Moon Knight

Episode 5 is easily the best episode. Will 6 be able to wrap things up? Did the flashbacks make an impact on you?

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It was pretty good, but I hate how hard they're edging us on Jake.

I think it worked well as a distraction for this episode so you aren't expecting the emotional character moments and (hopefully) set up for next episode

Either Jake or Layla somehow gets Marc out of Egypt Heaven or, worst case scenario, Marc stays dead and Layla becomes the new Moon Knight.

>Layla becomes the new Moon Knight.
You dumbass. Khonshu was never going to take Layla. It was a bluff to keep Marc around. He needs Marc

>Will 6 be able to wrap things up?
aww im sad theres only 6 eps i thought there would be 8

I'm hoping they didn't kill off Steven just so the guy didn't have to play three characters simultaneously

Episode 6 is gonna be a rush job if they have to get Marc out, save Steven, defeats Harrow, rescue Layla, seals Ammit, free Khonshu and tease Jake. I guess there's a good chance it'll be renewed if Disney is so inclined and reaction seems mostly positive.

Also no faggots Jake didn't appears in this one scene where Marc tries to stab himself

>Worst case scenario

Pretty sure it was a joke. Chill.

Jake is the new Mephisto

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It has to be a possible scenario in the first place

He literally uses the Brooklyn accent in that scene. It was Jake.

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>renew season
why they so afraid were previous marvel disney+ flopped?

A bit weird how they introduced Jake the way they did.

Also since Steven is dead, will he be controlling Mr Knight in season two instead?

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>Jake didn't appears in this one scene where Marc tries to stab himself
his accent literally changed, if it wasnt on purpose theyd have made him reshoot the scene

I don't understand how steven wasn't supposed to know his mother was beating him when he made steven right before he got beat by his mother. shouldn't it be the other way around or did he switch back to marc right before he got beat?

Limited series = Awards

>Muh accent
Means nothing. You misheard.
Here are the facts
>Jake is in the sarcophagus and there's nothing in the episode that hints that he got out besides "an accent"
>The show absolutely insisted on the fact that Jake was a third personality when he took control during episode 3 and when Steven and Marc saw the sarcophagus, why would you believe it is now so subtle that it would spoil a major twist on a subtle difference in accent which will undoubtely be lost on 99% of viewers, let alone people watching dubs.

And even if you're dead set on the accent, that doesn't mean that Jake was masquerading as Marc, it means that when Marc's very angry he gets a Brooklyn accent, which is consistent with what we know so far of Jake who seems to be the most violent personality. It could be an hint of Jake, but not Jake himself.

Plus for whatever reason that version had a broken nose

>>Muh accent
stopped reading right there bye

You can’t kill a mental construct. Steven will exist so long as Marc remains insane

I think they’re implying Jake was the persona at the wheel whenever mommy was beating him with a belt. It explains why Marc fled into his own mind and why Steven never knew. It also explains why Jake is the most unhinged and violent

Steven only existed to be Marc's emotional cushion, now that's gone and he literally died in the afterlife sands. It's setting up Jake to be Marc's alternate personality for season two.

Don't trip over your headcanon when next week's episode doesn't mention the office scene at all when Jake appears

im taking it youve read the script then ?

Again, Steven will remain so long as Marc needs him, and he does. The sands mean nothing in this circumstance. If anything season 2 will be Steven trying to bridge the gap between Marc and Jake


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Marc is the one who remembers the abuse, Steven is the unaware one who copes with it through denial

I miss her so much bros

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great episode. Wait who is jake? Let me guess there is a third one inside that is jake? Damn do I feel spoiled, but I really never knew if steven was the real one or marc.

Never read the comics

If you haven't read the comics don't start googling shit now to spoil it on yourself with one episode left, Jake might not even show up.
Also Moon Knight's comics are quite good

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Marc is the original, and yes he has two other personalities in comics. Jake in canon is a cab driver, not sure what they’ll do here. He was hinted in the show repeatedly

So the Marc at the start of the episode with the broken nose and trying to stab himself. That was Jake right? He looked way more unhinged and talked a bit different

Nah it was Marc. He had a broken nose because he got punched by the nurses for trying to escape, except in his mind he did escape and met Steven and the Hippo goddess. Of course the whole thing is in his mind to begin since he's dead with but part of his mind is rationalizing what's happening to him as psychotic episodes.

