They brought back Kira and also retconned the events from the Paris movie

They brought back Kira and also retconned the events from the Paris movie.

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Why she look like Michael Jackson?

>Betty is a Lesbian
>Kimi is now a 3 year old
>Lou is a fucking Hippy
>Betty is a lesbian
>Howard is fucking gone
>Susie is a 1 year old and part of the main group
Fuck this reboot and it's queer icons.

So, in all seriousness, how are the ratings for this show? It doesn't seem like kids really WATCH it, nor does the nostalgic adult audience. Are people actually keeping up with this show or what?

They spam it on the TV when they aren’t spamming Spongebob because this and Patrick Star show flopped. Like I’m talking two back to back huge failures. I watch them both I hate watch the rugrats and I kind of like the Patrick show as a kid version of aqua teen. The reviews rate the new rugrats like a 3/10 on average. The art style only ever looks good in some of the fantasy bits they ruined the comfy feel of the house of the original made all the parents lame annoying or gay. If they wanted a gay parent and to have more babies they should have just made the mcnultys a main character and made their mom a lesbian since we never see their dad. They aren’t afraid to add new babies every other episode with these last few episodes like the black kid in the glasses who played space ranger with them and the show acts like I’m supposed to know who the fuck he is meanwhile susies brothers get retconned from existence

Idk but if the Fairly Odd parents live action reboot is getting a second season. I'm sure this is too.

Looks like Coco disguised as Kira

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Paramount+ is that desperate for content?

A S2 was already announced last year.
And Tommy’s actor posts her recording sessions on TikTok.

>Lou as a hippy
This one is the worst change.

This, Kamp Koral, and Big Nate were all suppose to be initially for Nickelodeon. Until they got delayed, CBS All Access was rebranded to Paramount+.
And they all just became exclusives until they start showing it on Nick months or a year afterwards.

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So Kimi and Carlitos are no longer brothers?

Why the fuck did they bring something awful like rugrats back and instead didnt revive a show that deserved a revival more like invader zim or MLAATR?

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NOT HOWARD! HE WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER! God no!. This is tantamount to white genocide as far as I am concerned.

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Howard was unironically pretty funny in the episodes he was in
>It was Dances with Wolves you idiot!
>oh see I don't like musicals

This show looks like creepypasta.

Because Rugrats were at one time their biggest show.
Zim and MLAATR weren't

I know but right now MLAATR and invader zim are more popular online and have received more longevity in popularity then rugrats

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There was Florpus. I never learned how well that did, by whatever metric they measure that by, but I imagine if it did well we would have heard about it, and maybe seen more Zim stuff.

The move at least worked for Big Nate, since it's supposedly their biggest kids cartoon as of now and it got approved for an additional 10 episodes beyond the 26 episode order.

>This is tantamount to white genocide as far as I am concerned.
Please get off /pol/. They're making you see boogeyman.

>in a reboot
>in a completely different time

He's making fun of the other guy.

>>Betty is a Lesbian
I thought she was in the original until i saw her husband.
>>Kimi is now a 3 year old
Unneeded change when we had Susie as the other older kid with Angelica.
>>Lou is a fucking Hippy
This feels OOC.
>>Betty is a lesbian
You said this already.
>>Howard is fucking gone
Damn, I thought he was funny. Too bad he had no purpose if Betty exclusively likes women.
>>>Susie is a 1 year old and part of the main group
Could have just made another black baby as her sibling that could be in the main gang.

The dyke idea was only a plot to get easy money.

>I thought she was in the original until i saw her husband.
That was the joke. Now there isn't a joke.

It's not a retcon if it was never set in the same continuity in the first place.


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Stu, I have a bad feeling about my dead wife

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I don’t get on why they aged Susie a year down, yet Kimi is now 3

Kys JohnKfag

It was more for lesbian brownie points

Jenny is popular, MLAATR wasn't.

The original was set (at least) in the 90s, this one is either set within 2020s

Same thing, it isn’t separate

didn't Nick hate MLAATR?

It flopped

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I would definitely like to hear any of the staff explain the character decisions made. They're all deliberate choices so I'm wondering what exactly they wanted to accomplish that they couldn't with the characters as they were.

Obviously we can guess some of it. Susie is probably aged down to have a black baby in the main group and Betty's a lezbo because that's the thing to do in current year. I can't really guess what's up with Lou or Kimi though. It'd be interesting to hear someone who was part of the creative process talk through it.

>Kimi is now a 3 year old
Is she older than Angelica?

I'm saying nobody gives a shit about the show, only the pornography.

Lol retard

>El Tigre
>popular but cancelled for not being SpongeBob popular
I'm still seething.

she looks like a tranny

>I can't really guess what's up with Lou.

Toxic masculinity and the WW generation isn’t around anymore.

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I think Angelica is 3 too. Originally Susie and Angelica were 3, Chuckie was 2, and the rest were 1.

>mighty b was such an awful show that they gave 0 explanation

I always thought Howard and Betty were in the closet and married as a cover.

There's always some war going on. It's the reason hippies even exist.

Well the comic is over now but that seemed to be a deliberate decision, so not quite sure.

Susie should have been 2 years old with a few months of difference with Angelica to have both worlds.

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>like invader zim or MLAATR
Because the first three seasons of Rugrats are much better than those shows.

>This feels OOC.
It's not when you consider they shifted the timeline.

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Angelica always did have cute feet.

Yes. Howard was funny. Fuck you

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so is its creator

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Sad to see Charlie Adler be proud of this on his Twitter.

god damn it

>retconned the events from the Paris movie.

What happened in the Paris movie?

Please explain to me the Rugrats canon.

Because, unsuprisingly, the Klasky Csupo doesn't translate well to 3D

>Stu gets a job to build giant mech Reptar for Paris Reptarland.
>Chaz is gonna marry some rich cunt
>clear chemistry between him and Kira
>while the wedding progresses kids fight her assistant in a giant mech battle
>Chucky stops the wedding by yelling "Nooooo" (his first word)
>Chaz marries Kira instead, moves to the states with him.

Didn't he retire from voice acting?


>>Stu gets a job to build giant mech Reptar for Paris Reptarland.
It was actually to repair the Reptar mech he built for the park.

They probably aged Susie down because they wanted her to be with the babies all the time which didn't make sense before because she was as old as Angelica and didn't have the excuse of having Tommy as a cousin.
The aged Kimmie up that way Angelica could still have a same aged rival.

Dunno but I think he's the voice director on this.



Same difference.

Voiced by an actual comedian

Great, they are somehow making it worse than it already has been. Considering that her and Kimi's inclusion was actually a great addition to the show. Idk, so my feelings are that when Dil showed up it got worse except a few select episodes the movie was ok. But when they added them and the rugrats in Paris movie it somehow became better and then it just ended, which in a way is nice because at least the inclusion of chucky having a mom and sister made it more conclusive. But as much as I love Tara I thought Dil was annoying. I would trade anything to go back to all of that though because the new series is pretty awful.

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Can I see it?

Is it though? Clearly it's a totally different universe than the original.

Because Dill's presence almost always turned episodes into them just playing "pretend", or whatever the fuck instead of them actually wandering off and getting up to trouble somehow.

Howard always stuck out like a sore thumb to me when I watched the cartoon back then.
Him and Betty just seemed like they would have nothing in common