How come critics never make anything good if they supposedly know all the ins and outs of good writing?

How come critics never make anything good if they supposedly know all the ins and outs of good writing?

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All internet critics are deluded losers. Especially people who say they're really into writing in animation, my god that's a big sign of a NGMI fool.

Because they spend their life criticizing other people's shit instead of building an artistic voice and honing their talents.

please don't bring that autism in here

why the beetle cars

They actually don't know anything about good writing, which is why they're critics and not writers. Glad we could have this little chat

Because knowledge of shallow formulas doesn't make for good writing. Writing from a place that's just heavily informed by trash media and their trash mistakes doesn't give you a foundation of quality to build from. It's like how TV tropes doesn't make for good writers, it makes for writers who know second hand media memes.

>Why don't whetstones make sharp swords if they're so good at sharpening swords?

You miss the point of criticism if you think it's about making something. The point of criticism is to improve something.

Mr Enter is generally bad at things, and the only reason he came this far is because the YouTube algorithm REALLY fucking loved his videos back in 2014

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found the NGMI

How long untill he tries to spin this whole 9/11 thing into gaining some sympathy for his dying channel, and makes "Talking About My Online Harrasment 2"?

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I quit watching pifag after he kept bringing his tranny girlfriend on and everything turned into bitching about school and growing up instead of bitching about spongebob. I was subbed to him for years and forgot he existed til this post reminded me of him. Hard to believe these guys have been around so long now they all just became unwatchable including pan pizza 90% of the time because a tranny gets involved or they just get lazier than they already were

I'd assume it's meant to be an attempt at a "VW Beetle" joke? If not then I have no idea.

Here's something I think about, he's tweet of "I made 9/11 jokes trending before you could finish a review".
He tweeted while there's still no sign of that Growing Around pilot.
Mr. Enter if you're reading this, you probably are, I used to be one of your biggest critics.
You went from being a whiner to a completely unhinged hypocritical man, release that damn Growing Around pilot or else you're no better than John K.

It's easier to critique other things than analyze your own works


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To think Benthelooney did actual animation and has more to show than Mr. Enter.
Not to mention, he asked no money for his animations.

Why don't coaches play pro football? Why don't trainers win the heavyweight boxing title?

Different skill sets and sensibilities. Nothing odd about it.

I think everyone on Growing Around team is austistic

As it should be, of course. The best creators benefit from editors.

They are better at analysis then creation

>inb4 a new trans cartoon reviewer on YouTube pops up and is leagues better than Mr. Enter

It is like that retard that was on the amphibia thread yesterday, he was bitching about a stupid non-issue

>hurr durr why do they have an episode about Sprig going to school, it would be same if it was Dipper and Cricket
>hurr durr why are they using templates and tropes everything needs to be 100% frog related and original

It is exactly like Enter. It is the kind of shit that comes out of the mouth of someone who never actually put effort into making something. They have heard things like
>originality GOOOOD
>tropes BAAAAD
And they parrot it without understanding what actual citics mean by that.

Enter however is the pinnacle of this, he is such a low effort bitch that he can't even write the manuscripts for the episodes IN MANUSCRIPT FORMAT, HE WRITES THEM LIKE THEY ARE A NOVEL. And like every critic he can't fucking accept criticism, for example the million people pointing out how fucking awful of a concept growing around is.

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>In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so.

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Someone, for the love of God, please explain to me WHY is this concept the one chose to latch on to? It is so fucking bad, it is unbeliveably bad. It is fine for an one episode gag but why does he want this thing to have this lush wordlbuilding, for fucks sake it has an island where they send old people to die, WHY.
Which fucking kid is going to watch this insanity

Enter had a crummy childhood bcof parents and autism and feels like he missed out on good childhood memories
Also because of constant critisism, form trolls and legit people, he became very defensive about changing or moving on. And now that he's gone in too deep (100 scripts or smth), it would be painful giving up

Huh? All I remember is that pieguy mentioned her to thank for the piecons art

He to stubborn to abandon the worst premise ever created. He cope by saying it's similar to KND.

"Critics" are one of two things: Young critics are writers who are trying to get their foot in the door, and old critics wanted to be writers but failed.

I don't even know if I would consider Enter either though because from his videos (and the way he presented that Growing Around shit) it's clear he has little to no actual knowledge of how animation gets made and goes entirely off meme bullshit like showrunners' twitters.

