Archie Mega Man

This book was great, and didn't deserve to be cancelled.

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eh, not really. I'm sorry to say user but these comics always fell into the "too childlike" category and not enough nostalgia baity to be worth reading, especially considering megaman's core audience now is a lot older. Mind you, im not exactly asking for a gritty megaman, its just that this stuff, and even the megaman megamix mangas and stuff always didn't hit right, they missed the main feeling of what megaman is like. Classic megaman is truly hard to do "properly" which is why even MM11 feels inauthentic.

Comic spinoffs work for sonic because the story's been bad in sonic games ever since heroes, and people are just happy to see new furry ocs every 10 issues or whatever.

It probably just had bad numbers, and im not defending the cancellation of comics, but "Didnt deserve to be cancelled" is a bit much.

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>"too childlike"
>not enough nostalgia baity to be worth reading

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What's hard to understand about plots and characters being too childish to draw more mature readers, and not enough nostalgiabait to draw in more mature readers either?

I didn't like its takes on the characters, especially Mega Man.

Both of those assertions are objectively incorrect. Did you actually read the book?


I liked the references to the megas, it's nice they acknowledged the fandom, but yah never ever bought one, the didn't offer anything that felt relevant enough to the canon, if they touched the transition into the x games that would've been a game changer, everyone has expected to see rocs inevitable fall to zero in any sort of official media to no avail

At least it didn't end in human sacrifice

>and not enough nostalgiabait
We had the fucking pogo stick, what more do you want?

needs more metal man

They just made him a shorter X, which was pretty disappointing, but overall it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the comic.

>too childlike
>arc where the entire world's power and electronics are knocked out
>two different planes are shown falling from the sky
>one scientist had nearly everyone in his group die horribly
>roll gets blasted and almost dies
>mega man goes through most of the arcs getting worn down
>mm executing needle man
Ian and his murderboner was on full display during that Ra Moon arc.

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Amazing comic but the pacing of the overall story completely fell apart after the MM2 adaption. They got through MM1 (and the MMPU side story) and MM2 in the first 12 issues. Not bad.
Then #13 happened.
That brought them in to that damn jungle from Super Adventure Rockman, and in between spending several issues adapting SAR (which was a Japanese-only sidegame nobody played and Inafune disowned), a whole bunch of little original story arcs and slice-of-life shit, and then inexplicably revisiting SAR twice (why?) they didn't end up moving on to MM3 until motherfucking issue 41. That's 29 issues after the MM2 arc.
I can understand Archie not wanting to blow their wad and adapt the games one after another, but it's ridiculous how caught up they got with little side-stories and Super Adventure Rockman and ended up having to settle with giving little future flashes of unadapted MM games in the final issue.

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Hey, it worked. it's not like you really CAN do anything interesting with Rock outside of making him baby X.

Seriously. That shit went hard.

>mature readers
So you’re sixteen and think mature readers are all retards? Pro tip faggot those of us who are actual adults just want childish comics when it comes to childish properties.

>Ian and his murderboner

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Based Dr. Lalinde and her waifubot daughters.

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Too many OCs. Classic Mega Man is fundamentally too episodic, so they had to shove a bunch of dumb made up shit in order to establish stronger continuity without having every arc be the same being over and over.

If they wanted more varied story arcs, they would have used Battle Network. If they wanted something a little more mature, then Zero. If they wanted a solid cast of characters, then Star Force. If they wanted something 80s anime, the Legends. And if they wanted something middle-of-the-road, then X. In fact, X probably would have fit what they were going for far better than Classic. You can only take Classic so far. Even Megamix has to keep adding bullshit melodrama to have some semblance of plot.

>It takes Wily years of study to be able to make a Robot Master on the level of Mega Man
>Shitty Archie OC does it in only a couple months
Lalinde and Tempo was such bullshit.

