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Harvey Beaks finale had the same title.

Technically this isn't the last episode, just the start of the finale.

so did horse show

how much?

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So The Three Armies is about Anne and Sasha trying to solve and end racism?

Guess it's going to be about Sasha and Anne finding a way to get all the factions in the war to get along and work together efficiently. Could be the cherry on top the "Sasha and Anne co-commanders" miniplot, showing that Sasha considers Anne a true equal now, and Anne truly trusts Sasha to have changed despite their past, being both an important part of their arc and a potential parallel to toads, newts and frogs setting aside their troubled past to work for Change™.

And people said this wasn't Star post BFM. Why must americans be obsessed with race? If they had less of them around they'd be less autistic about it, I think.

I thought Star post BFM was just shipping drama?

>Why must americans be obsessed with race?
Yes, but also both in Star Vs and Amphibia's case, the core themes went beyond fantasy stand ins for racism (even if they were important), and focused on change (Matt just said during the recent Q&A that's what the story is all about). Social, personal, political... you can (and maybe should?) disagree with most of the views Hollywood types hold, but it's hard to be against the idea of improving living and mental conditions.

So frobo sucks right?

Don't know how, Polly is just a ball unless you're talking about her new feet?

>red sasha silhouette
it's happening!

Okay but keep forgetting he's there half thr time. Also I always found Polly fine before he showed up.

it'd better fucking happen

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Not at all, retard. The entire second half of the franchise is literally about Star feeling white guilt and destroying the state (her family and government) so that monsters can retake the land and get reparations. She ends up giving the sovereignty to her (sort of) great grandmother who left her husband for the monster that killed him.
They literally hold anti-racism parties between the young rulers and scheme to get their parents to parlay or fuck each other and angst about their two families never understanding.

Like it's ALL about racism. The shipping shit is a B-plot and barely relevant until the last few episodes. As of S3 Star is with Tom - end of story. Marco fucks some slags on the rebound but that's about it. They end up realising their love for each other on the eve of the final battle in the war to stop racism (and magic) and Star destroys Mewni and Earth so that even if magic isn't real she can still get dicked down.
Nefcy, based bitch that she is, confirmed they break up though. Adam in the same interview with Nefcy, confirms Marco and Janna have been romantic this entire time and some of Janna's first lines were about wanting to be his second wife.
Janna won, shippers all got BTFO'd and the universe was destroyed because diversity was our strength and magic supports racism and therefore cannot be allowed to exist.

See this is why SVTFOE talk is hated. It makes tribe wars look sane.

Everyone loves star, nerd.
Also everything I said there was true. In the first two seasons they proved the monsters were axiomatically evil. It wasn't a personality thing, even the nicest monster was inherently evil and harmful. Similarly eclipsa's magic was harmful and corrupting. Just looking at her chapter would damn near suck the soul of a mortal man.
Flash cut to s4 and Eclipsa was just a misunderstood sweet heart. Her monster bf who killed everyone? Um he's sorry and a vegetarian? Evil monsters? No, monsters are good. It was the invasive Mewmen who were in the wrong.

The later seasons are openly about racism. Again, they hold underground meetings and parties to promote monster acceptance. This isn't some schizo sub-text. It's the primary plot of the later seasons.

>Everyone loves star

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That seems to be more of a "we have to give the land back to the natives" kind of thing. Amphibia seems to be heading more in the direction of "we have to put aside our differences to stop the big evil threat" which is a common fantasy trope.

So we never discovered why the mewman left did we?

Newt invasion? It would explain the hatred for monsters.

Beyond the immediate layer of "eldritch being with giant robots who wants to nuke multiple dimensions", The Core is a symbol for imperialism and opposing change - confirmed by Matt in tweets and the recent Q&A, but also painfully obvious in the episodes. Winning this battle is a way for Amphibia to become the best version of itself, even better than what their "golden age" was (ok obviously it's going to take some time for technology to develop again and all that, it's thematic), just like the girls became the best versions of themselves over the seasons (ok technically Marcy is still lacking the last part of her arc and it kinda stopped at the "whoops maybe I have issues" epiphany in True Colors shortly before getting skewered).

In a similar way, Star Vs was about change: they tried to give the land back to the natives, but that didn't work out. Even the most liberal and mentally open queen possible couldn't actually bring meaningful change because the system was still the same as alwasy, royalty holding all the power, a power that can be easily misused and can lead to terrifying consequences. Forgetting all the issues with the finale and focusing on its themes and writers' intentions only, destroying magic was a way to start from scratch, essentially moving from a society where few had all the powers, to a more democratic society.

So both shows have a layer of "big evil", a layer of "racism" (this is much more central to SVTFOE than Amphibia), but ultimately are about True And Lasting Change for their characters and their worlds.

post your favorite cat-a-piller. or your favorite Sasha

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Honestly at least SVTFOE remembered what their show was about Amphibia 3a is still baffling.

Nutgrass, but Unnamed Heterocromia Kitten is the cutest in that fanart. But in the show he has gross newborn cat eyes in most scenes.

I don't think Amphibia forgot what it was about in S3A, it's just a (huge) issue of how compartmentalized and suspension-of-disbelief-shattering it was for Anne to think and mention Marcy next to nothing, and for her reappearance in society after six months to lead to no interest from the parents of her best friends at all.

