What should the Slime mom say?

Scenario the blue slime makes them into Donny's slaves .And the mom's going to make the daughter and Female best friend next.

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She force feed them i to massive innmobile blobs

I don't want that kind of disgusting and or gross.

Honestly I prefer this as a Fantastic 4 scenario where each member of the family got different ghost powers
Danny is the Human Torch of the group with his flying ice ghost powers and now Maddie is the Mr. Fantastic of the group with the ability to become a stretchy ectoplasmic liquid

Who the hell is Donny?

My speech-to-text device does not get names very well. I'm talking about the cartoons protagonist .

That pic makes it look more like she's coating/binding them up in her slime
So I say she should pull them into herself and absorb them


Maybe you should proof read before posting

Why would the slime be tied to Danny if it comes from her body?

This is literally a /trash/ thread, not Yea Forums.

Maybe it's from his body?

That's slime is a new ghost power that makes females into his obedient slaves and is transmissible in new host.

I feel like Danny wouldn’t use it often unless he needed someone to help him fight a dangerous foe
Honestly it reminds me of Undergrowth’s power and could be potentially really cool if the temporary slime people also gain some ice powers
Also brings up the question if Dani has a male equivalent to the power

It's amazing how talk for horniness shakes can turn into serious discussions about superpowers

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You are going to eat over 20,000 kcal of slime pudding per day for the rest of your life until your mass is unquestionable.

So, what, he's Baby from DBGT?

Look man. I’m kind of a weird guy in that I’ll see something clearly made for a fetish and immediately my mind will go into world building and creative power uses
There are actually a lot of really cool “horny” ideas I’d love to expand upon and I’ve done so in the past. For example, I’ve previously made a character with an unformed and sorta smudged version of those succubus womb tattoos as an indicator of hybrid genetics and how the blood grows diluted over multiple generations

You know what, I kind of like this idea, instead of Danny just zapping himself, maybe the Portal lets out a huge blast of energy when it activates and gives them all powers.
>Danny and Maddie are like you said, basically being The Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic. Maybe Danny doesn't get stuff like intangibility, invisibility, or the Wail to balance him out
>Jazz can take on the first two, along with possession, make her a pseudo Invisible Woman
>And then Jack could have some poltergeist-style object manipulation and general super strength, maybe stick the wail on him too, make him the big bruiser of the group.

>Jack gets powers along with the rest of the family
>Insists on using FentonWorks gadgets most of the time instead, unless he absolutely has no other options.

*blup blurp i'm the slime mom*

Honestly I feel like Danny should still have the wail, but kind of as a level two power that they all develop. Later on
And maybe only Danny should have the ghost sense and they should all have intangibility
But the way I see it, level two powers would be like
>Danny: wail
>Maddie: self duplication and possession similar to what OP suggested
>Jazz: ghost portals
>Jack: either a super form or some kind of indestructible ghost shield/cage depending on how it’s used

>>Insists on using FentonWorks gadgets most of the time instead, unless he absolutely has no other options.
Kek, that's a nice touch. Honestly this AU sounds like it would of been kino. It's quite funny that a retarded OP could have some decent discussion.
You are the retarded ESL who make shitty ESL captions for edits aren't you?

I gotta head to work but I kinda wanna take a crack at designing "The Phant-astic 4" (working title).
Once I get some spare time I'll whip something up and maybe we can start a new thread or something.

That sounds good. Also we need to ask the question of if anyone else could eventually gain powers due to Vlad potentially wanting his own team. And we should figure out if Jack would eventually decide to make their identities public like with the F4 and how that could affect relationships

Call them "Phantasmic 4", maybe?

I feel like, as far as Vlad's concerned, he wouldn't need to change much, though he'd probably be more directly antagonistic toward the family as a whole, especially if they go public.
As for him trying to build a team, I think sticking with cloning Danny would work, though he might do the same thing with Jazz. He wouldn't try to clone Maddie because he'd want the real thing, and of course he hates Jack so he wouldn't bother.

>Danny gets hit by something that destabilizes him and starts to melt
>Before he fully liquefies, in an act of desperation he possesses the nearest human, his mother
>It did help stabilize him, but given he's currently a mass of supercharged ectoplasm, there were side effects

Yeah most likely. Though he might try to clone Jazz too since she’s also half ghost here
Honestly the going public route is what interests me most since it has a ton of consequences in Danny’s school life and could open up a dynamic where Vlad is also public but too rich to face justice, so it just becomes a funny rivalry

>You are the retarded ESL who make shitty ESL captions for edits aren't you?
Bite me .