Nah. Mega Man isn't special in terms of specs. He's not strong, he's not fast, and his versatility is fundamentally still reliant on him beating other robots who are tougher and stronger than he is. He always wins because he has heart. This principle is present in nearly all the games.

None of Wily's creations ever had the heart Mega Man does. It's why despite beibg the superior machine, Bass can never beat him. Bass is stronger, faster, tougher, jumps higher and has the better flight module. Mega Man always wins despite that.

>Is an adult
>Likes stuff made for 9 year olds
That's just called being mentally ill, you'd go well with the likes of Chris-chan.

Mega Man is my favorite video game character and series. I loved this book. I thought it was cool how it made really deep cuts in the lore I didn't even know about til after looking it up. I liked their take on the story. I thought their OC Robot Masters worked and fit into the world nicely. This Wily was amazing, although I do get him and his Megamix version confused with each other. I thought this was way better and more accessible that the Archie Sonic comic, it's just that Mega Man doesn't seem to appeal to kids as much. I think it's because of the lack of good games geared towards them. I wish I would have gotten more spin off titles kind like how Boom does Power Rangers, where they can focus on characters we want to read about so we don't have to wait 10 years to finally see Bass or some shit.

The best US adaptation was unironically the 90s cartoon, despite the roided-out designs and Proto Man being the bad guy. Classic really doesn't develop much past Rock stopping the Wily scheme of the week, while X and onward is all about the drama and the ongoing story.

Plus, the show gave us Scott MacNeill the gold standard for Dr. Wily's voice.

Wily havibg a foreign accent doesn't work when he and Light literally went to school together.

90s cartoon failed to capture Mega Man's sadness at constant fighting and his earnest desire for peace.

I don't disagree the basic story of Mega Man is super by the numbers and doesn't have a lot of growth, but I think anyone who's a fan of the series could come up with a way to make it more compelling and evolved.

I don't think you can. Fundamentally, Mega Man is a childish, episodic cartoon. It has to be, it's the only way games like 3, 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11 could possibly work.

No, that's X. Rock has a bit of regret over fighting other robots, but is always ready for action because he knows he's the only one who can do it.

No. Mega Man does not enjoy fighting and only does so out of necessity. It's,his basic character setting. He would never smirk the way the cartoon Mega Man always did.

He's still Three Laws-compliant. He doesn't get much choice regardless. X could easily refuse to fight Sigma, but is pressured by his obligations and guilt. Rock doesn't get that option.

It was his choice to be converted to a combat robot. He doesn't like fighting, but he does it out of necessity. Again, he'd never taunt his enemies or smirk like cartoon Mega Man did.

Wily is a pioneer still on the forefront of technology, and is definitely a cut above Lalinde. The comic ended before we got to see him make even more robots that increasingly dwarf Tempo in both complexity and raw power. Remember that he was still yet to make Bass, King, and Jesus "Zero" Christ. Hell I'd be willing to beat that even just the MM7 Robot Masters would have been portrayed as a significant jump in technology like they have been in other adaptions, if only even as a reference to the jump from the series' NES to SNES.

Nah. Most of Wily's robots aren't dramatically above normal industrial grade. Keep in mind that the majority of his robots are stolen. Wily lacks the time and resources to make that many Bass-class robots. Each game has maybe a one or two robots that are a cut above the rest. If you actually read the character bios for his robots, he tends to cut corners or screw up a lot.

If I recall, the Maverick Virus came about because Wily was in such a rush to build Zero that he did a very shitty job at programming him.

No. The original virus was a separate project that Wily was working on alongside Zero, based off of Evil Energy. When he completed Zero and activated him, it turned out that Wily fucked up pretty hard and Zero was an uncontrollable berserker. I'd imagine that given how long it took Light to build X, it was probably too late for Wily to fix Zero with the time he had left so he just sealed both him and the virus away. However, the containment unit for the virus was flawed so the virus was able to leak out of it.

