The 2000s was such a dark age for animation...

The 2000s was such a dark age for animation. Things would have gotten worse if the 2010s didn’t save the industry with Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe.

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Damn near all of these were good

They really weren’t. That’s just the nostalgia talking.

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The 2000s were the best decade for animation and AT, GF and SU destroyed everything. Fuck you IC I'm real goddamn sick of your bullshit

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>Hating on Dave the Barbarian, Phineas & Ferb and American Dragon
OP is a non-binary asexual who identifies as a rainbow horse.

Agreed. Molly McGee and Big City Greens are way better and the prime examples of what cartoons should be.

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Isn't Phineas and Ferb still one of Disney's most popular cartoons even now?

>dark age
>only post Disney cartoons

they still beat Owl House and Amphibia in Disney+

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Disney was the worst back then (I’ve always liked Nickelodeon better) but it wasn’t good for the other channels either.

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This; he totally gets cucked. And fair is fair after what he did.

I’m already commissioning the cuck porn as we speak.

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bait post, OP

What did he do?

Why do you say that like it’s a bad thing? Those shows suck btw.
They are not; if anything those shows are return to the dark ages after the breath of fresh air we had with Amphibia and Owl House. Also stop posting that mediocre white man.

Doing god's job. (Said god being Zeus.)

He wouldn’t stop fucking our women.

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>Why do you say that like it’s a bad thing?
Because it IS a bad thing, and you are a bad person.

Children, the actual target audience, like BCG & Molly, not shows for Twitter shippers and manchildren like Owl.

It’s the least I could do for the women of animation. I already have a short list ready.

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Show me the list, user.

We got
>Sharon McGee
>Rita Loud
>Carol and Wilhamena from OK KO
>Angie Diaz
>Odalia Blight
>Drew Saturday
>Helen Parr
>Willow from A Kind of Magic
It’s a small list; I covered a lot of moms from my last commissions.

Kids like lore dumbass. AT is still popular.

r/gaypride is that way

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It’s why I commission. That and I enjoy the despair of men being NTR’d.

You’ll love my other commissions.

What’s the show in the middle of OP’s pic?

fuck off industryshitter

They like the goofiness of the first few seasons, not when it crawled up its own ass with lore after Pen left

The Replacements

Not true

I noticed that you've ignored that Phineas and Ferb is still more popular.

You are a sad, strange little man. And you have my pity.

It isn’t; your only proof is that one Twitter post. Even then all that proves is streaming services are mindless babysitter services, not true art platforms.

It got a spin-off and two movies.

There's not even proof youre even commissioning these people, you could be piggy back riding on someone elses fetish that happens to a line with yours. Everything is a lie with you

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That’s because of shit marketing. Amphibia and Owl House would be doing gangbusters if Disney marketed them to the right people. Same with the merchandise. But no, got to focus on kiddie shit.

Not that I'm defending the cuck but what would he get out of lying about that? Compared to lying about being in the industry, lying about commissioning fetish art just makes him look more pathetic.

What does he get out of the other lies? What does he get out of making the same threads over and over again? Obviously he isn't very smart, he thinks that commissioning cuck porn makes him look cool but it's just another fetish at the end of the day. Pretty much everything he does is a nothingburger because he is nothing.

this again?

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Imagine being this mad over fetish art. Is it because it reminded you of your own households?

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Wrong, people commission me to draw cuck porn all the time, that's not the issue but if you wanna feel superior go ahead. My issue is why bother telling us if you don't show

To go along with the other user was saying, even if you can prove you commission it, you're still a pathetic retard who openly brags about his equally pathetic fetish. You lose either way.

I already gave you the name of my dealer. Don’t harass him trying to find clues.
Everyone cheats user. The art I commission is normal.

That doesn’t contradict what I said

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Dubs of truth

>The 2000s were the worst decade for animation and AT, GF and SU fixed everything.

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A fight between Longcat and Tacgnol.

post full animated movies on youtube


Pathetic necrobump


Dude, six of the shows in your pic were good, and Gravity Falls is the only 2010's show you listed that stayed good through its run. Adventure Time fell apart a couple seasons in, and Steven Universe was flat out godawful.

>Dude, six of the shows in your pic were good
Not even close

>Gravity Falls is the only 2010's show you listed that stayed good through its run.
This is partly true.
>Adventure Time fell apart a couple seasons in
It only got better and better as it went on. Introducing lore was one of the best things to happen to the show. It showed true depth and maturity.
>Steven Universe was flat out godawful.
Kek. It literally broke new ground for animation and opened new doors for representation.

>only kiss in Gravity Falls in the one between Mabel and mermaid guy, as opposed to AT and SU (which had several kisses)
GF didn't have the heart from AT and SU

They all had heart. 2000s was literally filled with kiss less virgins.

Not as pathetic as the average Yea Forums dick size.

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>Steven universe
Probably one of the worst trainwreaks I had the misfortune to see