This movie is secretly based

>says you need to actually work towards building a better future instead if being a vengeful piece of shit that just destroys things and hurts people
BLM "protests" BTFO

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Careful user you're posting your correct observationon Yea Forumsmblr, not Yea Forums

Overall the new Batman film is based both in concept and execution.

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No that's also what BLM says but they also just go on a cool edgy fun destruction ride and then preach about unrelated nonsense after it's over

Just like Batman
It’s like pottery

t. Riddler
Go back to crying in your cell

But when BLM gets caught doing any of that they cry and try to shift the blame

>then preach about unrelated nonsense after it's over
ah another brainlet that didn't pay attention

>Bootlicking is... Le good
I know /pol/ has taken over Yea Forums but still... Yikes.

What are you talking about? Op was saying those bootlicking niggerloving protesters were bad

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> Except for muh few good applerinos.
Is this the grounded Batman movie you guys been creaming over?

This movie is a "controlled narrative" response to the Joker movie, which was authentically leftist message.


>They murdered
No one fucking died besides a bunch of infrastructure.
Now on the other hand...
It's funny how people here have to convince themselves that a movie supports them with the most hilarious mental gymnastics ever.

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Why do leftists have to co-opt shit? The Joker movie was so recent, I distinctly remember everyone freaking out about how right-wing it was
>n-n-no, i-it’s all about m-mental health and social service funding
Just live with the fact that a right-wing movie got big and beloved. You don’t need to co-opt everything

There is something to be said about how nearly every other colonized country seems to be doing fine after colonization (SEA, India, South America) except Africa which is still a shithole. Any time a migrant worker comes from like the Philippines, they do well literally anywhere but African-Americans still feel like they have no upward movement after being in a country for more than a hundred years?

The lying holes on this board are so pathetic. Femanon lives don't matter.

>the police and military made no attempt to stop the nigger-subhuman lives matter protesters
Right, that's why protestors were being dragged off without reason, beaten, and thousands arrested... you need to get out of your racist delusional bubbles.

I don't know who is the fbi agent that has to watch over your shit to collect evidence on you, but they don't pay them enough.

does someone has the Peter pic saying “schizo thread” please?

Ahh a schizo thread. I was missing those. sweet a schizo thread

So I guess we're going to ignore the multiple attempts by lone wolves and cops to kill BLM protesters

There's nothing wrong with lashing out against legitimate mistreatment by the authorities and power tripping.

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You do know that right after that, they blasted the protestors with hoses?

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The riots, looting, rape, and murder prove that it isn't "mistreatment."

This. way too many smooth brains heard the "white privilege assholes" scene and were not capable of understanding irony, considering Catwoman is trying to tell bat that HE really cares about people, unlike those rich white privilege assholes like BRUCE WAYNE.

fast forward to more scenes with Riddler, where he claims that because his life was so bad, rich people like bruce couldn't possibly have suffered any trauma in their life.

The fundamental message of the movie is that Resentment is poison -- and resentment is the heartbeat of Leftism

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Thats true, but it does ALSO say that the system is rigged and that corrupt rich white people with all of the money are only using public facing token charity as a smokescreen for their own self-serving interests and things only get better after they are all dead. The things that were supposed to save the city the 'right' way, like the foundation and the progressive new mayor, were doomed from the start by the corrupt system they were surrounded by.

Riddler WAS a psychopath, but if you look at how deep the corruption was in Gotham there really is no conceivable way that things would have gotten better without his actions or a similar level of 'burn it all down and start fresh' action by the state or federal government (which would never happen).

>ALSO say that the system is rigged and that corrupt rich white people with all of the money are only using public facing token charity as a smokescreen for their own self-serving interests and things only get better after they are all dead.
that's not something the "right" wing today would disagree with either. But in this case there's a 99% chance that the corrupt rich white government/mafia machine is Gotham is run by Democrats

>This blackwashed movie totally agrees with my politics!
You guys are really starving on that "take what you can get diet" huh?

I've seen this movie 6 times....I think something is wrong with me. I really really love it.

I'm glad you enjoy it, user. Everyone deserves to have something that makes them that happy.

>Major US cities, utterly unlivable
What major US city is currently "utterly unlivable" at the moment? Or even a couple months after the protests died down?

west philadelphia and Chicago

It was authentically leftist. Revolutionary, anti-elitist and system was at fault. That's why shitlibs in media freaked out

So you actually think that BLM is based because that what they're about too. Weirdlly roundabout way to say, but I get it, there's a lot of really overly sensitive /pol/tard/sjw/soccer mom types around Yea Forums these days, so you gotta tiptoe around it.

Dozens of people died by violent means as a direct result of the BLM riots.
Only a hand full of people died on Jan 6th and none of them were a direct result of violence.
I know you love your corporate over lord's and hate your fellow citizens, so you're lies won't work here shill.

Are rightoids still whining about BLMs cause they're racist faggots?

There was one or two instances when MARKED government agents removed several protesters form ONE protest. They never beat anyone that was not already attacking them. In fact, as long as the rioters didn't directly threaten them, the police were happy to sit back and watch their community's burn.
This is all of course to say nothing of the rioters that were arrested being bailed out by politicians and celebrities, all while activists judges dropped their cases and let them get back to their violent riots.
Fuck you, you commie apologist piece of shit.

Are leftoids still whining about Trump cause their faggots?

Why have the populations of those places remained relatively unchanged if they're unlivable? In fact, Chicago has only gotten more populous since 2020.

>They never beat anyone that was not already attacking them.
Lmao holy shit what
Police were beating the fuck out of people for sport throughout the summer of 2020, you can find ridiculous amounts of footage showing it

Well come to Yea Forums newfag, I hope you (don't) like it here.

You're fucking delusional and clearly weren't paying attention during the protests.

now THIS is bait

listen I like Uncle Ted too but he was also a loser but for different reasons

me too user, it's batkino

The best thing about batman is that it filters plebs on the left AND on the right.

Gotham also isn't literally unlivable because it still has human beings living in it. Don't be a sperg

Oh I agree he was, but he was still right in his assessments of others

I mean that is true andnit is a good message but it also is saying you cant just have a beta uprising and kill people that dont deserve it

Thats why you should only target people who have actually wrong you in your past

>In the beginnig the man that Batman saved begs for his life because he think The Batman will hurt him

>In the ending the young women that he carries to the helicopter clings on to him until he re assures her that she'll be fine
You gotta admit that's pretty fucking good

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>Gotham also isn't literally unlivable

Yes what

It's not unlivable, it's not that conplicated

Nice spelling cousin fucker

Yes, it's not literally the inside of a volcano. I'm not sure what comfort that gives someone when they are gunned down in the street as they step over the bodies of homeless heroin addicts

How exactly is this because of BLM protests
It's not like the police department had their budget slashed

I liked that movie a lot. Best Batman movie so far. Only had some issues with the kinda lackluster soundtrack and catwoman romance and Alfred not kinda getting proper build up. Everything else was pretty stellar.

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