Is this the worst thing to come out of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

Is this the worst thing to come out of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

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No, the worst thing to come out of the Clone Wars is convincing people to think the Prequels were actually good. When they're still not.

Neither, it turns out, is the Clone Wars

No that would be the Padme episodes.

>four lekku
I swear most people who waifu Ahsoka don't actually know the character let alone like Star Wars.

People who like TCW don't like Star Wars

No, that would be all the shoehorned references to Star Wars: Episode 3 and the Original Trilogy.

No, the constant whining and moaning from the chuds and boomers of the fanbase is.

PROTIP: You don't actually like star wars, you just like "shooty bang bang and laser swords in space".

You're right, they like something better than Star Wars

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I like Star Wars. I just recognize it should've stopped with RotJ.

So you like 3 of the 11 movies, 0 books and 0 series. It sounds like you don't actually like star wars and you're just following social norms of "OT good, everything else bad!".

> the chuds and boomers
What the fuck is this retard babble? Speak English for fucks sake

YM 3 of the 6 movies and debatably 1 series. If it's not by George it's not Star Wars.

Lucas had his hands in almost every Star Wars Eu project especially the cartoons, user

>If it's not by George it's not Star Wars.
You know how much George checked and approved in the EU? A shitton.

Not really. Ashoka's fine, my biggest issue is that she clogs the r34 search a bit too much, but that can be filtered.
He also created the vong and was the mastermind behind the evil jacen plot. And Lucas also took a lot of EU ideas, especially from dark horse.

>. It sounds like you don't actually like star wars and you're just following social norms of "OT good, everything else bad!".
No. I just like the first three Star Wars movies and very little else. Liking something doesn't necessitate enjoying every part of it. Are you 14?

>Is this the worst thing to come out of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?
No, this was

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God. What an atrocious season that was. This really put into perspective what a hack Filoni truly is

He gave occasional suggestions and had to okay everything, but it was never something he was the architect of. TCW and the movies were his projects.

He also regretted how the tone of the show gradually became darker and grittier and wanted to reverse that with Rebels

Isnt that the thing that was the most praised from TCW?

Not really. He wanted Ahsoka dead and by the time season 7 rolled around it 100% wasn't his project anymore. He also worked on his own movie Red Tail while Clone Wars was in production, so he really wasn't that much more involved compared to other Eu projects and especially the Star Wars films

>He also regretted how the tone of the show gradually became darker and grittier
Literally one of the most praised things about TCW, what the fuck Filoni

The last arc was good, but what it choose to focus on was such a waste. Especially given all the arcs they passed over.

He still worked closely with Filoni and considered TCW a part of his story. He never felt that way about the EU.

>Especially given all the arcs they passed over.
Which one did you want to see, Boba or Utapau?
Since Ventress and Talzin were already in written form.

>Star wars exists... I think part of what makes it great that it's fun
>It doesn't take itself too seriously all the time
Star Wars was occiasionally lighthearted but 90% of these 6 movies were pretty serious in tone so I don't know what he's talking about. Jar Jar was the most lighthearted and people HATED that shit


>All this shit passed over in favor of pointless filler

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The ashoka stuff was written as well, didnt stop them from doing it.

Utapau seems like the best bet since we actually get to see more of anakin and obi wan. And seeing son of dathomir adapted would finally give the two supposed main villains of the show an actual win.

FOUR episodes of the Undercut Twins that do nothing but introduce the Undercut Twins. It's just wasteful.

The last arc ain't perfect either. Maul felt absolutely wasted and I'm still baffled why Ahsoka pretends like she is sad about the clones when she freed a guy would definitely kill them

And the bad batch ones, which serve purely to set up another show. They should have cut one of those, and if they still wanted the spin off they should have made those the oepening arc.

The Bad Batch have 20 episodes dedicated to them and they still haven't justified their existence

>Maul felt absolutely wasted
Why? Because he lost to Ahsoka or because he is just a broken man?

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Bringing Maul back from the dead at all was pointless.

I wonder why they couldnt have made a thing and canonized the republic commandos from the game more.

Idk the bad batch could be an intresting concept but it just follows trough the motions.

That is odd, yeah.

Altough its also very odd that maul has a double bladed lightsaber again, and doesnt use the darksaber, despite it being his claim for mandalore and all that.

