problems

did he win any of them?

yeah, but then again he's only beating up women

Will Smith got more shit because he made it almost impossible to spin the incident when he did it on live TV for the world to see.

Will Smith made the mistake of offending other celebrities in a public venue. No one cares if a famous guy abuses non-famous people.

Good, fuck her.

There is the fact he was campaign for a an Oscar for years.

Depp also brought in a cute psychologist who made Heard look like a schizo.


Smith embarrassed them all and only psychos bought the "people are only offended because he was a black man acting like a black man" excuse. Which interesting anti-racist stance to take but whatever.

Well he got it. I hope it was worth it

Imagine your trial is broadcast to the entire country and a psychiatrist medically diagnoses you as an unstable hysterical manipulative bitch

She looks very jailbait-y.

>Walter Hamada testified
Oh my god
You can literally watch the trial and yet you still believe in fake news
Hamada has never testified, only Depp's people have testified

Johnny Depp

okay but who would play the flash?

Johnny Depp

Yes. And don't believe the other guy, it's not just women Ezra was fighting off the entire island.
Basically, they broke up a cult of neo-Nazi's. When the full story comes out people will be apologizing to Ezra and thanking them for breaking up the cult.

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All those years of Oscar bait down the drain.

erza's time in Hawaii is more entertaining than any single performance he has given as Flash

>Disney thinks people give a fuck about who's bed she shat in
Do they have to go broke before they realize Twitter doesn't represent the opinions of the general population?

>One of the faces of the #metoo movement
>She was the agressor all this time
The irony

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Good. I liked her well enough as Mera but she's a shit person who doesn't deserve this career.

Oh shit is the merge finally on

>First Ray
>Then Ezra
>Now Amber
What's next for the DCEU? The whole thing it's collapsing with no survivors in it.

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member how Asia Argento molested a teenager?

My company gave me a job that will have me spend every few months of the year on Hawaii. Should I be scared of this fag?

you tell me

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>She looks good as Mera.
The fake red hair looks fucking awful and she can't act. What the fuck are you talking about?

oh, this explains why he's uncanceleable,

See. This is why Hollywood is getting black people for redhead characters.

The one time they didn’t, the actress turns out to be crazy.