Bob's Burgers

Movie comes out in less than a month and Disney's done fuck all to promote it. Anyone else been revisiting episodes in the meantime?

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Are Bob's burguers episodes rewatchable?

Is it going to be in theaters or dumped on Disney plus? I hope Gene doesn't come out as trans in the movie. It sounds like a dumb thing they would do.

i feel like season 3 episode Broadcast Wagstaff School News is a good introduction to the overall show

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What's that Gene's holding?

I'm watching current episodes, and the experience is comparable to spending a day in traffic court. It's hours of people rambling about their problems that are so insipid and tedious, you begin praying for a sudden roof collapse to end it all.
Marketing or not, if the movie is anything like the recent seasons, it will and should fail. Maybe that's why Disney isn't marketing it much, because they don't want to throw good money after bad.

If that's the case, why did they make a bad movie in the first place?

I caught up with the show over three months. 200+ episodes, so yeah, I'm all set.

I think the movie will be solid 7/10 but will underperform in theaters because the only movies that can be successful in theaters have budgets over $150 million. It's go big or go home.

Looks like a napkin dispenser with spoons.

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i hate these fucking stupid expressions they're making


I hope they do so they can recast eugene miriam.

It's the most expressive they've been in the last 4 years.

The kids are always doing random things with items from the restaurant. Gene was probably bored.

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Louise looks adorable here.

>finally some new promo art
I'm pretty disappointed that the "new" character posters in this thread are just edits of that same poster with the whole family that dropped earlier this month. This really pales in comparison to the marketing The Simpsons Movie got. We need more unique posters.

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Linda in the burger suit is funny and all, but it hides all her sexy parts.

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it was conacically confirmed by loren that louise does in fact indulge in resturant food and candy

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But would it be bigger then Chloe's or is there a possibility also has a similar sized cake?

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I would like for it to be bigger. If not only for Louise to bump her butt on Chloe or tease her with it. Seems like something she would do.

What do you think, though?

That user who said Bob's Burgers is only watched by MILF coomers and pedos was right. These threads have all been full of the same kinds of replies.

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Preferably Chloe would also have a big butt though Louise could have the fatter butt if need be. Maybe a study in contrast with shape? Chloe's butt could be tighter while Louise's being more rounder?

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I like your idea. A more loose drawing showcasing those sizes would be needed since I don't think going completely on-model will work for them.

To be fair, pedos and MILF lovers is just Yea Forums's fundamental demographics.

Then why isn't the show more popular here? We get new episodes weekly, yet I never see it brought up. I thought a consistent schedule was supposed to HELP a show.

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>Then why isn't the show more popular here?
Because it's season 12. Back in the early seasons it was very popular and eould get a lot more traffic.

I've heard people say the show's stayed pretty consistent in quality throughout its run. What difference does 12 seasons make?

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These threads are gonna stay fucking boring until that movie comes out. May 27th can't come soon enough.

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Not really.

Definitely. It's just like any sitcom. The comfy setting and grounded feel make it even more inviting to rewatch episodes.

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The threads would be more interesting if the marketing actually gave us something to gnaw on in anticipation. We're still sitting on two vague teaser trailers and a few simple posters that bring more confusion than genuine excitement.

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I want some Tina nudity so bad bros.

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What scenario can you think of with those two?

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Not only is this movie at least 6 years too late, but it's coming out at a time when nobody is going to movie theaters en masse for anything other than a monster blockbuster. Pre-pandemic and closer to the shows initial popularity it may have broken even in a week or two, but now it's doomed to obscurity because most people probably haven't even heard of it.

One thing that makes a Bobs Burgers movie harder to sell is that as a series it's never truly jumped the shark of believable stakes. Sure there are some wacky scenarios but never anything that would make a premise like the giant dome in the Simpsons movie or Satan taking over in the South Park movie viable options. A sinkhole is really no less high stakes to the Belchers than a hurricane during Lobsterfest or Wonder Warf collapsing. It's hard to advertise the story without just giving away all the best comedy bits.

The closest it ever came was when the town was invaded by killer turkeys and I can't imagine the show would do that today.

A suggestion

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This is my bob's burger movie theory from last thread:
I predict this movie is a lot more radical then we all realize, a big theme os change and the inability to fight it.
>Bob is gonna lose the restuarant permanently
>we're gonna flashback to when Bob's mom was dying of cancer
>there's gonna be some obvious comparison between the two
>he's gonna realize that if it wasn't the huge sinkhole it would've been something else like failure to make payments
>and reports of Louise internally debating of losing the bunny ears make me theorize they were always the mom's bunny ears
>we're gonna see her on deathbed with those bunny ears smiling and at peace with herself
The whole movie will be an arc about how Bob learns not to be such a fatalist and not to view Life as it's out to get him.

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I binged it recently. Good stuff, but tame compared to the other AD cartoons

Boy do I! The best one would be Chloe and Louise in their swimsuits and Chloe flaunting her donk thinking she got Louise beat till Louise pulls down her trunks unveiling her rippling badonkadonk.

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Swimsuits are a pretty good idea, I like that. Also do you prefer them on or off model?

Another scenario idea I got is a callipygian contest for coins.

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I prefer them on-model but you be as nasty as you need to be.

In fact go ahead and go off model as long as you keep Chloe's cute little swimsuit

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I can see it being more innocent. Maybe Louise struggles with having a fatter butt. Chloe at least keeps hers in shape despite being big.

>Maybe Louise struggles with having a fatter butt
I like that, explains why she wears trunks over her swimsuit now.
>Chloe at least keeps hers in shape despite being big.
Yeah I figured if she has a hair regiment then she's got a butt regiment too.

>Something bunny
More like something cute and bunny haha

I got my own theory based on what we've seen with The Fischoeders as they're obviously the bad guys of the film.
They're broke and are burying and smuggling out the treasure from season 2.

Louise would have the upper hand on having meaty thighs, too. Her shorts could accentuate them if they're pretty tight.

Chloe's legs would be more slender I feel, but still slightly thick thighs to go along with her bubble butt.

Fuck I mean Digging. They're digging the whole ground out underneath the town and Bob's burgers has the motherload which will save the restaurant.

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Needs an extra O.

what about the rogue mechanical shark, that was pretty wacky

>Louise would have the upper hand on having meaty thighs,
Yeah just a little extra chunk in there
What do you think about Bubble vs Heart?

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That would work perfectly for those two.