Characters that are prefect for each other but would never happen

Characters that are prefect for each other but would never happen.

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You first OP

which robin is it?


In the same vein as them. I think they went on one date that didn't go anywhere after.

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Carol would find Spidey skipping on a date to do superhero stuff, immediately clean up shop in ten seconds and hold him by the shoulders painfully before grabbing him by the back of his costume and dragging him off. Desu as long as Mayday gets born I don't give a fuck.

Taylor robin

Dick. It is like a modern silver age age story.

They need one of those adventures where they have to trade costumes and impersonate one another. Kinda like when Superman dressed up as Batman.

Hard for Dick to pull off a Supergirl disguise.

>silicon tits
>batman's already given him voice lessons to impersonate people
>grab a wig
The only probably is Dick probably has a fatter ass than Kara.

>"Oh no there's a fire in that high rise apartment & people are stuck on the upper floors!"
>"Supergirl please save us!"
What now?

I prefer Supergirl and Jason Todd myself.

He ran around with bare legs for years.

>Mayday now is a flying brick with spider sense at a cosmic level
I'm ok with this.

He wore the Batigrl costume in Batgirl Year One to fool her dad.

Have they ever interacted?

>Dick immediately panics before running out into an alleyway and scaling the building with a grappling gun in a dangerously short skirt
>starts using some bullshit tech like foam bombs or maybe something stolen from Mr. Freeze so he can claim it was cold breath
> comes bursting out with the hostages panting and exhausted
"Uh, this kryptonite poisoning is no joke. Well, stay safe citizens"
>uses a wing glider suit to pretend he's soaring off into the sky with a grappling boost
>everyone looks at him weird as he leaves
"... was that a dude?"
"Do you really wanna write this up in the paperwork?"
"I guess not."
Oh jesus mayday would be making her dad mad jealous when she casually starts bench pressing buildings in front of him while Carol is laughing his ass off at the spider-seethe.

I dig it.

>"Did you see the outline of her pants?"
>Yeah, when did Supergirl grow a cock?"

>Fucking aliens

I actually prefer Kara/Jason myself, they make great foils and there was definitely some sexual tension between them on their team-ups.
But Kara/Dick is cute too, I think they would get along pretty well.
But the real Kara pairing is Kara/Steph ofc.

Never mix Pink and Red Kryptonite. Wacky shit happens
Meanwhile everyone is staring at Nightwing's ass and wondering why he's flatter than usual before Kara immediately gets out of sight and flies off in bludhaven to beat up some more bank rob

*bank robbers
lmao gotta watch the end of my sentences.

Carol made a joke about putting out. I think that intimidated Peter.

>tabloid rags in Metropolis selling like hotcakes over claims Supergirl is a secretly a crossdresser
>'Do alien hermaphrodites fly among us?'
>Bludhaven/Gotham Nightwing fanclubs online are in a huff over an impostor wearing their idol's costume
>"How are some floozy pretend to be our beloved peach boy with a body like a olympian!"

The problem is that a little after this happened, Superior occured. Then, during Superior, Carol got her mind wiped at the end of KSD's first volume, and as far as I'm aware, never got those memories back. At best, she just had friends tell her about herself, and given the kind of friends she has, can you imagine ANY of them going "Oh, by the way, you went out with Spider-Man that one time."


>Kara and Dick stumble back into each other
>Dick is covered up in soot and scorch marks along with the guts of some alien invader and a giant robot he had to blow up
>Kara's had to deal with ten billion petty criminals and super villains with the dumbest gimmicks possible and while she's not tired she's exhausted with the amount of monologues she had to interrupt with a fist to the face
>they both cry out in unison

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So Genis Vell de?

What is the least emasculating way for a female flyer to care a male non-flyer?

princess style

Looks like they went on some date that went bad.

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Biggest missed opportunity in a long time. X23 and teen Cyclops would have been great but for some reason they did that X23 and teen Angle that no one cared about.

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Yes. Check out Issue #35 of New 52 Supergirl

Mating press position?

X-23 shouldn't be with anyone. Hell she should hate sex itself considering what they did to her early on in comics.


Anyone got that art of Spider-Man riding Power Girl like a surfboard?

>"When I go out into the night dressed provocatively in the hopes of getting attacked and then saved by Nightwing, I don't want some dyke dressed as Nightwing. I want the real deal, chestnuts and all!"

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Id imagine shed jave a very hairy pussy

X-23 had a nice thing going with hellion and that's about it. Every other guy she went out with had nothing in common with her.

>"Do you have any idea how hard it is to even get harassed anymore when all the street thugs start recognizing you?! They keep walking the other way every time muttering "it's the crazy chick again" to themselves. I put a lot of effort in to look vulnerable, y'know!"

Jason works with a lot of pairings, but I've always liked the idea of Jason/Steph. Both are the poorfags of the batfam, Steph was always compared to Jason. Plus there's the appeal of both of them frustrating Tim by hooking up.

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>As of today, all sex workers operating in the Warzone District of Bludhaven are going on a sex strike until the real Nightwing shows up, many of whom are saying the seedy underground of Bludhaven is a lock and Nightwing is the key that opens and exposes it to all.

>take your stinking hands off him you damn dirty kryptonian!

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>"Were you raised in a circus!?"

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Man, I really like both of those character designs. They feel like classic outfits but with a little twist of modernity.

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Kara was originally and still should be Dick’s age. DC is just hellbent on keeping her a teen.

>Circus Monkey

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Ok, this is cute.

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Opinion discarded.

It could work. Steph should be over 18 now and realistically he should be closer in age to Tim than Dick.

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Literally never interacted.

The whole thing with teen Cyclops would have just been to troll adult Cyclops and Wolverine.



Dan Mora draws very pretty characters.