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What kind of a rat is that?

big rat

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What is that from?aa20m

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nsfw link, click at own risk

Will you drink Jeff Goldblum's scummy brew?

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Basically rats have evolved to become the dominant species on earth but they're also a bunch neurotic agrophobes with a massive victim complex.

Hottest iteration by far.

>hottest Splinter
>not 2012 buff daddy
Nigga plz

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He looks like he makes all of the rules

Cute lab rats from the webcomic In Our Shadow.

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Let's see what kind of trouble they gonna get in to

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Is this SFW:?

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I want to fuck that carrot

when my brother visit me for christmas, I usually watch this movie see him get mad at the rat, he's a chef and hates this movie with passion but always watch the whole thing with incredible hate on his eyes.

I wish this was a comic or cartoon

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no Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures?

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Does he hate it just cause of the rat

>big rat

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I guess

Before Zorro from One Piece, we had Snikch.

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there's nothing safe about giant evil talking rats

can you stop with the antisemitism?

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>now you need to have a twitter account to view +18 content
Goddamn it.

that has been a thing for a while now. still not making a twitter anyway,

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That is so fucking gross

Skaven are based on Nazis not Jews .

whatever you say schlomo

It's blatantly obvious what's the problem with people seen Nazi a somehow believe is Jew? projection?

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here comes /pol/ waggling thier small white penis

this is now a mouse thread, post based chad mouses

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>muh dick

at least they still have one

Thinking anyone who doesn't agree with the politically incorrect board is a transvestite?

only the kind who talk's like one

Most people hate neo-nazis in America.

> Most people hate neo-nazis in America.

bitch, even the German neo-nazi's hate American neo-nazi's. where do you get this idea that everyone who deviates from the left likes them?

This makes for a good tinker bell edit. Lord knows she lacks decent porn.

>This makes for a good tinker bell edit. Lord knows she lacks decent porn.
That would be more than a edit, basically entirely redrawn but with the same pose.

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That Disney style isekai show with rats that Yea Forums was brainstorming a while back was pretty neat

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Nice to see someone else remembered it. I started making a game for /vg/'s rat game jam, with some of the models I made for that project but I missed the deadline and haven't worked on it since then. When I have some more free time I'll make a Yea Forumsllaboration thread for making the animation.

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One of the cases where his species is completely irrelevant.

Good model, but I don't feel this idea will ever materialize into something.

Damn shame they had to censor that. Everybody who knows rodents knows a rat that size would have basketball-sized nuts.

No...but others have. Where do you think his rat-man henchmen came from? Life, ah...found a way.

Highly fuckable

>Good model, but I don't feel this idea will ever materialize into something.
Thanks. Yeah that's entirely possible, the Yea Forumsllaboration thing is likely to flounder out but in the very least I'll make something myself with the models I make for it, at some point. Might not be but a minute or two of animation, instead of a a short film or what ever.