>Publicly known yet untouchable villain with a grudge against the team patriarch
Vlad slots into the Room role pretty smoothly huh


Indeed. But he’s also got the interesting angle of having all of the family’s powers or at least something similar to each

>Things start off mostly normal, with Danny lone-heroing it behind his family's back, with Jazz just trying to be normal and Maddie and Jack working on a way to reverse the accident
>Jazz catches on pretty quick and decides to help Danny to look out for him
>Eventually their parents catch on and confront them about it, Danny and Jazz manage to convince them to work with them to keep everyone safe
>Jack's condition is that they do it "the Fenton way" and be public about it so they can try and control the narrative

That ability doesn't happen enough in anime or cartoons.

Agreed, it's a fun and hot power, particularly in the hands of a slimegirl or the like
What changes do you think Slime!Maddie should undergo from absorbing those two? Not sure what traits would benefit her from such an act, other than becoming a bit thiccer

Probably identity theft or aged up versions of Jazz and Sam. Or maybe turning them into her slime daughters by cumming them out later

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>What changes do you think Slime!Maddie should undergo from absorbing those two?
Physically, I doubt she'd get much other than a bit thiccer from the extra mass of course, mentally though... well depending on when she absorbes them both could give her knowledge that her son's Phantom, as well as a vague feeling of unresolved sexual tension, Jazz'd could her detailed knowledge of Danny's psychology and how to manipulate/sway his emotions while Sam might grant experience of how to nag him to get what she wants and/or knowledge of his tastes in girls and how to best tailor herself for him

Being able to shape shift into them/a more appealing version of them is also a possibility, yeah, she probably could already, but absorbing them might mean she isn't as obviously made of slime or pretending to be them while in their form

>turning them into her slime daughters by cumming them out later
Also a good power, but one that should come after she's had some fun enjoying the benefits of absorbing them, and if she needs to cum them out, well, she might need to seduce Danny first

I guess Slimes reproduce like Chimera ants then

Well, if you can absorb traits of things and reproduce by mitosis, it only makes sense, though said absorption might take a while, doubt it's instantaneous, even if it's ectoplasm based

>Can absorb traits
>Can rebirth those absorbed as slime daughters
I'm now imagining Slime!Maddie absorbing Jazz and Sam as well as maybe a ghost girl or two and creating a fusion of them, could be another fun power, like she's trying to make the perfect waifu for her son
Though that really only makes sense if it's less the slime makes her Danny's slave like in the OP and more it makes her a bit yandere for him instead

>The perfect girl form my son
>His sister

Hey, going by OP (or at least what I can make sense of from his posts), the scenario's already "Danny's slime turns girls into his slaves, and he started with his mom for some reason", so we're already talking a bit incesty here
Plus by including Jazz, their mom can ensure his new GF is smart, polite, and responsible, the only girl she might think is better for him is Slime!Maddie herself

Why does this look like the beginning of a porno?

It's a fetish edit
So it's practically the start of one

He started with his mom because an accident and not combining the females gave him a harem.

Why is his mom making the girls his slave though?

Because I think he realized what he did to his mom he started thinking with his lower body part and the power provided him a massively but he doesn't want to go straight to do in his mom so he asked his mom to get him some suitable other females as his slime slaves . And his mom doesn't want his first time to be with strangers so he picks his sister and his friend .

>Asks her to get his sister
>Not just doing his much hotter mom
I still say the fusion/absorption idea's better

He wasn't planning on his mom to get his sister.

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None of that scenario was in the OP

ESL edit user, you are a fucking retarded blight.

Instead Instead of call me English Second Language when I explain multiple times it's my first say what is wrong with it instead

No you fucking retard, I'm not proof reading your shitty ass captions, even if they were correct it would still be retarded scenarios.

Duplicate words, misspelt words, lack of punctuation between sentences, incorrect usage of words, and occasionally incomprehensible sentences. If English truly is your first language you REALLY need to proofread things before you post, cause right now your posts read either like you barely speak English or you are underaged

Eh, I do like the "Maddie's become a slimegirl with the hots for Danny", OP's specific scenario, or at least what I can decipher of it, is a bit contrived I'll admit though

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It's still fucking shit ESL tard.

Can you not put shitty captions on my edits thanks

What's your idea for a slime Maddie scenario?