How would you write a crossover between Linkara and DC/Marvel?

How would you write a crossover between Linkara and DC/Marvel?

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Batman has to discover who has been kidnapping nasty cocksluts.
He thinks he’s dealing with the joker, since he gets bizarre notes enquiring if he’s talking about him, HHMMMMMMMMM?!?! Only to discover the horrifying truth.

King of Yea Forums

Is it bad that I just started watching his videos and I'm actually enjoying them?

Who would win in a fight between Linkara and Tucker Carlson over who gets to marry the Green M&M?

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Linkara, he has a magic gun.

Why is it that reviewers are always so shit about the stuff they're reviewing? Film reviewers can't make films and comic reviewers can't write or draw. If they could, they wouldn't waste time on doing reviews.


90% of his videos have not aged well due to his own mistakes and for cameos of Channel Awesome people.

I don't know, but I can certainly write off the existence of you, and all e-celeb worshipping subhumans as worthless.

Not at all. We make fun of Linkara but its just fun banter.

Yeah I do watch his videos. They make for good background noise while doing other stuff.

I wouldn't.

Off topic but with how much he likes power rangers you would think he would try to watch super sentai or any other tokusatsu show like kamen rider or garo. But for some reason he refuses to try and watch those shows.

He expressed no interest and indeed disdain for Sentai when he went on his huge Voltage Vengerz tirade.

I've never watched any of his stuff but I've seen him get posted on this website for years. The other day I stumbled on his channel and I honestly expected him to have way more subscribers

He said that it will be out when it's out

Why the hell would he have disdain for the very thing that is responsible for power rangers existing? Also most people consider super sentai to be than power rangers so why would he have no interest in it?

In DC Batman fucks Batgirl in front of Linkara and he cries.

In Marvel, uh, I don't know? What upsets the little piggy man? Hydra explicitly NOT being Nazis?

X-Men invite Lightbringer and all the sex slaves of Pharos City to live with them on Genoa.

I actually enjoy the 'storylines' he does. It's original and honestly, I skip reviews for comics I don't care til I get to it.

The Green M&M offers Wolverine a handjob and he says no, so Linkara takes up arms against the X-Men to avenge the M&M's honor

It's fucking Linkara, what do you want me to say?

Yea Forums was the exact same way for over a decade.

>Linkara defeating Galactus.

Beaten up by Bane and CIA

It is I, the Lightbringer

Did anyone see his Analogue Horror videos that he posted April 1?

Tucker has been trained by an army of bodybuilders and by now has the power of several weeks worth of ball sunning. He'd rip into Linkara like Jell-O

Maybe those were Linkara's posts?

he replaces arthur light

He hates Heroes in Crisis so he's alright in my book.

I'd be very scared if I were you


That depends, do you know all the dirt on him?

Another harassment thread

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I'm glad you're bringing some light into this thread


I just wanted to talk about how Linkara would fit into the DC or Marvel universe.

I feel like a bad person for bringing up the time his wife told him "suck my dick" during a livestream.

I feel bad that he didn't do it. I thought he was supposed to be a nasty cockslut? Did he lie to us?

Not at all, user. Not at all

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Of all people, Linkara deserves it

It'll be out when it's out

Who said he didn't do it?

It was a Poikemon livestream. Would anyone have noticed?

Linkar I mean LIGHTBRINGER becomes the new parallax style threat after Mars changes the Green M&M to lose the sexy heels, the JLA/Avengers have to team up to stop him.

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The world may never know

Trust me mate there is an insane amount of vitriol between Sentai and PR fans there always has been there always will be no it makes no sense but it will never change


Yes and it’s bad. He’s got somewhat interesting idea for a monster but unfortunately he explains too much about it, robbing it of it’s mystery and threat plus he makes the mistake it of showing in broad daylight in the last video and the effect is one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen in internet horror which is saying a LOT. He also got a bunch of his reviewer friends to voice act in it and while I won’t say they’re all shit (except for The Lightbringer himself, he’s just as overly hammy as he always is) they’re not good either. It doesn’t help that one of the things he’s done to make it stick out from other analog horror is to have footage of an actual town council meeting play, which sounds cool but in practice is incredibly distracting because you can tell that it’s just a dub of preexisting footage since none of the lip or body movements match the dialogue. Also the dialogue is bad and clunky which considering it was written by the guy who thought
>this Pokémon glitch would be the perfect villain for my comic review show
should not be a surprise.

Where'd he purchase that?

I have nearly every piece of PR Media on my Hard Drive and yet I refuse to waste a single megabyte on Sentai or Rider.

Ok Linkara

That shit dates back to when he was like 19. He's in his mid 30s now.

Jesus fucking Christ. If you are this ugly sack, kill yourself. If you're someone else standing him, kill yourself in a painful way

It makes perfect sense. Power Rangers is watered down bastardized American garbage.

Linkara likes to do that thing nerds do where if they get told to watch/read/play something that others insist is good they always take a contrarian stance and usually have a retarded reason for said stance
His dislike of Sentai makes no fucking sense and it's obvious even he doesn't know why

Some user who lurks both /k/ /x/

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When has Linkara said he hates Sentai? At most he only bemoans when a PR plot is dumb or not developed enough because of Sentai footage limitation.

>At most he only bemoans when a PR plot is dumb or not developed enough because of Sentai footage limitation.
NTA but that's exactly why people were asking him why he doesn't just watch Sentai to get the context. Like half of his complaints in regards to PR's plot or production originate from what happened in the Sentai counterpart. He could say "x happened because of [insert interesting trivia about the Sentai the PR season came from]" but instead he would always passive aggressively go "Oh yeah this happened in Super Sentai BUT LIKE I SAID I don't watch Sentai"

Anyway to actually answer your question I don't think he outright hates it but he clearly has some sort of weird disdain for it whenever he mentions it. Plus there's a video or 2 where he explains why he won't watch Sentai that boil down to "That's too much to watch" and "Well if I was reviewing a particular version of Sherlock Holmes, it would be pointless to review another version of the character that's completely different from the show I want to review" which makes no fucking sense

tl;dr Linkara probably doesn't hate Sentai but he is weirdly defensive about not watching it

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