Later some Maverick Hunters found Zero's capsule and accidentally woke him up, and he slaughtered all of them. Sigma fought him and wounded him, which allowed the virus to infect him. This had the unintended effect of fixing Zero's broken AI, calming him down dramatically. It's inferred that the AI Wily that survived into the future learned about this and based off that incident, created the Zero Virus in an attempt to restore Zero to his original specs, and that's what Awakened Zero is in X5.

I'd say the Ariga manga did a pretty good job of throwing in stories that went beyond that while keeping in line with Classic's setting. It even got the approval of the character's creator.

It got canceled because you fucking licenseshitters didn't buy the damn book
If the audience wasn't willing to support the book then it actually deserves to be canceled

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Personally, I find some of his stuff to be pretty stupid. Like the Skull Man story. The only reason Skull Man was chosen for that role was due to his design. The reality is that he was technically the most benign of all of Cossack's robots in that game in terms of abilities. He creates a shield. He creates a fucking shield. Oh, what's that? He has a gun attached to his arm you say? That gun is less deadly than literally ANYTHING any of the other robots could do. But just because he looks like a spooky skellington, he made this whole stupid melodramatic bullshit about how he couldn't adapt to a life without violence or whatever. Fuck off with that noise.

And I'm not a fan of that Copy Mega Man story either.

I bought all of them, Worlds Collide, 2 Worlds Unite then got cucked out of the 3rd Worlds Unite. So don't fucking tell me I didn't buy it.

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It was, but lets face it, Mega Man's not that popular, it was never going to be able to sustain an ongoing indefinitely. It's a feat it made it to 50 issues.

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I think what happened was that Capcom felt the need to retcon and downplay Wily's involvement with the MMX era around the mid-2010s. They decided that Wily would never willingly want to destroy the planet, so the Evil Energy idea was dropped and the virus instead became the unintended result of Wily's haste to beat Light and X to the punch. Meanwhile, the AI Wily teased in MMX is totally insane due to decades of trying to complete Zero and ends up attempting total genocide to do it before finally giving up in X6 and self-deleting.

Honestly, I think it would have been fine to say that the AI Wily was unintended as well. Like Wily imprinted on the virus, but because it wasn't deliberate, the imprint was a heavily distorted version of the person, a caricature of the original.

You're one of the good ones
Unfortunately a minority for licenseshitters

I'm not obligated to buy a book I don't want.

>I'm not obligated to buy a book I don't want.
I can sympathize but if it's a title you enjoy supporting it is the way to go
If a title gets canceled because of bad sales don't whine or complain if you didn't do shit or think the cancelation was undeserved

I'm not complaining. I don't think the cancellation was undeserved either.

See, things don't get cancelled without a reason. Generally, when something gets cancelled, it's because it failed to gather an adequate audience. There weren't enough people who cared enough to support it, and that's why it died. But that's not on them. The ones who are most upset about its cancellation would be the ones who supported them the most as they were the ones who invested the most into it. But unfortunately, not enough people shared your feelings. Criticizing people for not supporting something is inherently flawed. Most of those who you're criticizing also wouldn't be complaining to begin with.

>too childlike
>not enough nostalgia baity
Ah, you’re one of THOSE.

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>Crystal Man was made to forge crystals Wily could sell for cash
>Wily couldn't afford jets, so Gyro Man got propellors to cut costs
>Junk Man's purpose is to salvage any scrap Wily can still use
>Turbo Man was a retrofit of Wily's old racecar from his youth
>Wily bought so many parts for Robot Master upgrades that he had too much afterwards and made a whole new RM out of them
I think the key thing about Dr. Wily is that he's a master of hardware construction and stretching his budget, but software and programming is his main weakness. It's likely why most of his efforts go to building Fortress Guardians and his own Wily Machines, since they're either piloted by him directly or only need the most rudimentary AI in their task to destroy Mega Man with overwhelming force.

