Annual Usagi Yojimbo Storytime 39


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tonight you're going to be haunted by a random yokai. how bad is it?
goodbye, financial stability

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I'm watching the Netflix show right now, it's alright so far

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there will be plenty of space to discuss it in this thread. I'll watch it after the dump

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Meddle Man's simp senses have been activated.

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>I've had dealings with foxes before
Indeed, Usagi. And you never learn.

God, this is worse than trypophobia.

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I can't blame Usagi for this one, anyone would have done the same.


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Also know as Whomps

Just stab it in the eye, Usagi.

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Ah fuck.


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I will be haunted by the hair cutter!


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you'll never need to pay for cutting your hair again, how lucky

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Cute harmless flame balls.

Don't worry Usagi, you'll level up to the next level of Demon Queller soon enough.

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>He said, not long before regretting that

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A little disappointed, to be honest

These yokai look very weird.

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>Travelers along the coasts and rivers of the islands of Shikoku and Kyūshū occasionally encounter young girls, lost and soaked to the bone. Most people who witness such a pathetic sight rush over to help the poor girls. When a human draws close to a nure onago, she looks up into their eyes and smiles. If the smile is returned, she will follow the helpful stranger human, sticking by him forever. This isn’t as nice as it seems; nure onago continually drip water and stink of mildew and swamp water. Although she causes no particular harm, her constant presence is often enough to ruin the rest of a person’s life.
>sticking by him forever
I'd finally score!

hey, it's the big bad salamander! he survived that fall into the river!

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>Vertical panels in the style of illustrations on folding fans: 63

Cool page

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Good for him! Too bad Sasuke is gonna ice him.

Aww yeah
I legit thought the storytimes would be done two days ago.

Ah, Nue, their SMT version is very cute

and user never stopped smelling bad ever again
the final one is tomorrow

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Hey it's Heebi chibis king, guess that he recovered from his fall.

Quick! Someone call the Crimson Slasher!

Oh man they better watch out, that umberalla fella clearly means business.

When did you learn this power, Sasuke?

should've stayed in chibi land

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>user's yokai is an unkempt attention whore
I pity you user.


he had it in his first appearance

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Ah, a Jiraiya reference

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Would have been useful during his other fights. Also would be useful to keep Usagi from being tentacle-raped.

Usagi would be horrified with how his land would eventually lead the world in tentacle related porn.

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