Samurai Rabbit The Usagi Chronicles

>Series dropped today and no one seems to care.
Always a good sign.
About to watch the first episode. Wish me luck, ninjas.

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a show with bunnies
It would be great if it was a bunny girl and not a boy, but he is femenine enough

gonna be honest, the character design looks butt ugly holy shit what are those facial features.

>Series dropped today and no one seems to care.
The trailer was incredibly underwhelming

Wait isn't Usagi mean the moon in Japan-talk? Why the fuck is he named The Moon?

Usagi means rabbit

Usagi means rabbit user.

Didn't even bother to Google to confirm his retarded thought first

Once again, Netflix's piss-poor marketing is to blame. And to be honest, it doesn't look that interesting at first glance.

>Series dropped today and no one seems to care.

People are probably waiting for the annual Usagi Yojimbo story time thread to pop up today to discuss it. I just got to episode 4 and have to say the show is a lot better than Ithought it it was going to be

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post whatever the FOTM waifu please

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Im on ep 2 right now and the animation look like shit. The movments are robotic and theirs no wieght behind the motions

I haven't seen it yet because it hasn't come out on the platform of my choice.

is tengu dude or girl


When you're a martial arts master, pants become optional.

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Sounds like your typical kids 3D show.

When did Usagi fight a Gashadokuro?

Hmmm. Time to alert togepi of this new hottie.

Watching it right now
Why are they wearing Mifune's Mon in the future?

Almost like Netflix is ran by morons or something

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Wow, that imagination sequence is just straight up the opening to Kung Fu Panda

are there any big buff men or younger boys to ship the main character with?


which Gen?

Nu Gen


Kitsune's VA sounds kind of cute.

I'm not usually down to get yiffy but...

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user, don't forget, she's still Kitsune


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Waiting on the mega.

bird mom?

Mogura best gang



stop being poor/nigger

>unironically giving anything but a raised middlefinger to wokeflix
No user, you are the nigger.

anonfiles dot com l639i4beyb Usagi_Chronicles_s1_zip

I took 113 screenshots of the karasu tengu so you don't have to watch the show if that's all you were interested in.

>Kitsune best girl
>Usagi worst boy
This show is fucking with me

>Usagi died a traitor

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He killed the Shogun

>He killed the Shogun
Why? How?

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Which one?
There are two who he could have killed without causing a time paradox and the third ones shogunate was the one that ran until Meiji restoration in 1800s.

finally saw the error in his ways and deposed that tyrant to restore the mikado

Hired by the Neko Ninja to do it

do Tomoe or Jei show up?

Damn, that Shizu puss must be something else...

After 2 episodes. Some of the jokes are really good, but some fall flat. Action scenes are a bit stiff, but rather creative. The textures are surprisingly detailed, you can see the fur and fabric mesh on closeups. The music is just fantastic. The fake 2D scenes look amazing and they are actually showing characters getting killed in those. Voice acting is fine. The series seems far from perfect, but interesting enough to keep watching.

>Chizu won

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>how to tell if the poster is a coomer