ITT: boomer comics you unironically agree with

ITT: boomer comics you unironically agree with

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disagree although i never had college debt

College shouldn't be so retardedly expensive to begin with.

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>implying no boomer has ever resented being indebted
Gen X are all irresponsible coddled failures larping as their forefathers to get a rush out of looking responsible, change my fucking mind.

OP is a faggot

They're retardedly expensive because the loans exist in the first place

the job market: "You'd better have a college degree if you want anything above minimum wage!"

college: "if you want a degree you have to pay us ~$60k over that 4-year period, don't blame us education is in demand"

banks: "let's crank up interest rates on student loans, they're 18, they have no credit, where the hell else are they gonna go lol"

students: *still paying their loans at 40 because the degree still only got them a 35k/year job*

boomers: "ah yes the problem is that young people just want EEEVERYTHING handed to them for free, lazy fuckers"

Once the boomers, the actual boomers, die off the world will be a better place.

Indebted retards: I'm not responsible for my life choices! The people that worked their asses off to pay their student loans should now pay for mine via taxes!

Me and everyone else that paid their loans off: Go fuck yourself.

Gen X was the letdown generation
Millennials are the coddled generation
Gen Z is the "just fuck my shit up" generation
Gen Alpha is either the breaking point or the ride doesn't stop here

I’m torn on the college debt thing - on the one hand, the loans are predatory and cripple the people who get them. On the other hand, the downstream effects of just cancelling all debt for a certain class of people, rendering all their bad decisions null and void and forcing the taxpayer to pick up the tab, I don’t like it. (Before some smart guy goes “durr but you like when they do it for banks and corporations, no. I don’t like when they bail out banks and corps either.)
You should be given five years after graduating college to pay off your debt
After the five years are up, if you’re able to prove in court that 1) you have been job seeking 2) you have either not found a job or only been able to find low-paying minimum wage starbucks-server tier jobs, the debt should be taken from you and given to the college for them to pay back.
This would give colleges an incentive to lower their absurd prices and get rid of their useless daycare degrees, but also wouldn’t mean the taxpayer would have to pick up the tab for a bunch of adult children making poor decisions

>to prove in court
i mean it's not like most courts don't have enough to do on any given day

Kinda hard to do that now since the guy that they thought would make those debts disappear made things worse for everyone, LOL.

Retard boomer

That or remove all government subsidies from loans. The moment banks and loaners see they won't get a guaranteed payoff for ever loan they provide they'll stop providing loans to even the dumbest retard. The colleges will lose demand as less people can afford college and as a result lower their prices.

If you can't then you can't. Old faggot is no better than some reddit dude saying "your starving after getting crippled in war? Just eat bro.

College is a fucking scam.
All through high school, all you ever hear is "Gotta go to college. Gotta go to college. Gotta go to college. Here are the tests that colleges will look at. Here's how to write your college application. We will send your transcript, for free, to 10 colleges of your choice. These are the electives you will need to decide on at 15 years old to fulfill college entrance prerequisites. College. COLLEGE!!"
years later
"Oh by the way your degree is literally worth nothing more than the paper its printed on. That'll be $100,000."

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>we shouldn’t make laws because courts are busy
That’s great. Crackhead-tier reasoning here. I’m in love with you user.

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A more reasonable option would be to ban interest on student loans and have payment plans automatically pegged to income. And at this point, given the trillions they've pumped into banks and corporations, wiping out debt held by people to the government would be a pittance in comparison.

Unfortunately the boomers that are most responsible for making life hard for everyone have more or less figured out immortality. Google the Lazarus Protocol for a full description, but it basically is a combination of brain uploading via advanced neural mapping to accurately create a duplicate blueprint of the boomers brain, and good old fashioned mental reconditioning with surgery and forced propagandizing to rewrite an existing person's brain into an exact duplicate of the boomer.

It really fucking sucks.

Why is american higher education so fucked?
I agree with the OP comic, why take a loan with no intention of returning it? It's not like the loan is required to enter a college.

Don't be too hard on them, most can't even read(merican literacy levels drop every year) and pay the bare minimum and voluntarily succumb to compound interest

>graduated college in 2015
>got useless art degree
>zero loans
>zero debt
>was surprisingly easy
You have none of my sympathies debt slave

>Whoops, I tripped and spilled this glass of water

>It's another "dumb asshole pretends he actually understands the issue because understanding it legitimately is too hard for him comic"

>useless art degree


Oh wow thanks for the laugh user

In this case he's saying that the courts would need to process and verify five years of employment claims. Nevermind the clusterfuck of what qualifies and what doesn't when it comes to unemployment.

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Funniest thing about that is even in glorious gommunism days it was much the same if you went for a useless degree you paid up $$$ but if you were an asset to the motherhood and pursued a useful degree it was free.
Too bad most gommie larpers wouldn't like the free options kek

Sorry ladies, men are just better than you at everything, even at being ladies themselves.

>giving anyone any attitude with an art degree

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It's only useless if you make it useless. It's also only useless if the only thing you care about is money. Either get connections and talk to your career councilor or accept the fact that you went for your dreams and it isn't about money. Not everyone is a chimp only in it for money and resources. Some have higher ideals.

