Why isn't Peter allowed to be happy?

why isn't Peter allowed to be happy?

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Somebody make this a AU comix.

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because marvel is run by idiots

It's 616 user

I'm quite certain they don't have a kid in 616.

That's a concept too based for nu-marvel.

That's the Peter we all want OP


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Wouldn't be happiness all the time with Felicia either but it certainly would be 100% worth it and miles ahead of his current situation

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because the people who buy his book just want to see him suffer.

Cute family

it's current year
just MCU May's age

Land fucking ruins this.

Marvel hated Peter Parker and Felicia is bisexual which means she's going to be stuck in a Lesbian relationship just like Harley and Ivy are.

Peter's soulmate is cute, cute!

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they think that makes him interesting

Whats the kid called? Spider-cat?

>Whats the kid called? Spider-cat?
Spider-cat I like.


Okay here are the problems I saw with the
Amazing Spider-Man #1
1. The obvious is the art, it's bad, like it's better than what JRJR has drawn in a couple years but that's still not very good imo, like it's incredible to me that when Ben was the lead they had Patrick Gleeson, Sarah Pichelli, and other really good artists on this book but when it goes back to Peter they thought bringing a guy who hasn't drawn a solid book in years was a good idea. Like it's definitely not because he can keep up with the schedule because this book was immensely delayed.
2. The reset, why do we always have to reset Peter's life it'd be more interesting if a run didn't start with Peter's life going to shit, like again even ignoring a break up with MJ again the amount of crap Peter has to go through is just becoming insufferable by this point.


They should hire japanese talent

>They should hire japanese talent
I don't think even that could save the ASM

I think there is split between writers on who want Peter and MJ together vs the writers who don't want them together, by that logic just bring Gwen Stacy back to life and called it a day.

felicia is the overall best choice even a blind man could see it.
then again marvel isnt just blind but headless

Honestly if MJ doesn't end up with Peter, I'd rather she just gets killed off. I'd rather a dead MJ than a MJ who's married or has kids with someone else.

You saw how the fans reacted when it was revealed that Gwen and Norman had kids and that story was hated for years till the point where a whole saga was created to fix that mistake. Now you go and give MJ kids of her own with this useless guy named Paul (who I hope dies horribly) and expect what? The fans to be onboard??
I'm sure Marvel has no idea of what they're doing and if this is the storyline that's going to be used for celebrating issue 900, I'm sad. Disappointed. And angry.

Just send her away like Betty instead of polluting the comic with stupid shenanigans.
But first thing first, let them remember Omd and mourn the loss of their unborn child.
Marvel needs lo learn the meaning of closure.

Peter already has a dead girlfriend, no need to turn him into Daredevil.

I am fine with if they just get rid of MJ, let felicia be with Peter and bring back Gwen back to life they can put Gwen in the background or have her ride off into the sunset after that and that's all I want.

>Peter already has a dead girlfriend, no need to turn him into Daredevil.
killing of MJ would not turn Peter into a Daredevil.

I want to see Gwen and Spider-Gwen meeting

Looks like we're going back to Straczinsky's status quo but badly written and overdone. I'm so tired of this shit. FFS it was TWENTY fucking years ago

Yeah I would like to see what would happen if they were to meet each other also, would thet get along with each or they would end up having a big a quarrel.

At this point, I really just don't think the people in charge at Marvel understand Spider-Man or know what to do with him. For all of Marvel's talk about how One More Day was necessary to save the franchise, they've done little but flounder around with the character since then. Don't get me wrong, there have been some good stories since then, but the bad outnumber them in my opinion. With all that said, I'm not sure I can bring myself to care anymore.

I want gwen stacey dead.
All of them.

Honestly, it's not really shocking Marvel pulls something like this, cheap as it may be. The company always has prided itself on a very middle-class "soap opera" appeal to its storytelling, so in a sense pulling a shock "twist" like this is entirely expected. It's just like Hydra!Cap, or Tony being dead since Civil War II only not really, or the Phoenix being Thor's mother. People don't like them, but hey, they garner attention and, in a sense, they're what people come to Marvel for. Tom Brevort even once said that an enraged audience is good, because it means they're talking.

Really, the bigger sticking point to me is the modern culture of using literally all past continuity at once like a melting pot. It might appeal to the "Marvel Zombie" crowd who follow literally everything Marvel does, but to me at least it just makes the books incomprehensible.

The same reason status quo never changes in comics: because normies who only watch the movies will be confused when they pick up a Spider-man comic and find out he's not a dork in high school.hhvpw


yeah that would be a good development, op

Best Peter ship by far. But right now he needs to clean that terrible mess he's involved with an that's gonna take time. boy, editors really hate him uh?

Because being miserable is Peter's status quo.

Muh status quo.

Muh status quo, muhfugger.


You know Marvel's motto. No change. Just the illusion of change. Gotta keep things nice and easily recognisable so you can rehash the same half a dozen stories until the end of time. Also most executives hate change, because change is risky. They'd rather just repeat what's known to work.

No one is happy at Marvel. They are all varying degrees of miserable. That said, Parker consistently ranks near the bottom. The way things are going, they'd have to bring in Steven "Skip" Westcott as a recurring villain to get the remaining readers to care anymore.

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Fun idea but in truth only BlackCat is worth it. would be better if she had twins

Problem is that miserable spiderman sells less then spiderman fighting against random super villians alongside random d heroes then going home to mary jane who's secretly 3 months preggers.

Gwen sells more

She sells nothing.

Did they seriously do ANOTHER RESET OMD style? Jesus fuck that’s the exact opposite of what fans want

I don't see why they don't just reboot. I know DC sucks ass at telling stories but just because one company can't do reboots well doesn't mean no one can. Just need good writers... Oh yeah Marvel sucks at that too...

aww, annie has a half-brother

not relatable

New issue has a big six months later like they are an MCU movie after the Thanos snap, only without the context. Everyone hates Peter and they want you to be invested in the mystery which they're going to be dragging for as long as possible but no one really cares.

It goes way beyond just Peter. Wally West is the only big 2 cape character to actually have lasting growth, relationships, and a family without it largely being built into his origin and even he went through some bullshit

This isn't true unless you don't account for the whole market trend.

Including a character assassination campaign by editorial that will never be equalled.

Has MJ been skinned alive by Robo-Moira yet?

HiC will always make me mad. Superheores getting therapy and shit getting wild should be an amazing story about the wonders of self care and open communication with your co-workers in a fantastic milieu where all kinds of horrible shit can mess with your collective head.
Instead; it was HiC.

Well let's look at Marvel's reboot track record
>Heroes Reborn: They're all in a pocket universe and even then it's only Avengers and Fantastic Four, also it's Liefeld at his Liefelidiest
>Ultimate Universe: It's an AU
The fact that every other effort since then has been relaunches all within the main universe speaks volumes really

Can't draw but possibly could do a 3D if I wanted

Pretty sure she pegs him

Rebooting solves absolutely nothing and only serves as a clear signal for the few doomed souls still holding on to abandon ship.