The Owl House - IM NOT GAY Edition

2 Days till edge of the world

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a witch layer and a homo

This is truly a horrible time

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These things are literally phones so why doesn't Amity know what Luz's phone was.

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Why is he so based, bros?

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Righteous conviction

So what are THEY all about?

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Ya think the collector sticks his fingers into those holes.

The collector wants a child

Belos doesn't wanna admit he is gay

Because the concept of phone doesn't exist in BI.

>belos has been in denial for 400 years!
>needs Collector posessing Luz to realize he doesn't want to stick his dick in a girl
>'But consider Phil, I'm actually a male chaos entity stuck in the body of a teen girl, it's like doing a boy but with more mental gymnastics'
>'I'm just not feeling it'
>'Phil my ovaries are literally screaming, fuck me now you massive homo!'

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>Crow Phones
>Crystal Ball TV
>Mirror face time
>Those scroll things
>Witches can't wrap their heads around a single square being used to communicate or watch videos
Come on now. That's not even mentioning those weird Bio-mechanical cameras or Eda using human devices. The whole "Humans are Ultra Rare, but their stuff is common enough to be considered junk" plot point is really stupid.

Where my Vineybros at?

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Telling Amity she'll find the right guy some day and still be best friends with Luz

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Smartphones don't exist (Boscha was carrying around a crow phone and Penstagram is a scroll) and what they do have they don't seem to call phones. It's not surprising that Amity's not familiar with smartphones. Her mispronouncing it so weirdly was a little much, but it's not a big deal.

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so the collector has a breeding fetish?

The Crow is alive an it's not literally a phone.
Luz's phone is intelligent.

Considering they were using some tamagachi shit to communicate and that caused Amity to lose the key it is a big deal. It's also one of the reasons Amity spoke to Willow again. Amity should have some idea of what a phone is.

It's not a big deal. She knows what a smartphone is but she doesn't know how to use it.

you are inherently worthy and you always have the power to change your life and the lives of others for the better! believe in yourself!

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Collector has to go through all the kinks on his to-do list, and that's a lot after 1000 years+
he can tick off so many in one go if he possesses Luz

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No, I'm fucking 30 and missed all my social milestones. Any attempt now is fucking pointless.

I would jump on her and hug her.

I think this might cheer you up

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I love kurosawa

phil had a really good day friday

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Why is it in caps? Did an Amity fag write this?

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Same but I'd also rape her

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Amity looks too curvy here.
I would want for those two to interact again.

you can tell from the shadow she's just popping a boner

The Disney+ descriptions of the Disney Channel shows sound so passive-agressive like they're just done with this shit.

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remade that “haha jonathan” meme with them

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Man these thread are moving too fast lately?.Anything good happened in the last thread?

But she IS curvy

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Still better than the family guy ones.

What should the description look like, pray tell?

Something from the press releases?

Belos is gay


something that makes the episode sound even mildly interesting

I want to ___ Luz

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That shit looks more like a do main-specific device only useful to watch that shit and takr than a smartphone, which even by how locked down they're today, are still more multitask oriented. But honestly, it probably was just executive meddling.


One could say, he plays him like a flute

yeah, probably while making jokes about ‘fingering’ him

Cuddle with

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it's literally got instagram on it

If he blows him can he make some music?

Just watched the new batch of episodes on plus.

Thank fucking GOD that big man's motivation didn't actually have anything to do with their family dying or some shit. It's refreshing that there is some kind of actual ideal there, and it totally makes sense. Where Luz got trapped on the Boiling Islands and came to love it in spite of its dangers and quirks, he got trapped there and came to hate it wholly, and saw it as a threat to humanity.

pic unrelated

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boiling isles* user

but yeah fr

inappropriately advance towards

good night /tohg/

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Doesn't mean it can be used to, say, listen local music files or install more apps on it. I don't think much about it tho.

>Got trapped
I think he stayed after getting cursed and didn't want to get fired by his witch hunter friends
>His bff is also basically Satan

>i'm thinking too hard about it
lol ok

We'll have to wait and see.

Man, is just a background thing they used as plot device why it rubs your head so much?

She looks like she is going to kneek here.


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Dana Promo

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