Because he added nothing to the story but to say "Oh Anakin is becoming evil, Ahsoka" which also served no purpose and even conflicts a bit with Rebels where she only has a force hunch about Anakin having turned into Vader

>Ahsoka pretends like she is sad about the clones
For Rex sake

Goddamnit I haven't even though about that. The Darksaber ending up with the Empire makes no fucking sense

There are tons of EU references in the prequels, he was only really involved in TCW's early seasons.

>The Darksaber ending up with the Empire makes no fucking sense
That's covered in Rebels
They find it in Mauls lair

>you now remember the futa Ashoka posters
What a time to be alive

They just wanted the visual of maul with a double bladed lightsaber. Tho i imagine him taping half his red one and the dark saber could have been very visually unique and a way to keep that.
I think the weirder part is maul just not using it at all here.

Why would it be in his lair? He was ruling on Mandalore and then crashed his ship on this sith planet

He was meant to be the big bad for the Sequel Trilogy his apprentice would've be Darth Talon, and Leia would've been the one to defeat him (and redeem her sun). That's why he was building his crime empire in TCW/OT but. With all this said and done it now makes since why he had a a scrapped video game tie-in.

Which is hilarious in hindsight, the Rebels set up Mandalore for the purge lmao

Remember what Disney has taken from you

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Lucas explained this himself several times. Where he could be consistent without conflict he would try to be (like the names of places), but otherwise the burden of consistency was on the licensing end. Hence why TCW exists to begin with. Lucas was always open about the fact the EU was its own beast, and he was never precious about it.

It sounds like a terrible idea, but it at least would've culminated in something for Maul.

It's crazy how Disney was practically given an outline how the ST should go and they said naw we'll "wing it"

Liking something generally implies liking at least half of something. You like a miniscule part that is also the most popular part. You don't actually like star wars, you just like what you're told you should like. If you saw the OT without the decades of fanfare behind it, you'd hate it.

>It sounds like a terrible idea
While your trips are based it's better than what we got. Mafioso Boss Mail vs an old Jedi Leia sounds extremely based

They had multiple opportunities to make this shit way more interesting than it ended up happening. They had EU books and they had Lucas' original outline but instead we ended up getting the OT for literally every ST film.

Honestly i dont get why Lucas wanted to tie the two. Talon's whole thing was being loyal to her master who ruled the one sith. She doesnt fit the rule of two much, or at all.

>it's better than what we got
Low bar

the prequels are good, the clone wars is shit.

It's really not a low bar. Plus Lukes subatomic force adventure. It would've been good

You see user Lucas Talon would've been different to EU Talon pretty much. That's what I'm getting from this.

He was just being horny for twileks
Also Lucas version of ST would've retconned entire post Rotj EU so contradiction wouldn't have mattered anyway

>George sees statue of Red Booba Tattoo Lady in a game studio making a Maul game
>Immediately starts crack shipping and tells the team to build their whole plot around it

That's why.

Yeah. Dunno how to feel on it.
>She already has a master

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G-Canon trumps literally every other canon. Lucas of course wouldn't shit on EU material on purpose but he said it himself that oftentimes other authors can get overly excited writing for Star Wars and do some shit he perhaps wouldn't want. The game would have likely explained how Talon got close to Maul so his movie would connect well with it.

Its funny how a lot of fans that dont know what talon's character even is do the same thing. But oh well, still would have been better than what we got id say.

Based George

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I guess the simplest solution is just make it another darth talon pre-krayt's rise. Its not like sith dont use the same names since darth rivan was a thing.

Maybe it could've been explained it as og Talon's ancestor like Darth Wyyrlock name being inherited or whatever

>you just like what you're told you should like.
Speak for yourself, my tender teen.

Yeah. Still a bit wacky to me but oh well.

I do wish krayt and the other one sith (wyrlock, nhil and maladi) were talked about more often rather than talon.

Nihl may have been the most underutilised character out of all One Sith. Krayt, Wyyrlock, Maladi had their moments. But Nihl was quite bland even though he is the one who killed Cade's dad. That Quarren and scientist sith duo were more impressive than Nihl to be honest

I feel like the idea of him having more ambition than the average one sith member but not acting on it, and ending as its leader, could have been used for something great in a sequel. But we got a shit book instead.

I was reading Legacy vol 2 via Epic Collection so to speak. So far the main cast and Darth Wredd's entrance was pretty interesting but I guess it doesn't get better later on?

This. It's pretty obvious that Scrapped ST Talon would've had a completely different backstory than her EU counterpart