Jake is still locked up, he's not getting out, at least not on his own.

Not him but that doesn’t track because the broken nose mysteriously disappears after his violent freak out. We don’t see the punch either

Considering that in the "fake" asylum with Dr. Harrow Marc is treated as having a split personality there's no separate body between the personalities. In the last episode Marc escape the room with Harrow but still finds himself back in there at random time throughout the episode.

It's just dreamscape logic.

Based on the other stories that deal with this type of thing.... I'm gonna guess jake is gonna be the "evil" personality that the other two don't know about.

I mean, it's obvious marc/steven have no idea that there's another personality, and his one main "appearance" is him killing some guys. And I mention that first bit because I have seen waaaaaayyyy too many people act like marc/steven are ignoring jake, when anyone with a functioning brain can tell they have no clue someone else is in there with them.

They should be clued in given the other sarcophagus

And did they acknowledge it in any major way? Like, "hey, there's another sarcophagus here... huh. Wonder what that means?"

I wouldn't be surprised if they "know" someone else might be in their head, but at no point have they mentioned this fact. Like the killer talk should have ended with some version of "dammit jake" or the sarcophagus scene they could have out loud mentioned that jake's still in there.

So far it seems like they want the audience to know someone else is in there, but marc/steven have shown no clue.

>Jake pretty much confirmed to be the violent persona
>they all apparently have different suits
What fit are we thinking for Jake, I’m thinking devils reign prison suit

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They don’t want to know, that’s the point

Jake is probably a third personae Marc created to disassociate when he was doing extremely fucked up shit as a merc/moon knight much like how steven was created to disassociate when his mom was beating him

i just learned they sandblasted the girl companion of moonknight. was dissapointed.

still a nice show.

is there any reason given why anubis not ferrying the dead? its his actual job.

It's been more environmental storytelling/implied but basically he seems to have fucked up in the past like Ammit and Khonshou so got Stone'd (people have said you can see his jar). And that's why the hippo goddess took his place and needs cards to read off of because she's just filling in and it isn't her normal godly duties. This is probably setting him up to get released and become a villain for either MK or the Midnight Sons in the future. Ra is also missing from the Ennead so that's probably Sun King set-up.

Maybe Khonshu wasn't the only one who didn't abandon humanity. I mean it's possible that after his exile some of the other gods slowly started to doubt and bring it up. But if their line of thought was deemed too dangerous the other gods just sealed them in stone because they didn't want another rogue god killing people or something. I think they mostly put up with Khonshu because he was still technically true to his duties and wasn't all that dangerous compared to what some of the other gods could do if they decided to do the same thing. Like Anubis would be a problem if he started fucking with the scale or personally hunting down people to be judged

>Tawaret appears for like ten seconds at the end of an episode
>everyone immediately waifus her
I don't watch this show, but I do find this fact amusing.

Like an user said in another thread, some take on a straight jacket mixed with that one tattered sack and wraps look would be kino

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that was me! I said that!

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>whenever someone walks up to Isaac and reminds him about Star Wars

because he's a statue. seriously go back to the scene where they enshrine konshu. his statue is in the shelf they put konshu on.

>Enrages the Turkish roaches
>Enrages the Cambodian roaches
>Enrages the bongs
>Depicts pagan gods as useless cunts (embrace the one true lord)
>Encourages schizos not to take their meds
>Shows third world country as a dangerous shithole
>Shows the true kike family dynamics that (((they))) don’t want you to see
>Hero is at his most powerful in an all white costume with a pointy hood
This show gets more based by the day

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Hell it should have been obvious to them by the last episode with the third tomb, or the fact that the scale in this episode was said to be “incomplete” with just the two hearts on it.

Does this mean your paid shilling is almost done?

This post is right on the money.

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this doesnt make you sound edgy and cool just das and obsessed with being a white supremacist on the internet

You get to see him in episode 5. When "Marc's" face is bandaged he talks in a different accent than either personality we've seen before. And the bandage went away instantaneously. They were pretty much waving it in front of our faces.

It's so good I genuinely hope it's this season and done. As soon as something gets popular it's ruined by blacktivism, muh feminism and the letters brigade. It's rather have one great season of a show than it carry on and be ruined by "progressives".