“It is not the job of artists to give the audience what the audience want. If the audience knew what they needed...

>“It is not the job of artists to give the audience what the audience want. If the audience knew what they needed, then they wouldn’t be the audience. They would be the artist. It is the job of artists to give the audience what they need.”

He's correct. Writers are writers. They aren't servers.

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Any torrent for his storytelling course?

yeah besides if you are overly pandering people will get bored. people like surprises sometimes

>The world needs loli porn
Tell me more about what I need, Alan-sama

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Look at media made today and tell me that is what we need

That's the problem, user. Too many companies (Disney especially) listen to fan outcries and focus-test their properties to death. We need more creators with an actual vision who won't bend to fanbabies.

Yeah but everyone is a pussy afraid of getting "cancelled"or they do it willingly to poison the well


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They should really use this advice for Star Wars.

Well, he ain't wrong. People are retarded. But this guy is a pretentious wanker.

Just watch a homeless man taking an explosive shit on the street somewhere. You'll get the exact same experience

He'll start adding another Isabella thread.

You're not an artist, Alan. You write picture books about colorful strongmen for commercial purposes while looking for new ways to insert your rape fetish.

No such thing as being cancelled by society. People have boycotted or supported products since ancient times, Businessmen making a profit and will do anything whatever sells. Money is behind their decisions.

He's fooling himself if he thinks he's any wiser or more perceptive than the public.

I'd consider him more of an artist than any of the supposed ones working in the comic industry.

Most creators cant critique and most critics cant create. So yes you should try to please an audience


He's a magician, he doesn't even need us to believe the smoke and mirrors to be the real thing. Glycon is real as a fictionnal character, the most honest god.

He's a purveyor of culture, a modern day shaman, crafter of stories. He likes to play the bitter old man for his audience, silly mandrill that he is.

Also this. There's plenty to discuss, why stay obsessed with some arrogant observation which is old, let's discuss something else - is our culture turning to steam?

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>Still the least simian nerd pictured

Bending to fans too much is absolutely NOT what's wrong with comics today. What's wrong with it is going to the opposite extreme, only seeking to upset the fans as much as humanly possible and then wondering why they're not buying anything anymore.

do you insinuate the world would be better off without loli porn?

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Bending to fans has only tanked franchises.

Not bending to fans has bankrupted studios and left many creators in poverty, The starving artist in an attic with his great art that no one else likes,


Are you forgetting that nerd culture is plagued by drooling retards? Look anywhere outside of this board and it will be painfully obvious that you don't want studios to listen to fans. Making money does not mean something is good art.

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Didn't you post this yesterday? Which assmad creator are you?


The general audience doesn't give a single damn about good writing. Popular modern works, up to a hundred years ago, are written at a seventh grade level. Movies are made for the lowest common denominator, and your average Joe that consumes it have no critical thought. Only things such as drama, suspense, theming, or what have you. Since art is made for profit, the best way to gain profit is to produce it for the masses.

Are you a bot or something? Surely no human being would be this obsessed.

I remembered when I used to believe this too.

Then I realized a lot of the creatives who would agree with Moore were trying to excuse substandard work that not even the general audience liked.

General audiences have shit taste. I'm not obligated to care about their opinions.

Yes, and?

Wait, you're saying Mark Twain wrote at 7th grade level? Jane Ausen? Dickens? Dosteyosky, Tolstoy? Even Poe, who I'm not that wild about?

Must have been some genius 7th graders in the 19th Century. Who do we have better in the past hundred years. Hemingway I grant, but James Michener? Herman Wouk? Roth?

It's startling that you exempt this board from drooling retards. The percentage is higher here than on most popular message boards.

i think he's also the Isabella lunatic.

This dude made like three decent comics and thinks he's a wizard.

>It is not the job of artists to give the audience what the audience want.
Unless the artist was hired to give the audience what they want.
>If the audience knew what they want needed, then they wouldn't be the audience.
You have a marketing team for that.

This man is dumb.

Of course many feel the same about you, only fair. Classical music fans sneer at jazz, jazz fans sneer at pop, everyone gets to feel superior.

I don't remember him always being so obtuse. Maybe he's starting to have Senior Moments where he can't find the bathroom or calls everyone by the wrong names

It's the self-aggrandizing bullshit that connects most writers, regardless of skill or acclaim.

He said that long ago, like at least before 2010

That's even more disenheartening,

Let's the artist: make the last jedi


Why are comic book writers of all people up ther own ass?

Mostly just the ones from the UK. Gaiman is chill though.

Mah nigga

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I don't ever remember "needing" a comic about a woman jerking off a fish monster man.

>We need more creators with an actual vision who won't bend to fanbabies.
We heard you loud and clear

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Here's the only thing you have to know, if you write something, try to tell a message you want (or have) to communicate to others. Not venting your autistic, average routine problems, but authentic information you'd consider worth of writing. Maybe an adventure, mabe a thriller, I don't know, that depends of (you). If you do it only because of the money, (which is good, but maybe you don't care for the writing that much) chances you have to fail at telling your #epic, so relatable message. It will not be what the audience wants, but you do want it. And that's what matters.

>Gaiman is chill
Sure, when he's consistent with his logic.

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>Implying TLJ was an auteur work
It was still supervised by Kathleen Kennedy and her coven. Rian Johnson is a good boy and took all the blame. It's basically Empire Strikes Back with some Return of Jedi, another rip-off with some le edge to fool the fans

Fair enough, but don't sperg out when people don't like what you make.

Bitch, their job is to give the god story I asked for. They answer to the customer. The customer is the one giving them money to keep working. Get the fuck out of here, spoiled authors need to learn their place.



artists need to realize that there must be a balance maintained between expression and palatability if they want their work to get any recognition of substance.

Art isn't consumable.

what do you think about his advice of making sure to consume "bad" media on top of the good stuff?

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