What's she daydreaming about?

What's she daydreaming about?

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better threads on Yea Forums

The day you finally realize all your threadspamming is for naught, and you kill yourself.

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Heffer's ass

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Big triangular cock


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She is imagining wearing nipple clamps. It's really obvious. I can't begin to guess why she's into that, but it is an absolutely indisputable fact.

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Fail. First of all that's a duodecagon. Second, all the faces are pentagonal.

Make some art of that please, that sounds really hot

duodecahedron* sorry

Do you even know the difference between "Post a Reply" and "Start a New Thread"?

I don't understand the question

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Tag your shit you worthless demon

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Did you see the fresh Simon art?

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No how fresh is this? Really nice

last night

She's hoping to get away from you, you freak. She'll be holding up a sign HELP ME to people passing by,

Just make her threads monthly

Trixiechads, we won!

No she's ruined already

Kinda sad it took Isabella threads going for this long before anyone decided to make any new art

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Stockholm Syndrome.

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Her face looks weird here

Isabella's a bit of a weird girl

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>Another Isabella thread
>Where's the Master of Time when you need him?

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Good stuff.

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She's not autistic

Isabella is great in spite of her spam

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As if

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Ok but the best fireside girl is adyson

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Are you sure about that?

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Holy shit he's still around?

If you say so.

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She isn't

I don't participate in Isabella threads usually but I am glad they became a thing and I enjoy seeing these threads in the catalog.

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I really just want more discussion and art generation

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Not exactly dressed for snow, it seems.

Danville is probably in California, in an area close enough to two other state boundaries