>downstream effects of just cancelling all debt
What effects exactly?
Predatory loan companies that have gotten fat and belligerent are cut off from their supply?
People can actually afford to save up for a mortgage and not scrape by paycheck to paycheck?
Good. Fuck it. Cancel away.

Literally me.

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I can't really empathise with a person for whom those two topics are important. And I mean actually important, not just pretending to care about them just because of trannies.

You do realize it's the government paying off the private comapnies through subsidies right? You aren't punishing the private companies, you're punishing the tax payers, including yourself.


Factually and literally correct

Sure they do care about them mostly because they hear about it from their wife (that they hate that's why they also toss some shade in there)

This is me and POCs crave my cock when I go to the club

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Ah, but that's the thing - most people without student loans DIDN'T have to work their asses off to accomplish it.

Yes, you have people here and there who put their nose to the grindstone, graduated with honors, and got a reasonably-paid job. But:

-Most of the time, a Bachelor's degree won't actually get you a job that pays well enough to pay off your loan in a reasonable timeframe, and if you want a better degree, you need to be in school longer, which means more loans at the same predatory rate.

-People who don't need loans, or who need smaller loans, generally come from richer families, which means life is easier overall.

-Particularly in America, you can be financially crippled for other reasons too. Got hit by a car? Shot by a mugger? Tripped and broke a tooth on the edge of a table? Now you have medical debt, too. Guess you didn't work hard enough??

-Yes, scholarships exist. How do you get them? The majority of the time it comes from performance in school. Who performs well in school? Not teens from poor families, who have to worry more about basic needs like food and shelter, particularly if their *parents* made shitty choices. There's also racial bias - studies have shown that students perform better if their teachers expect them to perform well, and the rich kid with preppy clothes is going to look more "ready to learn" than the black kid wearing torn hand-me-downs.

-"This is going to come out of our taxes!" Or the government could choose to buy 38 F-35s instead of 40, resulting in literal hundreds of millions of dollars freed up in the budget, which could go toward student loan relief. Or infrastructure. Or literally anything else. This country spends as much on military as any 3 other countries combined, while the stuff that actually keeps citizens happy and healthy gets neglected. It's so fucked.

Flip it around, and it's just as valid.

>1. You lent money to an 18 year old with no assets and no guarantee you'd get repaid.
>2, Accept the loss.

There's multiple strands to why US higher education is a mess, but the issue with loans is that the 'cost' to attend college (both in terms of tuition and in terms of accommodation/textbooks etc) have climbed dramatically, putting the cost well outside of the ability of a student to cover by working over the summer, or having a part time job during term etc.
That means that, unless you've got parents who are both able & willing to pay (which is not guaranteed), you have to take out loans which are backed by the government, meaning the lender faces no risk at all (they can't even be discharged via bankruptcy) but somehow carry high interest rates. This then traps a student who has been beaten over the head by schools, the media and politicians that college degree = successful life, into carrying a large debt load with no guarantee of materially benefiting from it all.

Hmm no actually you borrowed so you have to pay there are no free lunches no matter which ideology dead or alive you choose to adopt

Your colleges don't have libraries? wtf america is fucked
Doesn't change the fact that you can just not take a loan

Will the state be providing me with free bussy?

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No, just don't pay those private companies.
They engaged in predatory lending, they can go bankrupt like they deserve.

>The virgin "I paid off my loan and you should too, quit crying about it"
>The chad "I paid off my loan and I think nobody else should have to suffer the same fate"

Hippies weren't left wing. They were a CIA crafted phenomenon backed by the bolshevik-infested academia.

The fate of being a stupid fuck who thinks he can just not return a loan?

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Take your meds

This turned into a containment thread really fucking fast.

None of that implies they’re not left-wing though

>-oomer thread is being shitty
You don't fucking say

Wow. That was bad. Like fucking retarded bad.

Hmmm, no, actually you lent money to someone with no assets and an uncertain ability to repay. Free Market says to take the losses, learn some financial responsibility.

Oh boy, the textbook 'industry'. You quite legitimately have some courses which require you to tear out pages from the textbook to complete assignments, or have a one-time code in order to access online materials/assessments which are again required to pass the class.

These kids have been hammered over the head that not going to college = doomed to failure and poverty. They've been told, repeatedly, that they *need* a college degree to get a good job, which is reinforced by employers demanding college degrees for jobs which don't need them. Saying "you can just not take a loan" misses the entire damned point.

And so you're putting the blame for this feedback loop on the victims?

They weren't an organical phenomenon, however they creators were left-wing.
Here in Russia higher education is also perceived as a necessity, but due to it being free you just have shitty colleges filled with retarded pupils who got into fields that required the least amount of effort getting into

If you can't declare bankruptcy on a loan then it shouldn't have interest simple as.

Yes, but it's not going to be quality.

user why did those costs increase?
Oh right it was because of government intervention, subsidizing loans which meant that colleges could now charge anything and still get a guaranteed paycheck. The problem isn't a lack of government intervention, the problem is the direct cause of government intervention. Stop expecting the government to fix the problems it caused. The only real solution is to get the government out of education entirely.

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