I never watched any of these fags.

Enter is an autist. Pan Pizza is a shut-in coombrain. Pieguy I only know about because of how constantly he shits on Butch Hartman.

This concept is so hilariously messed up and creepy, I hope Smiling Friends does an episode in season2 where they take the piss out of it by having Charlie and Pim visit this nightmare town.

Is tye oneygang even awate of Enter? I dont think they were, they never mentioned him

Its his fetish in cartoon form, so obviously he wont stop latching on it.

Do you think Growing Around is set in Pre or Post 9/11?

Well look at it this way. Just because I can unclog a toilet or sink doesn't mean I know how to build one. Yeah sure a critic might know why a very specific scene in a episode might not work but that doesn't mean they know how to make an entire good show.

Uhhhh coachs usually grew up playing foot ball and trainers usually grew up boxing too. The "retired athlete becomes a coach" is actually a really fucking old cliche. At least I assume it's old.

Too bad his career was ruined before it already started by him being a degenerate coomer

When is he fucking a parent?

Making animatics isn't really even that hard if you're passionate. They're just doodles in a story format. It's just that some people like Mr. Enter who are ideas guys are incapable of making something like that.

>children having a re-enacting of 9/11
Now thats an episode I'd want to watch, make it already Enter

This, they spend so much time criticizing others and trying so hard to subvert expectations that they don't realise it'd be better to do something a with some cliches but with a lot of heart than something with no cliches (somehow) but far too much cynicism.

all animators are mentally ill and/or autistic, user. no sane functioning human would willingly sit and draw the same images over and over for hours, days, weeks on end without being fucky in some way. animators are the most easily manipulatable retarded group of urchins in existence.

Not that user but I only ever watched a handful of them as a way to learn about bad movies, but I never agreed with their personal tastes. One by one each of them got on my nerves and I unsubscribed to each. I thought I was saving time by watching reviews of bad movies rather than watching them, but the truth was I'd have a better time actually laughing at the bad movies myself. Sorry for the blog, just trying to explain the mindset of why people might watch these guys.

The ability to analyze and the ability to create a likeable story are different.
>mr enter
He is not even a good one

Also because his haters are a lot worse than him, he would look much better in comparasion
Despite the fact he still does things like sperging out against writers, like in the Worst of 2010's Top 10 he went on a rant to Seth MacFarlane, as if he would actually watch his retarded hour-long video

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Why don't pianists manufacture grand pianos?

Probably much later, after the channel stagnates completely to a Spoony level
It would be interesting him trying to guilt trip people are making a mockery of himself, wonder if anyone would even buy it

Actually there are some guitarists who make guitars and play them, same with violinists. There might be someone who does that with pianos.

Terrible analogy. Pianists create. Piano manufacturers create. Critics do not create. They're parasites. They lack the fundamental skills needed to provide anything practical or inspiring.

When will the true best cartoon YouTuber come back? I liked this guy because he was just so chill and funny, he wasn't doing a 40 minute vid about a bad spongebob episode, he just wanted to talk about anime and cartoons man. Over the past year im starting to realize how crappy Pan Pizza is. His webcomic is surprisingly bad and this is coming from a guy who is thinking of a capeshit comic idea.

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Prorably only his closest clique would buy it after this

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Once I found out Pan Pizza is legit into all that Grim Tales from Down Below-tier shit I dropped his channel like a brick.

most of the time the ones who become coaches are guys who were pretty bad

For the same reason the coach doesn’t play. Understanding isn’t anything like ability.

What do you mean? Only thing im iffy about is the tranny in his podcast.

But the thing is, why can't they take that same criticism and apply it to their own work to make it better?

Read Grim Tales from Down Below that will tell you the type of person who likes Grim Tales from Down Below

Anyone can criticize something but only a few can actually make anything.

Writing is an NP problem. It's easier to pick apart existing stories than to make new ones.
Not that Enter can do either.

What's the first one?

Rebeltaxi's comic/pilot about OCs but IRL but they're like pokémon/yugioh/jojo stands. Very autistic, but has some potential with the younger crowds, if it ever were to have a decent execution. Sadly Pan is a coombrain and he even mention cartoon sex in his Adult Swim pitch.