Other than that, it still follows the path the show walked. By the end of S2 Anne is comfortable with her inner changes, with who she became, but is the painfully confronted with the reality outside, and has to adapt to that kind of change. Over S3A she learns not to shoulder everything by herself; accepts that she has to say goodbye to her normal Earth life once again, this time willingly; and gets primed for being able to cooperate with Sasha (who had a change of heart on her own, paying off all the moments on introspection she had but rejected ever since Barrel's Hammer) and all the other parties involved in the incoming war.
The show didn't forget what it was about, in my opinion, it just suffered from extreme tonal whiplash that it couldn't properly handle.

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3A was consistent with the show was about, the problem was just that it lacked an emotional aftermath to TC.

I think the difference iss that societal issues were contemporary with Mewnie, the whole beef with Mewmans and Monsters was happening throughout the events of show.

Whereas Amphibia hasn't been an imperialist nation in a thousand years and most of the people living there in the present times have no idea what the fuck Andrias is on about or planning. Society isn't the problem at all, as they are likely suffering as much as those other worlds that were conquered in ancient times, but rather Andrias and The Core.

it's confirmed Sasha owns a Vita. it's also confirmed she knows about anime. is she going to call out her attacks and sperg about the power of friendship?

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>All colonialism themes are about American race

That's true, fair point, that part is for us viewers and Andrias' eventual redemption.
Still, they can at least overcome the current caste system, which was apparently a direct consequence of Andrias getting "betrayed", and something he at least passively supported for a millennium.

>The show didn't forget what it was about, in my opinion, it just suffered from extreme tonal whiplash that it couldn't properly handle.
I think that was more likely Disney's fault, considering the whole TC debacle and the channel shifting gears towards more SOL-based mostly drama-free cartoons.
It's also not like the writers are incapable of addressing those kinds of stuff, season one had Anne constantly mention how much she missed her parents (and almost had a panic attack over potentially losing pictures of her home) and season two had Anne mention Sasha and the events of Reunion throughout also.

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Sashanne is the end game.

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I'm always ready to blame executives and networks over the writers, I hope that's the case, at least to an extent...

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Hinestly that's the problem this switch just makes Anne look callous, Anne barely worries about Amphibia of anything that's happening over there, like no worry about her friendship with Sasha or Marcy, or even what could happen to Wartwood?

Honestly I do love SOL but I kind of hope these new shows fail so we can focus on a mixture of both.

Also Primos sickens me.

I love this girl and think she's adorable, but I have an overwhelming urge to see her get raped. Is this what being Korean is like?

Is this supposed to be a parody of something?

Sasha only watches pretty cure and all those shoujo love triangles that are like, half rape, half abuse but are supposed to be cute and moe

Never forget the Vita was a treasure trove of Otome games for some reason so it's entirely possible Sasha is a fujoshi and not a lewd JRPG player. And yes, those are the only two types of Vita owners.

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>but are supposed to be cute and moe
Girls don't like cute things and Pretty Cure might be Shoujo but it's not the same type of manga as the romance ones you're talking about. That's like comparing Beyblades to one of the more substantial Shounen. They're the same broad demo but there's categories even within them.
Also, those relationships are absolutely not meant to be cute and moe. They are absolutely meant to be rapey. Girls love rapey, more so than men - especially modern men.

Lets be real. Marcy has the fujo degen energy. That hidden fetish vibe. Sash is open with her bullshit. She is, if we have to pick one of those two options, absolutely a OtomeCHAD and not a fujostacy.

Yeah I'm sure this sword is totally gonna be a thing instead of being relegated to tritonio focused episodes

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Even if it does become a thing, and I won't deny it could. It will have been buried so hard in the lead up that there's no point to it. It would be almost as bad as the magic letter just appearing arbitrarily without explanation just before it becomes essential in the finale.
At this stage, despite it being cool as fuck, it is better left as an easter egg.

It's not like Anne's allowed to do things with her sword anyway. Punching things is a much more palatable form of violence.

Given Matt and pottery I wouldn't be surprised if they each used the swords in a really hamfisted way outside of the fighting or to begin/conclude it. Something like destroying a machine. Now that I think about it the COREbot is the prime target with the emotional conclusion being a beatum up against Andrias before he Faceturns.

It’s infuriating. Like what was even the point of the scene where the mom pretend-stabs Anne only to have it not remind her of Marcy at all?

To taunt anyone who was invested.

-but no, that would imply Mutt was self aware.

Harvey Beaks also had a sad ending

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you could always go watch the CW or age appropriate cartoons

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MLP had the same title too for its finale.
These zoomer cartoonists are lazy and autistic as fuck. How can you possibly name your end episode THAT? Are you out of your mind?

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Horse's ending was also contentious/sad. There was an angle for everyone to be flustered over. And here we see Amphibia coming in hot on the tail.

Clearly he isn't considering how much he wanks off over his self insert Anne.

>sasha's angels aren't in the promos or poster
We...are irrelevant

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looks like a generic 90's fighting game title screen. Especially capcom on arcade

Always were.

Like what Rick and Morty’s been doing?

yes, but if Rick and Morty is hate sex, Amphibia is edging play