>Criticizing people for not supporting something is inherently flawed
It's more in the case of seeing people read the comics online, gush about them on social media with others, and so on but not actually buying it strikes me as odd especially the exact moment they complain it's over
This applies to the majority of licenseshitters, if every person who reads IDW Sonic for example actually bought the damn thing it would've been a consistently better seller than it is right now
I'm dead certain there are more than 9k - 10k people who are fans of the series
I'm not trying to moralfag, I don't care what people do with their money
And I'm also not dumb enough to think some individual buying Mega Man for once would've saved the book
I just dislike licenseshitters for a few reasons and one of them is feeling entitled for something they apparently love but won't support and then act baffled when the publisher decides to not renew their license

He's not a bad programmer, but he never seems to double-check his code properly and always ends up making mistakes. The thing is Zero's more incredible aspect is actually his AI, just like X. Think about it. Neither X nor Zero are portrayed as particularly impressive in terms of overall specs. They're weaker than Blizzard Buffalo, they're slower than Overdrive Ostrich, they're less durable than General. In the grand scheme of things, they're pretty middle of the road in a lot of ways and often far flimsier than the majority of the enemies that they fight. And yet they always win. If their specs aren't what gives them the edge, then it must be something else. That something else is probably their AIs, they're mechanical brains. Zero's AI is so potent that he was able to defeat Omega, who was using his original body and was generally superior in every way in terms of specs. So it must be the superiority of his AI that allowed him to win.

It's not that Wily's programming is fundamentally bad, it's that he always screws up in some way that ends up rendering all his efforts for naught. Zero is one of the most extraordinary machines ever created, but his greatest flaw was the fact that Wily fucked up his code and failed to fix it.

nah that's was archie fault, they spent a lot in licenses in the second crossover with sonic
the pendering made them bleed money too
at the end they dropped all the licenses to focussed in their own projects

The crossovers were done to help reboot Archie Sonic and boost Mega Man's sales
They were nearing the 5k death mark

The thing is, X and Zero aren't Reploids, yet nobody can properly figure out exactly how strong they are. Early games listed their power ratings as "????", the Reploids themselves are based off incomplete specs from a fucking archeologist, and Gate's entire reason for the Nightmare Virus was rage that his creations get terminated for being too advanced to study while X and Zero get to stay as ancient mysteries to all.

I know what you're going for, but you make it seem like Zero was a mistake and that's hilarious.

First off, they ARE Reploids. The term Reploid is a portmanteau of "Replicated Humanoid", originally coined by Dr. Light himself in reference to the fact that X was meant to mimic human potential.

Second, that has nothing to do with how "strong they are" and more to do with their potential. X has "unlimited potential", meaning he has endless potential for growth. This explains why despite the continuous advancements in Reploid technology, X is able to keep up. Yet he only ever seems to become as strong as he needs to be, but never enough to truly overwhelm his enemies in raw force. Sigma is almost always stronger than X in terms of physical specs.

He absolutely was. Pretty much everything about him was unintended. Wily's only goal was to "create the strongest robot", but screwed the pooch with the code resulting in Zero being a mindless, frenzied berserker. Then he got infected with Wily's virus, and as an unintended consequence, this somehow ended up correcting his programming error. However, this also caused him to lose his memories and thus unable to access most of his abilities, hence why when he first woke up he was able to beat Sigma with ease, but after he lost his memories he lost to Vile. And then finally he got his brain removed and placed into a copy body, a hundred years after which he destroyed his original body.

>originally coined by Dr. Light himself
Source that.

>But just because he looks like a spooky skellington, he made this whole stupid melodramatic bullshit about how he couldn't adapt to a life without violence or whatever
Eh, I can see why he'd feel bad about that given how much more approachable his "brothers" are compared to a skeleton with guns built into his body. Then there's Cossack ignoring his existence.

>Tempo will never come back

>three laws compliant
Heh. Goddamn I hate that the comic never got to this. It would've been glorious.

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I still miss it.